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Digital Playground’s BiBi Jones Visits Howard Stern; Says Baseball Players Are The Best

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from – This morning on the Howard Stern Show, Bibi Jones (formerly Britney Beth) was in the studio to promote her debut with Digital Pictures and being featured on the cover of Hustler Magazine in July. Bibi will be appearing in Assassins, a Digital Pictures featured release.

During her interview, it didn’t long for Howard to find out that this girl likes to f*ck. It sounds like she has screwed pretty much everyone. No, not everyone in the porn industry… everyone. If you are reading this and you haven’t had sex with Bibi Jones, you are on a very short list of people. Bibi loves to have sex with random people that she crosses paths with on the street, in her hotel, at school… everyone and anyone.

Bibi told some stories about he she has screwed the likes of the building janitor… in his building, a college professor… in the school, and a manager of a restaurant… in the restaurant while he was on duty. If Bibi wants to have sex with you, there isn’t much you can do about it, you are having sex right there.

Bibi was very excited to be a contract girl for Digital Playground and described their features like “watching a real movie and then the people start having sex”.

Getting back to the sex… Bibi said she had many a Major League Baseball player on her roster and says they are the best. Howard ran down a list of people to see whether or not she would have sex with them, and again, it was a very short list of guys she wouldn’t. She said she’d love to have a “mustache ride” from Ronnie the Limo Driver and it sounded like she was going to have sex with Gange right after the show.

from – Howard had the guys bring in BiBi Jones. He said she’s going to be making her debut with Digital Playground in a couple of weeks. Howard said she looks really cute. Howard said you’d think she’d look like a pig. He said she’s super hot. She’s only 19.

Robin asked BiBi when she discovered sex. BiBi said she started at 6 years old. She said she has always been horny. She said she’s always been afraid to sit down because she’s afraid of leaving a wet spot. Howard said he’s getting a boner just looking at her.

BiBi said she and another girl would eat each other out at the age of 6. They had seen movies on the internet. Howard said he probably would have done that too if he had a computer at that age. Howard asked BiBi if she thinks that something is wrong with her. He said people must make judgments. He mentioned that she had sex with the janitor at th movie theater she was at the other night. Howard said she’s not even wearing underwear today. He said he likes that.

Howard said they tweeted a picture on their @SternShow account. He said she’s very sexual and he’s boned up just looking at her. He asked if a guy can just date her. BiBi said she has to be fucked multiple times a day and she’s not sure just one guy can keep up. BiBi said she gets impatient. Howard asked how many different guys she’s had in one day. She said 16 is the most. She said that’s the party Howard had mentioned earlier. She said she made a bet and lost the bet so she fucked 12 of the 18 guys that were at the party. She said some of the guys have a hard time getting hard in front of other guys.

Howard asked if the guys wear condoms. She said they don’t. She said that condoms dry up all of the pussy juice. Howard said he’s wondering because some guys must have something going on. He said she doesn’t seem to care because she’s on a mad tear to have cock.

Robin asked BiBi when she got her first guy. BiBi said she didn’t lose her virginity until she was 16. Howard said she looks really hot. He said he’s shocked that she’s this hot and giving it away to so many guys.

BiBi said she will have sex at the clubs she’s worked in. She said she will give free lap dances if she wants to fuck a guy. She said she does that a lot and she loses a lot of money because of that. She said she wants to get fucked so she gives it away free. Howard asked if she’ll fuck a 500 pound guy who smells. BiBi said she has fucked fat guys but they don’t smell.

Howard said he heard that she doesn’t like guys using their fingers on her. She said fingers touch everything. She said that she’s okay with a penis though. Howard said that’s kind of weird.

Howard said she’ll never have a boyfriend if this is the way she’s going to do things. BiBi said she has gone on dates but it never turns into a relationship. Howard said she’s almost like a dude. BiBi said she feels like she has a man’s personality.

Howard asked BiBi if she would fuck JD. He had JD come in to meet her. JD came in and said he loves how he’s the lowest common denominator. BiBi wanted to do a sex scene in the studio. Howard said they can’t do that. Howard asked if he could squeeze her boobs. She said she was okay with that. JD went over and felt her up. Howard said her boobs were nice.

