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Diablo Played a “Naked, Mini-Jesus” in Ass Squirts

Porn Valley- KSEX program director Lorrainiac mentions that Diablo and his fiancee Kitten are probably the most popular guests to come on KSEX in recent months. Hence their return appearance Friday night.

Diablo, who considers himself first and foremost a rock band drummer, has also appeared in several porn movies. In press releases, he’s been referred to as a midget, but that’s not the case. Diablo’s afflicted with spinal bifida. Hence, he gets around on crutches. And to that he laughs at his own expense describing how he tends to walk like a hermit crab.

Kitten, meanwhile, is confined to a wheel chair.

Diablo’s an interesting study. Besides being quite intelligent with a sharp sense of humor, his hands are of normal size, his arms and shoulders are roped with muscle. It’s after that, that nature dealt him the shitty end of the stick. But where the Lord tooketh away in some respects, the Lord gaveth in others. Diablo’s got a big cock. And Lorrainiac couldn’t seem to get off that subject.

“Wait till you see his dick,” Rain keeps promising her audience. “You won’t believe the size of it.” Diablo finally succumbs to the urgings but you get the impression that dropping his jeans isn’t a number one priority in his life.

Pint-sized, Kitten, with her brassy New York ways [which is where she’s from originally] strikes you as pretty sexy, although her shoes could fit a Barbie doll. Lorrainiac asks where she gets them. Kitten said the pair she was wearing are off of eBay. Other times she’s in the kiddie departments.

“I hate being a cripple,” Kitten mutters as she climbs out of her chair and situates herself on the KSEX studio couch next to Diablo. Kitten mentions that her feet tend to fall asleep after awhile.

You can’t help but notice that Kitten’s sporting major rocks on her fingers, and one assumes they’re not in the same class as O.J.’s fake Rolex.

Both Kitten and Diablo admit they’re all about the money. And Kitten’s not going to take her clothes off by any stretch. You want to see her naked? Go to her website, and pay for the privilege, she says.

“I’m a business woman.”

Rain tries to persuade Kitten to suck Diablo’s cock on air, but Kitten’s having none of that, either. And a handjob seems totally out of the question as well. Kitten suspects that she’d burn in hell if she did something like that.

Diablo and Kitten have been a couple for six years. They met on an Internet chat line when Kitten was living in Florida. And, once she moved to California, they’ve been together ever since.

“He’s the best thing ever,” she sighs.

Although Diablo’s worked with other women on camera, Kitten stays out of that picture and tends the website. She says her parents know all about the site but, for that reason, she limits her participation and isn’t dying to do videos.

After going to adult video stores and discovering there was hardly any porn for people with disabilities, Kitten decided to create the site which is filled with that content.

“They have people pissing on other people- that’s alright, but I was told that porn with disabled people would offend someone,” Kitten comments.

“People are blowing fucking horses,” Diablo adds. “Who cares if it’s midgets?

Rain’s amused by the blue shirt Diablo’s sporting. It says: “Swallow you crippled bitch”.

It’s suggested that Diablo and Briget the Midget might make an interesting coital pairing. Diablo says Bridget’s scared to do porn now because she has a kid.

But Kitten doesn’t seem too fond of Bridget.

“If you’re not nice, people won’t say nice things about you,” she states.

“I think what she’s done is great but she thinks she’s God’s gift to the world.”

Kitten also alludes to some situation where Bridget apparently hadn’t been nice to Diablo.

“But she can be nice when she wants to be.”

Diablo says his attitude about porn is simply one of doing your job.

“And get the fuck out.”

Other than the website, [featuring him getting blowjobs], Diablo’s onscreen time has been pretty much limited to that for Extreme Associates, titles which include: Return to Insanity, The Animal and Ass Squirts. Regarding The Animal, Diablo explains that it’s about psychologically damaged people.

It’s Ass Squirts that he sounds like he’s got some mixed opinions about.

“I agreed to do it…but it’s all good,” he says after hesitating. “Some girls in the movie are doing sexual stuff with crucifixes.”

Diablo admits he doesn’t watch his movies, that there’s no need to; and Kitten says she didn’t particularly want to see people squirting shit out of their ass.

Diablo explains that he was probably more background than anything in Ass Squirts.

“I was naked on a cross- I guess they wanted a naked, mini-Jesus.”

Diablo thinks that Tom Zupko, who directed the project, is wacky and abstract in the way he puts things together.

“Thomas has a structure but he’ll go in another direction,” Diablo points out. He remembers the scene taking 12 hours to shoot, which would be typical Zupko.

“And he steps outside of boundaries,” Diablo adds, remembering how one girl told Zupko she’d never work for him again because what she had to do was so mortifying. On another note, Diablo, in an off camera remark, didn’t think that Extreme owner Rob Black was fair with a lot of people.

“But that’s how it goes.”

Diablo also remembered another instance where Zupko evdiently had a meltdown and went off to the bathroom crying. And Diablo says he also got a sense that Paris Gables, who was the contract girl at the time, was missing a few marbles upstairs.

Diablo said being in a porn movie was all new to him especially when some girl suggested, ‘you need to be fluffed.’

“I go what the hell is that?” he laughs. Otherwise, Diablo prefers watching girl-girl movies. He also refers to a blowjob scene he did with a girl who he thought looked like Arsenio Hall and sounds like he may have been traumatized by the experience.

Rain then played a clip.

“That thing is huge,” she laughs, referring to his cock. Asked who the girl was in that scene, Diablo says he hates to be rude but can’t seem to remember her name. [It appears to be Felony.]

“But I’m sure she’ll remember that forever and ever.”

Although he’s comfortable in his own skin, Diablo concedes that women would probably tend to be freaked out working with him. Unless they got to know him first hand.

“I am different and for them it’s shocking,” he says, remembering some of the reactions he’s gotten. According to Diablo, Extreme didn’t tell the women he was working with what they were in for.

“That was a negative environment,” he says. “You have to create an inage that it’s working- for people to get off you have to look like you’re into it.”

Kitten agrees that while guys “don’t give a shit,” women are different when it comes to sex.

Diablo explains that it’s also unnerving when you’re not used to having a camera on you.

“It’s kind of hard to concentrate,” he adds.

Later this month, Diablo and Kitten have a book signing October 25 in Beverly Hills in conjunction with a coffee table book titled, “Naked Ambition”. Their photos are featured in it.

Diablo recalled losing his virginity at age 15 when a neighbor asked him to take naked pictures of his wife. It turned into a threeway.

“I used to see her walking the dog,” he recalls. “She was 21- I wanted to do her.”

Asked if he’d want his daughter to be doing porn, Diablo comments, “It depends on the digits her paycheck had.”


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