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Did Vivid Have Ulterior Motives in Halting Distribution of McCready Sex Tape?

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from Leading porn producer Vivid Entertainment has been commended for halting distribution of the Mindy McCready sex tape in the wake of her tragic and untimely death, as reported in articles published on Feb. 21 by the Daily Mail and Feb. 20 by

This is an unprecedented move for a major producer of adult videos to make. However, while it’s the decent and respectful thing to do in the wake of Mindy’s suicide, Vivid’s gesture may not be as altruistic as it seems. See Mindy McCready Completed Suicide Prevention Video Day Before Killing Herself.

In an unprecedented move for a major porn producer, Vivid Entertainment has ceased distribution of the Mindy McCready sex tape. While it was a respectful thing for Vivid’s CEO to do in the wake of Mindy’s suicide, many suspect it’s part of a PR ploy.

Many people suspect that Vivid has an ulterior motive for freezing DVD and digital distribution of the sex tape Mindy McCready made.

Bear in mind that Vivid Entertainment is the same company that released Kim Kardashian – Ray J sex tape which put the Kardashian clan on the map.

The adult video entitled “Baseball Mistress” was originally released by Vivid to coincide with the release of Mindy McCready’s album “I’m Still Here,” the same year Mindy appeared on “Celebrity Rehab” with Dr. Drew.

The video gets its title from a running narrative by Mindy has with her then boyfriend, Peter, in which she discusses her long- term affair with MLB legend Roger Clemens, who was married at the time. While Clemens himself does not appear in the sex tape, Mindy is reportedly shown a compromising position with Peter, as she compares Clemens’ sexual prowess with that of her ex-fiancé Dean Cain, who starred as Superman on the TV show “Lois & Clark.”

When it comes to the marketing of celebrity sex tapes, as with any other product, timing is everything.

Apart from making itself look good, Vivid may have other motives as well. It may be a PR ploy to draw attention to the sex tape to increase future sales.

There is suspicion on the part of many that the announcement by Vivid’s CEO Steve Hirsch is just part of a clever promotional scheme

One reason people are suspicious is because Vivid could have simply halted distribution of the adult video without making such a big deal about it.

Instead, Hirsch issued a public statement to that the Mindy McCready sex tape would no longer be available.

Hirsch further stated that even though digital distribution is more difficult to regulate, he planned to remove all digital copies of the video from the Vivid website, as well.

By calling attention to their distribution freeze on the Mindy McCready sex tape, Vivid has alerted countless numbers of people to the existence of the tape. states that Vivid Entertainment’s CEO told them the DVD distribution freeze was effective immediately, and would continue indefinitely. He further stated that Vivid currently had no plans to resume distribution.

The careful wording of the statement is what raises questions and causes many people to suspect that Vivid Entertainment may have ulterior motives.

No mention was made of destroying existing copies of the DVD. Nor did Vivid say that “Baseball Mistress” would never be distributed again. What the statement said was that the company currently has no plans to resume distribution. So while the Mindy McCready sex tape is unavailable now, Vivid Entertainment could reverse its position and resume distribution at a future date.

What Vivid has done is drum up interest in the tape among those who were previously unaware of its existence, in addition to driving up the value of the tape.

Is Vivid Entertainment really concerned about doing the decent and respectful thing by ceasing distribution of the Mindy McCready sex tape?

Or does Vivid have ulterior motives for making this move?

Only time will tell. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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