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Devon James… Pornstar? LOL; A Spin on the Old Check-is-in-the-Mail Ploy

Posted on – I can’t wait for Penn and Teller to have a BULLSHIT show completely based on you and your thumb sized penis, fat husband about this crap that you’re trying to sell. You slept with Tiger? I find that as hard to believe as I do you being 29. (more like 39)

I unfortunately had the displeasure of working with the two of you and it was never mentioned. Not even when we talked about all the press surrounding his affair and how anyone could claim they slept [with] him and you should tell the next company you shoot with you did. Well I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a used up, pill popping tramp like you couldn’t pass up the chance to feed off of someone else once again.

I mean seriously, have you seen the hot women that really did have an affair with him? They’re Grade A honey and you’re only Alpo. I can’t believe you actually told Mediaswing Productions you were a mistress and they were dumb enough to believe you. I’m even more surprised that Bubba put you on the air with it. He’s usually good at calling people out on bullshit.

Why do I know what kind of person Melinda and her husband [pictured] really are? Because they ripped me off for both content and money. I was contacted by Nick via my Sexy Jobs ad for some video work.

First I was told that I would get $1000 for a b/g and a b/j scene. When I spoke to him on the phone he made no mention of being paid by check. When I was 30 min away, Nick called me to confirm I was on my way. He at that point said, “I told you we pay by check right?” I said no but as long as it was drawn on a local bank that was fine.

Not only does this asshole not give me his correct address (he likes to be cautious he said), when I was signing the paperwork he tells me the scene is with him as talent and Melinda (Devon). I almost vomited but thought about the money and the bills I needed to pay I moved on. This however was only the beginning to a long nightmare evening. I’m not sure what all kind of pills Melinda was snorting that night but I know there were vicoden’s, roxy’s, and zanies. Plus she was drinking, completely out of it and really messed up.

So after this clusterfuck evening finally comes to and end. Nick comes up to me and says “Now as I told you, we pay by payroll check…”

I looked and said “What to hell do you mean payroll check?” This asshole told me that he was producing content for an LA company and that he would have the money for 7-10 days. I wanted to knock the shit out of him on the spot. He tried to make me think I hadn’t listened to him when he told me they paid by check.

I told him he hadn’t and even pulled our emails back and forth on his computer and showed him he had never mentioned it. He told me that because of the confusion he would give me a copy of the b/j scene. Even though I couldn’t understand why someone would buy a clip of a really fat guy with a member smaller than my thumb getting a b/j, I told him thanks but I still needed the money now. He claimed he could ask the company to rush it.

Four days go by and I called to ask if it he had gotten the check rushed. He tells me that everything is great and that it should be there in the next day or two. I wait two days so and when I call him again, he tells me the check is delayed and they’re out of town. He tells me to calm down that there’s no issue just a slight delay and that he’ll even give me an extra $100 for my trouble. Well, 6 months later and I still haven’t been paid and they refuse to answer phone or email back. Any women in Florida reading this STAY AWAY FROM THESE LOSERS!

I’ve found out that there are variouse girls that they’ve pulled scams on in the Tampa/Sarasota area. Nick and Melinda have lied the payroll checks and about setting up clip stores for girls to get them started. Three others girls I’ve talked to told me their stories and how they got ripped off and how Nick told them the same bullshit stories to get them to film.

I also don’t see how she calls herself a “pornstar” being she’s only been a escort and done 4 published scenes. Nothing more than a used up tramp that was FIRED by the bunny ranch owner Dennis.

This dumb bitch couldn’t even show up to court about her lame claim she had Tiger’s kid. Claimed she was sick and wasn’t her mother on there saying Melinda needed help?

Now she’s trying to have a “pornstar” after party… you have to be one before you can hold one whore. Has anyone else noticed the ONLY pic she uses is that half ass one where she has her nasty meth picked, pocked up face and is disgracing the American flag.

You’re 15min is up bitch…. don’t go away mad, just go away!


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