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Devinn Lane on KSEX

Porn Valley- After having, slip-of-the-tongue fashion, introduced her at the beginning of his KSEX program as “Devinn Lynn” and then done a whole funny riff on porn girls adopting the name, Lynn, Wankus brought Wicked Pictures’ star Devinn Lane on for some entertaining exchanges []. Wankus noticed that Lane’s hair was uncharacteristically dark. “My hair is black for a movie,” Lane said. “I’m getting ready to shoot a really big feature called Space Nuts.” Wankus was curious if Lane went into a beauty parlor and specifically requested Sean Michaels color hair. “No I called up my hairdresser and said I need to go black,” Lane explained. “I said it’s for a movie. How much is it going to cost to put it in and how much is it going to cost to take it out.”

Lane, who thought she now looked like a Satanic rock star, was told 50 bucks to go in and about $250 to take it out. She said, shit, I don’t want to do this so the director was called and asked if it could be written into the budget. Regardless, Wankus was more of the opinion that Lane now looks like an Iraqi woman. “Perfect timing,” she quipped. Wankus said he checked out her sites [ and]. He noted that she has auctions, toys and videos for sale.

“Chat room, diary, you name it, it’s pretty much on there,” Lane said. One of the toys called “Succulent Blossom” appeared to strike his fancy. “Is that a mock-up of your pussy is that just a random thing that feels good, Wankus wanted to know. Lane said it was a random thing that feels good. “But I do have a molding of my pussy. It has the piercing and it actually vibrates,” she added. When asked if her real pussy actually vibrates, Lane had to admit no and Wankus jibed her for false advertising.

Lane said she also has her mouth molded with a piercing that vibrates as well. “The fake vagina doesn’t talk back,” Lane laughed. “That’s even better! You can watch ESPN while you’re fucking Devinn Lane,” Wankus observed. Lane admits she’s pretty sexually demanding and it’s hard keeping up with her. “But the fake vagina goes at the pace you’re comfortable with.” Lane said it’s available at stores like Hustler Hollywood. “Or you can go into my store on my site. Just buy my pussy.” Asked how she got into the business, Lane said she pretty much accomplished it on her own. “I’ve worked as a stripper since I was 18. I love being on stage.” Lane said she grew up in a minister’s home in a very right wing atmosphere. It was when she went out on her own that she discovered that sex wasn’t a bad thing.

“I’ve been telling these people forever,” said Wankus. “That when you meet a minister’s daughter, do not shun her because she’s the minister’s daughter. That is the one that’s going to suck the best cock in town.” Lane said she didn’t have guilt issues for too long. “I think the hardest time was coming to terms with my bisexuality. That was probably the hardest thing. I was brought up that I was going to burn for it. Once I got over that and realized I didn’t have to live under my family’s thumb any more and that I was an adult and made my own decisions, I sought out the adult industry, being a natural exhibitionist. It just seemed like the right thing.”

Lane was an athlete in high school. “But I was also the girl that had boobs,” she went on to say. “I used to train the football players because I could outrun most of them.” Wankus thought that had to be embarrassing for a high school guy. “Did you ever say, ‘catch me, you can fuck me?’ ” Lane said she never did that and first had sex at the age of 13. Her first experience with a woman was at 18. She was about 7 or 8 when she dabbled in self-examination not really understanding what her body was all about. According to her the experience did help her out a lot because now she’s multi-orgasmic.

“Now I’m very comfortable with my self,” she admits. When Lane began stripping for bachelor parties she met a girl named Mandy that she really liked. “We both had never had a bisexual experience before so we were kind of curious.” Lane said she and Mandy went to Laguna Nigel for the day to have a few cocktails and went back to Mandy’s place. “It went from there.” There, being a bathtub, according to Lane.

“Women like to be in the bathtub,” said Lane. “We just do. We like to be wet and around water. For your first experience you don’t really know what your body’s like. So you’re nervous. You want to be like extra, extra clean, not realizing that the best sex is usually the dirtiest.” As Lane could recall, she and Mandy were both soaping one another down then moved the act to the bedroom. “It was also the point where I realized that I’m sexually dominant with women,” Lane continued. “It went from a kiss to me pushing her down and really just taking control. I pushed her down and went down on her.” It was the normal first girl-girl experience, Lane remembered. “You just take turns because at that point you really don’t know.”

Wankus asked what it was like for her mouth to touch a female vagina. “It was quite interesting; it was just this new thing in your mouth and you just want to move your tongue like you’re just exploring.” It was then that Lane realized she also liked shaved pussy. “Not shaven but trimmed.” Lane credits a girl named Bonnie who guided her through the dos and don’ts of stripping. “All this stuff that you don’t know at 18, like what do you do when you’re on your period and you got to get naked. What do you do?”

