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Devinn Lane: ADT Posts on Asia Insulting

> niterunner posts on ADT: Don Lemmon’s site has info. I haven’t gone there, but someone said Asia is posting about his death there.

The only other reports that I have seen are on porn gossip sites, and, which Asia probably contacted.

Everyone says its so cruel, that some of us don’t believe her. First, it was give her a break, because it happened on Sunday. Well, now its Tuesday. Where is the confirmation, Asia?? Some of the people on here, have donated. I bet a few are wondering, why isn’t she releasing anything that is confirming this. She just keeps producing the sympathy inducing BS for the last couple days=paypal donations. Her blogs are comical now. I wonder what romance novel she is getting them from.

After I heard about Bud Lee being married to Hypatia Lee, that sealed it for me. Seems like a bunch of shady folks.

>irinotecan writes: First off, even if you discount the “Mutual Fund BS”, what about my other points — an expensive and failed move to Hawaii, and possibly moving much of her savings into her husband’s business? She seemed really in love with him, I would be quite shocked if she didn’t put money into it.

Second: Auto insurance is not life insurance, and it’s not Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance. It is meant to cover:

1) Damage and injuries to any other party involved in the accident

2) Repair work to your vehicle, or, if you get Comprehensive Collision, some replacement money for your vehicle if it is totaled. I say “some”, because the amount paid out for replacement goes down as the vehicle depreciates in value. Eventually, when the vehicle gets old enough (6 or 7 years, usually), the replacement award amount is less than the amount you are paying for replacement coverage, and you usually then drop that part of the policy.

Let me repeat that: Auto Insurance does not have a death policy for you. That is why you buy life insurance, or AD&D.

Asia can probably expect only a little if they had comprehensive collision, or nothing if they didn’t. Considering that they never took out a life policy, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t also have comprehensive collision, either to save money, or because it wasn’t worth it for the vehicle anymore.

>niterunner adds: Well, I do NOT believe at any level this man is DEAD. NONE! I think you hit it the nail on the head. I think the failed move to hawaii and putting a lot of her savings into his business, did them in.

His credibility of his business was questioned on wikipedia, and then a “dispute” was filed. I assume, by Asia. Since, then that has been removed.

I believe they were in real financial trouble. If I were Asia, I would just tell the truth, before she digs herself a even deeper hole.

>the lone gunman writes: Doesn’t matter if Asia contacts the press or not…there WOULD be a public record of his death AND a police report of the incident. Those things are published and made public regardless of a spouse’s wishes. This whole thing is getting shadier and shadier if you ask me…I’m starting to wonder if Mr. Lemmon perhaps owed some money to the “wrong sort” of people.

Regardless of if Mr. Lemmon is dead or alive, there’s something very fishy going on here…

>niterunner adds: I think I can take Asia’s MENSA membership away. If you are going to fake a death at least be somewhat clever like Olivia Newton John’s boyfriend, but there has been even multiple sightings of him in Mexico.

You have to be really smart to fake a death or someone elses, Asia may think she is, but she is not. People who usually brag about how smart they are like Asia, usually aren’t.

Also people who brag, that they have a lot of money, usually don’t.

In my book this case is closed. no dead husband, but real financial problems.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, you can be reasonably sure it is a duck

> Jack Remington writes: I hesitate to join this topic, but if this was a one-vehicle accident that killed Asia’s husband, his motor vehicle insurance will pay nothing except the current depreciated value of the vehicle (if it was totaled, if not, they pay the repair cost minus deductible) and pay for any other property damage caused by the accident up to the cap of the policy. The liabilty coverage does not pay your survivors if you die in a one-whicle crash where you were the driver. It is is no way a life insurance policy. If he killed someone else while driving, then the liabilty coverage kicks in and pays the dead person’s estate.

I’ll withhold any further comment (other than condolences) until the story is fully reported.

>Niterunner responds: no, need to. Asia is lying. She did contact select media.

She can’t contact real media, because there is no dead husband. Why wouldn’t she contact real media, if the story was true, she would get more in donations. Asia has things in reverse. The last thing on her mind is to contact the media?? I find that strange. I guess its better to set up a paypal account first.

Asia will put any spin on it that she wants to now. There will always be suckers. Twiki, Aren’t you the dimwitted one that said “Hey, guys what’s your problem?” Like someone is NOT allowed to believe something?

Sorry, You believe everything you read and hear.

There is no full story to wait for, there would of been some sort of police record, and there is NOT.

> Please someone lock this fucked up thread. It takes a lot to crawl under my skin but some of the posts here are just insulting. I personally believe that if someone says that a loved one has passed on, out of respect you give them the benefit of the doubt. WTF! xoxo Devinn

> the lone gunman comments: While I think some posters reactions have been a little extreme, I can’t blame them for questioning the circumstances here. Most people don’t ask for PayPal donations when a loved one is killed. Granted, we all react to tragedy in different ways, but Ms. Carrera can’t make those posts and expect people not to ask questions…especially when there’s no public record (as yet) of anything happening. If she hadn’t asked people to send her money, I think some of the repsonses here would be much more civil.

>irinotecan writes: Wow. I’m not really sure what she did to you, but the fact of the matter is, you won’t go ahead and do the research, you just assume she is lying. If you don’t want to donate money to her, fine. I haven’t donated as of yet, I am still withholding final judgement as to if I should — she can survive for a few days without me.

However, if you are going to call her a liar and a cheat, and discourage anyone else from considering a donation to her, you owe it to the group to do the research, and find out if he is really deceased or not. Otherwise, you are just slandering her.

Really. Put your feelings aside, and do the research. And don’t come back and ask me to do it, I’m not advocating one way or another if people should consider donating to her, or consider who she is as a person. I merely stated some rational resoning for her possible state of mind, and hopefully cleared up some confussion.

>wewe writes: Be calm , man. We shall be making sensible views here. In fact it is totally Asia Carrerra’s own business but since she made it public, I think she will need to clarify any doubts caused by it , esp. things about money donations.

Even if many peple trust her words, the lady shall be responsible for any outcomes caused by the words shall said. She can’t cry out and ask for money, then go away. I guess as she has time and ability an feel calm to get online with 8 month pregnant and at the time losing her man. She shall put little time to say something more about the story.



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