Howard said BiBi has some body. JD had her turn around for him. He said she has a tattoo. Howard asked to see it. He liked what he saw. BiBi said she got it at 15.

Howard said BiBi will Tweet out (@xxxBiBiJones) to people and ask who wants to fuck. She said that she did that last night. She was staying in the City and she went down to the hotel lobby in her pajamas to meet some guys. BiBi said she got distracted when she went down for a snack. Howard asked if she walks up to the hottest guy there. BiBi said she doesn’t even look for the hottest. She said that the married guys can be the best because they don’t want any attachments. BiBi said she never stays the night with a guy either. Howard said she’s like a black widow and she devours the guy and leaves.

Howard asked if the guys get nervous and think something weird is going on. BiBi told Howard she’ll go up to a guy in the bar and ask where they’re from. She said she met one guy who was from Illinois and she told him she was by herself and she wanted him to come up to her room. She said he was Latino. Howard asked if she has any preferences. She said she will do almost any guy. She hasn’t done a black guy yet. Howard asked if she’s never met a black guy before. She said she hasn’t met any yet. She said it just hasn’t come about. She’s only 19 years old. Howard asked if the janitor from the other night was white. She said he was white and that was out in Arizona.

Howard asked BiBi if she knows that her vagina is sticking out a little from her dress and if she does that on purpose. She seemed to be doing it on purpose.

Howard asked BiBi if she would ever marry a guy. She said things might change some day but not right now. Howard asked if her parents know what she does for a living. She said they never talk about that. Howard said they must know something is going on. BiBi said they don’t talk about it.

Howard asked how long it took to get that guy up to her room last night. She said it was only a few minutes. Howard said she must be more impressed if a guy won’t go up. She said it would be more of a challenge and she’d like that.

Howard asked BiBi if the guy didn’t know who she was. She said she uses fake names a lot. Last night she was Angelica. She said she likes to dress up for the guys and role play too. Howard asked if she talks during sex. She said she does. Howard asked what she says. She said she will ask the guys if they like fucking her teenage pussy and if they like the way it feels. Howard said a year from now she won’t have a teenage pussy. He said that’s kind of sad.

Howard asked if BiBi has ever had a guy think she’s a prostitute. She said she had one guy try to pay her but she said she wasn’t a prostitute and she didn’t want his money.

Howard asked if she’s wet as soon as she gets into the room with the guy. She said she is and she’s wet right now. She said that she has to sit in a way that she doesn’t get her dress wet. She said she’s wet pretty much all the time.

Howard asked BiBi what kind of crazy things she’s had to do. She said that some guys will role play and one guy had her stick a finger in his ass. She said she did that and he got rock hard immediately. Howard asked what kind of role playing she has had to do. She said she has done guys in their 40s, 50s and 60s. She said she was with an older man who wanted her to role play as his step daughter. She said he walked in and caught her masturbating. She told him that she’d do anything as long as he didn’t tell her mom. She played the part of the step daughter and had the guy doing things with her. She said he banged the shit out of her and they filmed it. Howard said these guy can’t last long. He said he would finish in seconds.

Howard asked BiBi if she ever fucked a teacher. She said she fucked 2. Howard said of course she did. Howard asked if she would go in dressed in outfits. She said they had dress codes in school.

BiBi wondered if she could tell the story because she didn’t know if she’d get someone in trouble. Howard told her not to give names ore even say what class it was. BiBi said she was working in a law office at the age of 16. She said she was asked by her teacher to help out with some depositions he was doing. Howard said it must have been awkward. She said the teacher had pictures of the girls from school on his computer. She said she’s not sure what he was up to. BiBi said she had wanted it from the guy for a long time.

Howard said that’s a big deal to be fucking one of your teachers. She said he was really good but he had a bit of a chod. She said that’s a cock wider than it is long. She said it was so thick. She said she likes a little length. Howard said he thinks Sam Kinison was like that. Howard said Jessica Hahn said she liked that.

