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Devinn Lane on Young & The Curious

> I hear that Devinn Lane will be on Jason Sechrest’s The Young and The Curious Show tonight and will end the debate once and for all on exactly what Kurt Lockwood got paid for taking it up the ass.

> posted on “The porno man himself. This was the man in charge. He looked over the whole adult biz. He sent Tommy Sinapoli out from New York to over see Norman Arno in VCX.

This guy Mickey Zaffarano [pictured] was the New York families has on boss of the porn. Mickey controlled a string of adult theatres across the nation. He would pump the films from porn valley into these theatres. The big money in those days was in the films. That all changed with the VCR and soon tapes both VHS and Beta Max were hitting the streets. That also created a new market in duping tapes or knock offs. Mickey Zaffarano gave Puggy and Joe Black permission to knock off Debbie Does Dallas.

The Animal had told Mike Rizzi how much cash they could make through this new media. Mike Rizzi made the call to Mickey and they were soon chopping up cash. They had masters and a printer who was into them for Shylock money in Orange County named Owen Pearlman, so he made the boxes. So they formed a dummy corporation which they called J&G Sales and it was fronted by Larry Mathes the guy who “WAS” a good friend of Puggy. Puggy let this good friend die in poverty a few years later. All he wanted was a few bucks……..The Animal did give Larry a puppy which he named Tony Jr. Before his death. So lets give it to forward thinkers like Mickey. To bad he ate so much and he died…Goodbye Mickey!

> in another post on HM: He [Columbo family associate Jerry Zimmerman] used to scam with Lenny Montana the Godfather Actor. He would later run the infamous Porn a Thon scam. They used the YMCA building to film 100 movies in 30 days. They shot for days, porn man Buck Adams had a heart attack during filming and then all the checks to talent started to bounce.

> Posted on Things Looking Up at Metro. Yaaaaaaaa, as if!!!!!!

Great things, great new ideas and new ways of doing business. For a director to shoot a movie now…. here are the steps.

1) Submit your idea 60 days in advance

2) Talent list 60 days in advance (hey that’s intelligent)

3) Submit your GROCERY LIST 60 days in advance!!

And the new ‘Head of Production’ is back in Rhode Island learning the ropes while Jiffy Lube Rick remains out here heading the ship and walking on water. You see folks, THAT is how you succeed at Metro. If you’re an industry verteran with great ideas and lots of experience (Alves, Wilson, O’Connor, Bloom) then you’re a dead duck. But if you come to Metro straight from Wal-Mart, Jiffy Lube or Panda Express – then my friend, you’re gonna go places!

> The Eon McKai thread continues on Marla Singer posts: One can only hope that this is the beginning of the end of altporn. I hope they can Joanna Angel next.

> Jeff Steward writes on XPT: Brilliant. Eon had a free ticket in that nobodies like Longshot and Wankus would rape their own mothers for and he threw it away.

If he thinks someone else is going to pick him up hes in for a rude awaking. I wouldnt pay Eon to mop up after a bukkake shoot. He is 100% worthless.


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