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Dick Nasty: I Find it Bad Manners…

Porn Valley- Naudia Marie paid a return visit to KSEX this week and a new girl from Absolute Modeling, Carmen Angelina, made her first appearance. Tony Batman was co-host taking Taylor Wane’s place on the British Are Cumming Show with Dick Nasty.

“Taylor did not tell you that she wasn’t going to be here this week?” Batman asked Nasty who said Wane wasn’t on the show last week. Then, again, neither was he.

“If I’m not going to make it, I send her a text message or I’ll call her or e-mail her, whatever,” said Nasty. “I make sure she has plenty of time in advance. Now I understand a few weeks ago she was sick which I understand. But last week was not sickness as far as I know; and not this week- I find it…bad manners…or poor communications skills at best.” In Wane’s defense Batman assumed she might have assumed that Nasty was up with the news on whether she was out of the country or not.

“You think she’s that important that I would try and read every piece of news about her?” asked Nasty who’s often the brunt of Wane broadsides during their show. Because Wane’s absence provided the motive, the subject logically got on to to showing up for shoots and Batman wondered if Nasty had problems with drama.

“I try to pick girls that are going to fit it,” answered Nasty. “We turn people down more than most.” Batman said he’s seen instances of girls just rotating from agency to agency to agency.

“Sometimes when I call a girl to book her on KSEX, I call her agent that she gave me- that this was within the week- then it’s oh, she’s not with me any more. A lot of these girls are just rotating like crazy.”

Without mentioning her name, Nasty said he worked with a girl a few weeks ago and it was her first scene.

“She’s 18 years old and it was a boy-boy-girl: it was me and Rod Fontana,” Nasty continued. “I’m 50; he’s 54- this girl is 18. It’s her first scene. Now what agent in his right mind would send her over to two guys in their Fifties for her first scene? I don’t care whether she tells you I’ll do anything. You don’t book that girl for that scene first. You don’t book her for a D.P. on the first scene. Whatever it is, you try to keep it a little bit easy and work them into it. I didn’t say anything to this girl, or even say call me.

“Obviously during the conversation I don’t even think I told her I was an agent. But that’s by the way. About a week or so afterwards, she calls me up and leaves me a message. She gives me her name and she says I’m not really happy where I am, I understand you’re an agent and I liked working with you. Could you represent me? I’m just not working. I phoned her back and said come and see me tomorrow, come in the office, we’ll fill out paperwork. I’ll see what you do and what you don’t do and we’ll book you some work. I said you’re 18 years old. You’re cute. There’s no reason why you can’t work every day.”

According to Nasty, he’s still waiting for the girl to show.

“You’ve got to turn up,” he advised dryly. “She did call me a couple of times, change appointments and make different bookings and stopped calling back. I didn’t go to her. She came to me and this is why girls don’t get work. I get them too. I get girls who come in, they’re I want to work.

“The real bulk of the work- in all honesty- is that I put you in my car, I take you around to every company and I introduce you and I book you jobs,” Nasty continued. “If you haven’t time to go and do that, you’re not going to get as much work as someone that does. And that’s just what it comes down to.”

Earlier in the show Batman commented that he went on Nasty’s site, and that the quality of the women was going up, up, up.

“I see good things for you if you can keep all your employees in check.”

Nasty had a few comments to make regarding that and talked about how he instructed someone in his office at 9:30 to give a certain person a call; but by three in the afternoon they still hadn’t.

“If I’m paying you money to work for me I expect you to do what I tell you,” said Nasty. “My job as far as an agent is booking girls work. If it’s about a job I expect you to make the GODAMN PHONE CALL! If I got to do it, why am I paying you?”

“People think because it’s porn you don’t have to work as hard,” said Batman. “And it’s exactly the opposite. There’s so much competition in porn that you actually have to work harder if you want to succeed.”

Nasty said he’s doing scenes, running girls around and taking girls on go-sees.

“And I’ve got an office that’s supposed to do all this shit!” In the same breath, Nasty said he’s getting a lot of girls booked but suggested that people call the office, 818-201-5000 and book that way instead of calling him all the time.


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