“Or worse yet when you have to take a shit,” Wankus added. “That’s a crude topic but I have friends who are strippers and that’s something that comes up. They’re on stage and they got to go bad. That happens! Can you imagine that? You’re climbing up a pole in all these weird positions and you got to take a dump. Think about it.” Having thought about it, Lane says if you can’t make it you just ask one of your closest friends to go up for you.. ‘Dude, do you mind? I got some business to take care of.’ You never know. Strippers are people just like everybody else. You have a bout with food poisoning and your whole day is fucked up. What are you going to do? Either you’re going to go home or you just grin and bear it.”

Wankus noted that for most of her career Lane did girl-girl scenes. “Was that a boyfriend-thing or was that a preference-thing?” Lane said it was never a preference, that she’s equally bisexual. “It’s been a matter of me coming into the industry and deciding what I want to do when I want to do it and how I want to do it,” she said. “No one’s ever pressured me or forced me into doing anything that I did not want to do.” Lane said she wanted to take her time because sex with women isn’t nearly as personal as sex with men. “In order for me to have sex with men- I’m weird- I like to sit back and I like to observe them. And I like to watch them.” Lane said sex with women is fun and no big deal. “Yeah let’s get in there rock it out and maybe go do some shopping later. With guys it’s different. I got to crawl into their head space just a little bit more.” One thing she’s learned, said Lane, is that guys in the industry aren’t used to women fucking them back.

“Superstars come too quick doing that,” said Wankus. “But enough about Nick Manning.” From the Nick Manning school, Lane mentioned she’d just worked with Dale Dabone. Co-ho Michele Raven said Dabone was her first in North Carolina. “Dale’s an interesting guy,” said Lane. Raven was more of the opinion that Dabone loves himself. “Dale is Dale but he was really nice,” Lane added. “I think he was slightly intimidated by me. Because he was like, ‘I don’t know what to think; I told people I was working with you and all they could do was ha-ha-ha, have fun.’ “

Wankus asked Lane if that meant she was hard to work with. “No, I’m very easy to work with,” Lane countered. “I like sex. I’m not a pillow queen. I will fuck you. You don’t fuck me, I fuck you.” By her count, Lane’s done about 40 films and has been with Wicked 3 1/2 years. “It’s an awesome company,” she said. “As far as I’m concerned, the best company out there. They encourage girls to have their own personalities, their own identities. They encourage their girls to excel in other areas besides just acting and looking pretty on film.” Lane mentioned that she’s AVN’s Best Actress for 2003. “That’s fantastic,” said Wankus. “For whatever that’s worth. Just kidding. That’s a fantastic award.”

Lane says she enjoys masturbating and won a Best Solo award the first year she was in the business. “I’m a once a day kind of person whether I need it or not,” she pointed out. “Brad Armstrong and Jonathan Morgan laugh at me, ‘God, you’re like a dude sometimes.’ I need a little orgasm just to get through my day so I’m a happy camper.” Wankus asked Lane how she responds to comments from people that the porn business is full of drug addict whores who ruin society. “That’s funny,” said Lane. “I just wrote an article about parenting and pornography because I’m a parent as well. People are just misinformed,” she continued. “I’ve never been a drug addict; I’ve never been an alcoholic. My kid is a straight A student who plays two different instruments and is on the swim team. My lifestyle is very normal compared to most people. There are certain things that you do and you don’t do. You don’t bring your work home. You learn to separate your private life from your work life and that creates a healthy balance.”

Raven said the only thing she’d change about the business is peoples’ ignorance towards it. If she had her druthers, Lane said she’d change the age limit to 21. “You can still be at home living with your parents worried about whether they’re going to find out that you’re working in porno; at least at 21 you probably have a better head on your shoulders; you might be out on your own and might be a little bit more of a responsible adult,” she added. “This is a business where you can’t just come in think that you’re going to make a shit load of money and that it’s all about the fame and the fortune. It’s sad. I see too many young girls that get burnt out really quick that way.”

What Lane says she likes best about sex with women are strap-on scenes. “And you feel their tits on your back,” she said. “That’s awesome.” Wankus asked if she likes to fuck guys in the ass. “I used to fuck my ex-husband in the ass on a regular basis,” she noted. “He wasn’t an industry guy; he was just a little confused about his sexuality.” Lane said it got to the point where she had to fuck him in the ass every time they had sex. “My arms were getting really buff and I got kind of tired of it.” Wankus joked that she should have made him do legs in the air. He did, according to Lane. “What the fuck is that!?” said Wankus. “He’s screaming to be a guest on Jayson’s [Sechrest] show!” Lane said Sechrest has met her ex-husband. “Did he take care of your husband?” Wankus asked her. “Not that I’m aware of.”


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