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Devon James to Cops: She’s Had Six Abortions and was Beaten Up by Nick Jannette

I wonder if Demi Delia has to give Nick Jannette permission to respond to this story:

from – Tiger Woods ex-mistress Devon James told police that she had six abortions after she was interviewed about an alleged assault by her boyfriend. She also admitted to using cocaine while she was pregnant, according to the police report. has the exclusive photos and details. James filed a paternity suit against Tiger on Thursday and has claimed they had a several-year affair.

James told police that boyfriend Nick Jannette beat her, and the police report and photos offer a shocking look into her world, and the type of women Tiger was cheating with.

She also told police that she had SIX abortions. exclusively obtained the images of James with her face badly bruised and swollen after the alleged attack.

In the graphic images the porn star and escort’s right eye is badly bruised while she also has cuts and bruises to the left side of her face and on her right temple.

James has been the center of controversy since claiming she had an affair with Woods and that he is the father of her son. Her mother says she is lying, but James filed a paternity suit in Florida on Thursday.

During the 2007 alleged attack in Florida James was using the name Melinda Brinling and was eight weeks pregnant.

The assault took place at an apartment in Bradenton, Florida, on May 4, 2007, according to a police report – although no charges were filed in the case.

The report states that the victim and the suspect had been dating for two years – with James being pregnant with the suspect’s child.

The pair became involved in a verbal argument which turned physical when the suspect allegedly shoved the victim to the ground and then threw a beer bottle at her head.

This caused lacerations to her face which were treated by the emergency services. The suspect was located at the apartment and police took statements.

But due to conflicting stories between both parties ‘a capias request’ was completed – the victim James did not want to co-operate and refused to provide an affidavit.

In an interview with police James claimed that Jannette had picked her up after she had gotten a flat tire but when they got home they started arguing.

She claimed he got so angry that he threw her to the ground before throwing a beer bottle, which struck her left temple.

The porn star told police that she had been dating Jannette for two years and that he had always been abusive and she was scared of him and his friends.

James told the police that she did not want to press charges but that “I’ll wait until the next time it happens’.

She admitted that she used cocaine the previous night and that she was eight weeks pregnant and that Jannette was the father.

“He’s been pressuring me to have another abortion. I’ve had six already,” she said.

In his statement Jannette claimed that James (Melinda) had been on a five day crack binge.

He said that when he picked her up ‘she smelt like s***’ and ‘looked like s***” – he claimed he had to drive with the car windows down because the smell was so bad.

Jannette claimed that she looked ‘beat-up’ and that he had been using crack cocaine in previous months and they had broken-up because of this. He claimed they had not seen each other for 25 days.

He told police after picking her up he took her to a restaurant on SR70 so she could get some food. He claimed that when they got back to her place he unlocked the door and only stayed for five minutes.

Jannette claimed at no time did he put his hands on her and didn’t throw a bottle – he added that she was ‘crazy and had been using ‘a lot of drugs’.

James, 29, gave birth to her son in early 2001, before Woods and Elin Nordegren were married. She claims Tiger is the father.

James also claimed to have had a two-and-a-half year affair with the superstar when he paid her and another woman $2,000 each for a “two-girl party.”


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