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Dirty Laundry – The Tawny/Gina Files

WORLD WIDE WEB – Am I the only one who thinks Tawny Roberts and Gina Lynn should just let out all their frustrations with each other in a good ole’ fashion naked mud wrestling competition? I wouldn’t mind being in the middle of that bout either.
Since it’s likely my fantasies won’t come true, Tawny responded to Gina’s response which of course was in response to Tawny’s first outlash. If you haven’t been following along, here’s a timeline of events for you:

Tawny blasted Gina. Read that story here.

Gina lunged back. Read that story here.

Now, Tawny fires back with this letter to


Here’s a response to Gina.

Gina Sucks, part Two

I should have listened to my REAL friends, Devon and others. Everyone warned me of you! Like when Devon told me about you talking shit about girls who were in porn. You remember, you were a little house dancer out in the Hicks. Devon became a real Porn star, when you both danced at the same club. You ran your mouth about how decussating she was, than tried to follow her.

Or I should have learned after CES last year when I let you hang out with me and my real friends all weekend. You remember, you called me crying from the V-Bar because the owner of your past contract company was trying to pick up on you and Eric wanted to fight him. Or was that a lie too? Who knows when it comes from your mouth? You may have just been upset because Pleasure signed Two hotter girls than you. Or you looked at what you were getting paid per film, $5,000 a movie plus 40 store signings free. A Bukkake girl gets more than that!

We had some fun though, remember passing out up in the Foundation room. Don’t worry Eric does, he carried you out. It was all fun, until I got home and you had told everyone I was a Crack-head, and that I sold drugs out of the back of my car. Yes, I truly should have learned after that. After confronting you on that, you said you were joking around on a movie set, and people took it the wrong way.

Hey Gina, we have only hung out at parties and conventions, that is what
people do there, have fun! Actions that are not read off one’s career resume to others. It’s not like when I come visit you at photo shoots, and your falling down drunk. I know alcohol relaxes your face, that’s what you say. And as for your all responsibilities, they’re his kids, not yours. That should have been the end to our relationship, but I gave you another

Then came Rhode Island, the dance week from hell. You remember, you went home crying every night, well two out of three nights anyways, because your husband was yelling at you in front of customers. He yelled at you all week, even tried to yell at me once for selling a movie. How can I have tried to have sex with you when you were crying the entire week, well at least when he was around?

As for the Vegas and Crazy Horse night goes, we tried to go out to a nice
dinner, but you were so upset. You wanted to sign a contract with a company, but they only wanted you if you went back to your natural Hair color. You said that a certain Contract Girl was the reason they wanted you to die your hair. You told me that you were so mad at her, because it was her idea, and that she was only insecure, that she felt threatened of you. (Now who is the one on drugs, she is only the biggest and hottest star ever, insecure and threatened of you???)

So later we were supposed to go to a club, but your phone rang. I
went with you to Crazy Horse reluctantly. Two hours at dinner of listing to you both bitch about this person and now you wanted to hang out with her. I went only to say hi to Jenna, had a drink, and left to meet other friends. How did that conversation with her go anyways, did you tell her all the things you wanted to???

As for the escorting, this is what you’ve been running your mouth about for the past month. If I was, and I had told you, a “friend” who actually does escort (check the boards from a few years back, I know you won’t because of the bad reviews) why run your mouth? But since I’m not, and your running your mouth anyways, I decided to talk to Wayne at

And thanks for the advice on having a baby, since I’m only 23 and just starting my career, in four or five years when I’m retired and ready, I’ll give you a call. You’ll be what? 40 years old, and by the looks of you career so far, I’ll find you at Al’s Cabaret in Penn.

Well Wayne, at least Gina had the guts to admit that she’s been telling lies.






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