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Porn Valley- Devyn Devine, was a guest on The Wanker Show Friday night. Wankus said Devine had some serious tits which measure 38 DDD. And they’re all real, she says.

At 14, Devine was carrying a D-cup, and at 8 or 9 she was already a B-cup. She grew up in Brooklyn.

“All the kids called me tissue-girl for four years,” she said. “They thought I was stuffing my bra.” Devyn claimed she used to get beat up all the time but now her schoolmates from elementary school all know she does porn. “And you used to call me tissue girl? Look where I am now.”

In ninth grade she was a cheerleader.

“You’re not cheering for the football team, you’re dissing the other cheerleaders,” she observed. “The guy I wanted, he had mono for half a year.” After ninth grade she moved to the west coast, Washington state. On a totally unrelated subject, Wankus, apparently making a case for people from that area who think they’re tough, said he used to date a girl from Portland, Oregon.

“I would go to the mall and different places and these guys would walk around with their fuckin’ ski sweaters trying to be tough,” he said, continuing with his story. “I came from New York where you don’t act tough unless you are tough. But these guys act tough until you confront them.” Wankus asked Devine if she noticed the same thing.

“They’re a weak version of Brooklyn,” she agreed. “I love Brooklyn.” Devine is from Canarsie and is Sicilian. Wankus said the best thing about Brooklyn is the block parties.

“Especially the Fourth of July- nobody does that shit out here.” He also noted that cops generally have no say in how the parties are run but party with you.

“You’re drinking booze at everybody’s house- it’s awesome,” Devine agreed. Wankus then mentioned canolis and Devine said she ate at Jerry’s Deli.

“The menu says Brooklyn egg cream- I’m goin’, yeah, Brooklyn egg cream,” Devine said. “I don’t know what I got.” Wankus suspected she got some Jew’s version of something that made it work in California. He also had a thing or two to say about Jerry’s knishes which, he feels, don’t match up to the New York variety.

“I miss east coast food- best food in the world on the east coast.”

Asked what brought her to L.A., Devine said she started doing porn about six months ago. She started stripping at age 18 and went to Alaska.

“But it’s awesome- the money’s great,” Devine said. According to Devine, there’s a lot of military personnel up there with not a lot to do. Other than that she had been traveling around the country and made the jump to porn. Devine saw it as a natural progression from stripping in Alaska to sucking cock on camera. While in Alaska, Devine used to dance at a place called Charlie’s, noting that the owner’s wife used to be a dancer there as well and was a bitch to all the girls.

When she returned to Washington, Devine posted a resume on sexyjobs looking for a new club to dance at and started receiving the porn feelers.

“I was a bit naive- I thought I knew what they were talking about. A boy-girl scene. What’s that?” Devine was told it would take about an hour to do and she’d get paid a $1,000.

“I gave it some thought and said I’m going to do it. The people were in Florida.” Devine then hooked up with a guy in Jersey who got her down there.

“He was a pseudo-agent,” she said. “He gets girls work. He doesn’t take a percentage. All he wants to do is shoot content. He’ll get girls work but then he wants them to suck his tiny little dick.” Co-host Katie Morgan wondered if the guy was overweight.

“He is overweight,” said Devine. “And he’s bald, too. Somehow I knew- I was waiting for him to pick me up at the airport and somehow I knew he was going to be bald.” Devine then worked for Icy Porn in Florida.

“The guy who contacted me was Sean,” Devine explained. “His brother Rob was actually my talent.” Devine noted that it was Bang Bros. and Score who paid for her expenses to go to Florida. Devine said the guy in Jersey was trying to give her advice against taking the gig but she figured a $1,000, what the fuck. Asked if that was the only work she had down there, Devine said the company first wanted to pay her $700 plus her expenses coming down. But everyone settled on $1,000 for the fact that she was doing her first scene with them.

“I flew into Miami- they picked me up two hours after I flew in,” said Devine. “They took me down to Ft. Lauderdale. We did the scene. It was great. It was a good-looking guy, big cock.” Wankus was curious if they asked Devine to present an HIV test.

“They didn’t,” she said. Although the guy showed her his test. Nevertheless, Devine showed them hers. Wankus told her out in the Valley it’s almost like the law to show up with a test.

Devine came to L.A. with a friend of hers who’s new in the business. According to Devine, a male talent showed her friend a test that was outdated and was trying to sneak it by. On a similar note, Wankus said on the Team Tyler shoot, Tyler Faith would show the girls her test and they told her we don’t need to see that.

“What do you mean you don’t need to see that? Of course you need to see that,” Wankus said. “Don’t blow it off like it’s no big deal.” Wankus said he’s seen people pull scams with fake tests.

“Make sure it’s right- call AIM. Double check it People fuck around in this business. They got to pay the rent.”

