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Devon James on Philly Radio Still Insisting Tiger’s the Dad; James “Up All Night Doing Blow”?

from – Devon James, one of Tiger Woods’ alleged hoochie mamas and current porn star, is sticking to her enormous guns about Woods being the father of her nine-year-old son. In a recent interview on Philadelphia radio, she talked about that, on what Tiger’s reaction was when she told him they had a child together, Tiger’s sexual appetites, and how she met him through Paul Azinger, whom she used to babysit for.

James stopped by the studios at 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia for a lengthy chat with Mike Misanelli about a whole lot of interesting stuff. Sure, we’ve heard similar stuff from other women – like how Tiger was controlling, had a temper and a voracious sexual appetite. But there’s some fresh stuff in here too – like how Paul Azinger was the man responsible for introducing the two of them, how Tiger has allegedly given her gifts to relay on to the nine-year old Nick.

It’s entertaining stuff and I encourage you to not only take a gander at the transcript, but to also listen to the interview. James babbles on about her crazy, racist family, and quite frankly sounds like she’s been up all night doing blow and God knows who…I mean what…else.

Here’s highlights from the Interview:

On how she met Tiger:

“I initially met him through Paul Azinger. Well his daughter went to my private school, and me and a good friend used to babysit her.”

On how specifically Azinger introduced them:

“His kids, like I said, went to our school and private schools do a lot of fundraisers and stuff. And there was an auction, and a lot of the people there that were involved, my parents, that ran the auction went over to Hawaii to watch the PGA Tour to watch him. It was just a quick introduction at first. I didn’t really know who he was, not at that point.”

On what the next step was after their brief introduction:

“Later that afternoon – not in front of everybody, that was just a quick hi and hello – later that afternoon we had our brunch kind of thing and he kind of started to talk to me and asked me about my family. I said I had a relative who lived in Jacksonville and he said he would be in that area in a couple of months. So, surprisingly, we exchanged numbers and he did call. He called around the end of March of 2000. He’s not married yet.”

On if they ‘dated’ or just got to it, so to speak, right off the bat:

“We didn’t date, he gave me a call and said he was in the Jacksonville area. I guess he was doing a part of the PGA Tour – it was somewhere near Crescent Beach in 2000, so I said I was going to see my brother at school, he was going to UNF. So I just went up there and instead of seeing my brother, I went and hung out with Tiger. Just for one day.”

On how Tiger initiated sex that day:

“It just happened. He was a smooth talker at that time.”

On if she’s had a DNA test done to back up her claim that her 9-year old son is Tiger’s son:

“Well I just got a court order yesterday, or the day I left to come out here, in the mail that said they were going to yes, subpoena him and do a court order.”

On if Woods has tried to deny the claim:

“No he hasn’t denied it. I incidentally just ran into him; I had never contacted him, we hadn’t spoken before. Actually I tried once and his number always said unavailable. I don’t know if he changed it or what not. A girlfriend of mine in Tampa called and she was like, I have a guy here who wants another girl to come join. So she called me. That’s who it was. She didn’t even know. We were both surprised.”

On if they resumed relations after that chance threesome:

“Right after that he got my number and we saw each other several times throughout the year all the way up through the end of September of ‘08.”

On what she’s trying to get out of all this nine years later:

“You know, it’s tough, because when my son was around five he started asking why he was yellow skinned and his mom was white. I never really knew how to answer that. My parents are still very prejudiced. They still don’t believe he’s got any mixed color to him, they think he’s all white…”

On what her parents think of these developments the past nine-plus years:

“My mom is just not in her right mind at all. You know, you think most people would be, but not her. She’s denying it, she’s saying she has the DNA test, which is not the way it works in our town. If you apply for any sort of government emergency, like he had to get tubes in his ears, they make you automatically…see, he was born with no father on the birth certificate at all and with my maiden last name.”

On why she wouldn’t at the time list Tiger Woods on the birth certificate:

“I had gotten in the adult buisiness and I was doing good. I didn’t really want much to do with the whole drama, I started seeing girl after girl coming out. And for the business that I’m in, the adult business, I’m more shy than people would think. I didn’t want this to come out at all actually.”

So then why is she doing this now?

“No, I was doing a Vivid movie, and I was having a hard time, I was on the phone with my husband and he overheard me talking and it got overheard by one of the other girls who went straight to the producer and started talking. And I was looking at my son’s picture on the phone and crying and just having a hard time and then within 3.2 seconds, everybody knew.”

On when the last time he saw Woods was:

“September 28th of ‘08. That was the last time we were together – as much as you could be together. I had told him…we had seen each other a couple times in the middle of August up in Orlando…and I told him I had started to date someone and it was starting to get serious. I mean, I’m not just going to come right out and say oh I have a child and I know he’s yours. I’m real protective of him. I didn’t even bring the current husband that I’m married to, which is Nick, around him at all until several months later just because it’s confusing.”

On Woods’ reaction to the news that he had a son:

“It was kind of blank at first. He didn’t have much to say at first. I showed him a picture and then he kind of laughed and smiled and cried a little all at the same time. It was awkward.”

On Tiger giving her gifts to give to the young boy:

“Yeah, he did. When I told him was in mid-August and when I saw him the last time at the end of September of ‘08, he did have…I didn’t know that was going to be the last time I would see him…he had given me to give him, it was like a gold bracelet with his name engraved in it, and a golf hat – a traditional type golf hat – and like a miniature 5-year old golf club.”

On how she took that gesture by Woods to mean that he was acknowledging that it was his son:

“Yeah, in my head yeah. We had talked a little bit about maybe slowing introducing him. But then a little bit later in the conversation, he asked if I was still dating the same person that I had discussed with him in August. And I said yeah, and he just completely blew up at me and got mad at me. He has a temper.”

On how Tiger’s temper manifested itself:

“He didn’t exactly say he was exclusive, but he did lead me to believe that his marriage wasn’t working out, that he wasn’t happy. He led me to believe that there were problems and that there wasn’t going to be a future with his wife. Then later I found out through meeting the other girls and doing interviews and at the Vivid shoot, that he said very similar things to all of them.”

On how much her son knows about all this situation:

“Well my mom like I said is nuts. I was telling Nick the other day…I’m still traumatized by the fact that on Christmas eve when I was six that there was no Santa Claus…she’s just like that. He wouldn’t have any idea or way of knowing who his real father was because he had never really met either one of the persons they put on the birth certificate, just because I had to put someone on there when I applied for state assistance. They subpoenaed this man five times, he never showed up and then he went to prison, they just put his name on it. There was no DNA taken, I was there at the time to willingly submit me and my son’s at the time. But..they never took it.”

On how her current husband has handled all this:

“Well to be honest, it was really hard. Okay, to start out with, he ran a lot of the adult industry clubs in Tampa. So he knew that Tiger was a customer. A good customer who made him a lot of money.”

On if she would say that Tiger is a sexual freak and even a bit scary when he’s in that mode:

“Oh yeah, absolutely. And you know, I’m a little crazy, crazy too. But yeah, he’s a little scary. You know, you see him in that situation, but he’s completely different. He’s very controlling. I tended to try to put the control on him, and it worked, but it didn’t work as well as I would have liked it to.”

Here’s the audio:


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