Howard asked BiBi about the other teacher. BiBi said it was just a one shot deal with them. She said she did get an A in class. Howard asked about the second teacher and how that went. BiBi said she went to the gym and met him there. Howard asked what she was wearing. She said she was in shorts. She said it was really quick too. She said she turned around and swallowed his load to make sure there was no evidence.

Howard said BiBi is making her debut in a movie called Assassins. He had a clip from the movie that he played. Howard said that was fabulous. She was moaning and Howard figured she was putting it on a bit. She said she did that with Eric Everhard and it was her favorite scene ever. Howard asked who the hottest guy is that she’s worked with. She said Peter North is so hot. Howard said that’s the guy who shoots ropes that Richard Christy likes.

Howard said BiBi is only 19 and she’s on the cover of Hustler. Howard said she looks fantastic on the cover.

Howard asked BiBi why she walked around school with a bible. She used to be very religious but not anymore. Howard asked if she has ever thought about fucking Jesus. She said he is pretty fucking hot but she never thought about it.

Howard asked if she has a major hang up with Major League Baseball players. She said she has fucked some. BiBi said that baseball is her favorite sport. BiBi said she met an agent at a bar near the Diamondbacks stadium and he would introduce her to them.

Howard said BiBi has had sex in restaurants with the managers and things like that. Howard thought she had her first Double Penetration scene coming out soon. BiBi said she hasn’t done one yet so she’s not sure what that’s about. She said that Digital Playground is the best and they have the highest quality videos. She said she couldn’t turn that down.

Howard said he was beating off to babysitter porn the other day. BiBi told Howard she just did some babysitter porn that he has to watch. Howard said he’ll have to check that out. He said he likes Babysitter’s.

Gary said everyone was coming in and clamoring for a Sybian ride. Howard asked if she wanted to do that. BiBi said she really did. Howard told her to try and get off on it. He wants her to be honest.

Howard took a call from Pinnochio Dave who asked him how his nose is. Dave’s voice was a mess from being sick. Dave said he met BiBi and she fucked his dog. BiBi said she’s never done that.

Another caller said Dave sounded like Mark Harris. He told BiBi that she’s really hot and Howard has to check out her videos. BiBi said she likes his accent. She wanted to fuck him. She was also into Will. BiBi said she wanted to fuck Will. The caller asked if she would fuck Ronnie. BiBi said she would and she loved that moustache because she loves moustache rides.

Howard took a call from a guy who said he thinks that BiBi is disgusting. He didn’t like the whole Bible thing.

High Pitch Eric called in and asked if she’d fuck him. Howard said he’s pretty sure she wouldn’t. Howard had Eric try to have phone sex with her. BiBi tried to have phone sex and then they showed her a picture of him. She said that she would do him. She said she’d have to get on top though.

Howard had BiBi get on the Sybian and asked her how much she weighs. She said she’s 105 pounds and she’s 5’6” tall. Howard said that’s what a 5’6” tall woman should weigh.

Howard told BiBi not to put it on and just be honest about how she’s feeling with the Sybian. Howard asked if sex is her whole life or does she read. She said she has other interests. She said he has a dog and she takes her to the dog park and meets guys there. Howard said she can’t have sex all day and night. She must read. She said she does but it’s rare.

Howard had Gary start the Sybian. BiBi was moaning almost immediately. She had Gary turn it up and she said it felt so good. BiBi lasted about a minute at 100 percent power. She had Gary shut it down when she finished. She had trouble standing. Howard asked if she was okay. BiBi said it was the best thing ever. Howard said she loved it. She said it was really quick and it might have been the fastest she’s ever gotten off. Howard asked if she wanted to do it again. Howard said he thinks she broke the Sybian. Howard said the battery burned out.

Howard said Gange looks like he wants to eat her for dinner. Gange said she is hot and he’d like to eat her. Howard asked if they wanted to go to lunch. Gange said he would do that. Gange said he could probably clear some time. BiBi sounded like she was into it. Gange asked if she wanted to be friends. Howard said he bets that what will end up happening. BiBi said she won’t be his friend, she’ll be his fuck buddy.

Howard gave BiBi some plugs for her new movie and the cover of Hustler. He thanked her for being there and had Gange take off his shirt for her. She didn’t seem to mind him being out of shape. Howard went to break a short time later.


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