At first, Devine said she was too scared to brave L.A.

“Everybody was telling me it was rough out in L.A.- those producers don’t care,” Devone went on to say. “They’re going to tell you you’re going to do anal.” Devine said she was far from the stereotype of the 5’10” blond with huge silicone.

“I was really, really scared,” she added. “I went to England. I went to Wales. I went to Paris- I went all over the country before I came to L.A.” Devine said she did her first gangbang in England. It was an 11-guy bukkake gangbang. “They came all over my face and then they came all over me.”

Devine admitted that she was a cum freak- but didn’t like it all over her mouth. And she doesn’t swallow. Wankus suspected that was because she probably had some bad cum in her life.

Asked about her website, Devine said she had a webmaster in Kentucky. Wankus noticed a picture of Max Hardcore on her site and asked Devine if she had worked with him.

“I’m about 200 pounds too heavy to work with Max,” she laughed. “Are you kidding?” Wankus suspected that was because Devine didn’t puke up her lunch like a lot of girls in the business. Devine said some of the pix on her site were from a shoot she did in Paris and she didn’t care how much she was getting paid for it because it was in Paris. “They don’t even like tits in Paris.”

Devine thought the French girls were all going to be size zeros but discovered they all had small tits and fat asses, according to her.

“And that’s what guys like,” she concluded. In a three question mini quiz, Wankus asked Devine what comes to her mind when she things of an ugly porn man. She answered Ron Jeremy. “That’s a no-brainer,” she laughed. She also answered Peter North when asked for the name of male talent that was secretly gay. Devine said she had a poll on her website where fans didn’t want to see her fucking North.

“I wanted to know why not- then I went on to his website- he’s gay,” she concluded. Devine also said she’d like to model her career after Jenna Jameson’s. When Devine took the trip to Miami she bought Jameson’s book and read it cover to cover.

When she finally got out to L.A., Devine was contacted by Naughty Talent.

Devine said Tim from Naughty was at the airport and went to the wrong baggage terminal to find her. Funnier because it was at Burbank airport. Noting that Tim from the agency was rather short, Devine said nothing good could come of that. Wankus also laughed because the last time Tim was on his show, unbeknownst to him, his head was put on a Lucky Charms body.

Devine said Tim got her some work and the week before she came to town, he had someone booking work for her. Steve Nelson from AI News was also helping to find her work.

Tim then called her to ask what other agency she was working for. “I don’t even like agencies,” she said.

“I was supposed to be getting a booking through Television 69,” Devine continued. “Steve calls me up and said someone’s going around booking you. I was I have no idea. I was freaking out. I called Tim up.” That’s when Tim told Devine he had someone booking her.” It was Ben Fisher.

“I’m like, thanks for telling me.” According to Devine, Fisher was promising her boxcovers and that she would win an award. Devine also discovered that Tim had Fisher doing all her promotions.

Wankus said Fisher proves the theory that you can’t fail out of porn.

“He’s always there and is always fucking people over.” Katie Morgan said there’s a lot of people, besides, that prove that theory.

Wankus said he met Fisher and read through his car salesman bullshit and kept a distance.

Apparently Fisher and Devine had a falling out and he subsequently refused to drive her to shoots.

“The next day Tim is like you should go stay at a hotel- I’m getting kicked out of the place where he said I could stay.” When Devine decided to walk on Tim she did leave his commissions for him, she noted.

Devine said she was also planning on writing a book, that she’s in school and her major is geared to the industry. For now, Devine is remaining independent, comes into town once a month and stays with Steve Nelson.

“I write a column on his news page,” she said. “He introduces me to everybody.” Wankus noted that the Ben Fisher types pump you up for profit whereas guys like Steve Nelson do it out of a sense of helping people.

Devine also mentioned that she did her first interracial scene in September for West Coast with a brand new performer named Mason Threat. “It was a smokin’ scene. He’s a gentleman. And a big cock.”

Devine has also worked with Nelson and Wankus remembered a time at KSEX when Nelson was able to get it up on the couch with Wankus making fun of him. “He continued to stay hard and pop.”

Asked what her parents thought she did for a living, Devine said they think she poses for magazines. Devine also mentioned that she did a few other Internet radio show interviews on the east coast. Wankus asked her if one of them had been in Boston. She said yes.

“He’s a fuckin’ moron- that guy in Boston,” Wankus told her. Devine said one guy wanted to go to her mother’s house and tell her that she’s in porn for the shock value.

“I’m kicking around the idea,” Devine said. Wankus told her do it on Stern.

“He’ll go nuts with the idea. He’ll do it in a minute. It’s all marketing.” Wankus told Devine fuck the once-a-week guy, go where the ratings and the audience is. Devine suspected that her parents would be cool with the fact to learn that she was in the porn business.


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