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Do It Yourself HIV Test

Porn Valley- Confusion or clarification? Greg Robinson and Mike Warner from USA BioMed were on The Wanker Show, this week. According to Robinson & Warner, what they have is a self-adminstered test for HIV Zero, 1 & 2.

“It’s the same test that they use in laboratories in hospitals throughout the world, they said. “You get your results in about three minutes. It also detects it in dormancy.” They stressed that it was for HIV-only and had no applicability to STDs.

“On the set obviously they have to have a PCR-DNA test because they have paperwork. “We don’t want to replace that; we’re trying to assist that,” Robinson said. “The best thing to us is the frequency and how often you do it. Obviously the sooner you can catch someone who’s positive, the better off you are. Fewer people are going to get infected. The economical value of this, the PCR-DNA test runs $100 to $110?. They do it every 30 days. In that time, obviously, you can come up with HIV positive prior to taking it the next time.”

“When you go out and meet someone and you decide that you want to be together, you can grab a kit- it fits right in your shirt pocket and you go take the test with her and three minutes later you got your results,” Warner said. The comment however seemed at odds with a statement Robinson made just before that claiming that the test detects within three to four weeks.

Wankus said he’s definitely concerned about HIV but is concerned as well about the “little diseases.” Wankus asked is there a reason why the test doesn’t pick up the STDs. Robinson said it wasn’t designed for those. “The thing is you can get rid of those. Those are curable. This isn’t.” Robinson, also making the bar analogy, said the test was so convenient that you could take the test then and there. “But we’re not saying don’t use a condom, either.”

Again, Robinson said the results were three minutes. Wankus said he’d take the test on the spot but joked that he wasn’t going to take anything in his ass. Robinson claims that the test is 99.8% accurate on specificity and 100% accurate on sensitivity. “What that means,” said Robinson, “is the specificity refers to being positive; the sensitivity is being negative. If you come up with a negative result, that’s 100% accurate. They ran this test against Western Blot, ELISA and some other tests. They ran some 6,000 tests and came up with three false positives.”

According to Robinson, included in the kit is a cassette, an alcohol swab to clean the spot which you’ll use for a lancet. “The lancet is automatic; you depress it. It’s used one time. The needle retracts. It can’t be used again so there’s no chance of infecting anything else,” Robinson explained, noting that the cassette gives you the results. “The little sample well’s where you put a drop of blood [via a finger prick] and three drops of a solution that’s included.” Wankus obliged with self- demonstration. Wankus’ immediate results were that he was negative but Warner joked about him being pregnant. As if it needed to be stressed, Warner said they’d like people to take the test before they have sex, not afterwards.

Wankus said it would also be nice if they could come up with some testing device for all the other STDs. According to Robinson, Annie Body, for instance, said she wouldn’t use the test because of a puncture to the skin. Wankus said he didn’t get the reasoning because needles are used in the process. Warner noted you could do it virtually on any part of your body where you can draw blood. “It doesn’t have to be part that you use during sex.”

With possible reference to Tony Sexton, Wankus joked about some “asshole” male talent could sample from their bloody noses.

Warner said the test sells for $19.95 on the Internet. It’s good for one time. Robinson pointed out that there has been one HIV test kit so far that’s been FDA-approved for home use. “What’s crazy to me, is, you take a sample of the blood put it in the mail and mail it to them and you get your results back in the mail; or you can call them. Three days is the fastest they can get your results. But they’re going to charge you $50 to $60. To me how they figure that’s safe with any number of people coming in contact with that. We’ve checked with labs and the HIV virus in best conditions can possible stay active for about a week. The way we lokk at this, even if you threw the thing away in the trash, you would have to pick the thing up, stick it in your mouth, chew on it and have a bleeding gum or something in order for you to get the remotest possibility of getting a virus.”

Warner said he’d like to see their test used in conjunction with current HIV testing in the industry. “You can’t replace the piece of paper results from the PCR-DNA test,” Robinson conceded. “We don’t want to do that.” But Warner also pointed out that blood sent to a lab runs the possibility of risks. “You have a lab tech sitting with 40, 50, 100 blood samples he’s running tests on. Who’s to say he doesn’t screw up and put the wrong results.”

Wankus noted that he heard “there’s between 5 to 15 fuck ups a month like that in the adult industry.” Robinson knew of an instance where a woman, 70, went to have a blood test done and came back positive. “She flipped out; she hadn’t had sex in over 20 years.”

Warner, citing statistics, said that about 50% of people who get tested at hospitals and clinics do not go back for their results. “The reason being they’re nervous or scared to find out.”

Warner said, what a lot of people don’t know, is, that when you go to a lab or doctor and test positive, you’re put on a national registry. “A data base that anyone can access. You’re screwed for insurance.”

Warner said you can go to for more information and to purchase the test.



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