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Does Paris’ Mom Take it in the Ass?- final

New York- Howard Stern had Paris Hilton’s mom Kathy on the phone Tuesday. He asked her if she ever took it in the ass. Hilton was promoting a new TV show airing tonight I Want to Be a Hilton. Stern heard that Hilton was mad at him because he was making fun of the Paris Hilton sex tape. Hilton agreed that everyone was jumping on the bandwagon. Stern said he thought Paris was pretty hot. Robin Quivers imagined that Kathy Hilton didn’t want to hear those kinds of comments about her daughter. Hilton said she was right.

Stern asked what are you going to do in that kind of situation. “She looks good- she has some good technique.” Stern, as you would suspect, began criticizing the show. Hilton thought the show will be deliriously funny. Stern said the flaw is that Paris isn’t exactly the ideal kid. “She’s got a ton of dough. The reason the public is fascinated is that she spends a lot of time doing nothing. Just going to parties and being a socialite. And the porno tape. Why would I want to be trained by Kathy Hilton if Kathy trained Paris?”

Hilton told Stern he held those opinions because Paris has never been on his show. That being said, Stern thought Paris was hot as hell. Hilton said the porno tape was an unfortunate thing. “I don’t call it a porno tape. I consider that a sex tape that should have been private between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. And it’s an unfortunate thing. In reality Paris is a business woman and she’s been working really, really, really hard.” Hilton said Paris had a perfume, a jewelry company, a couple of movies coming out and did The Simple Life for three years. “She’s got so many projects. She’s on an airplane and works harder than most people that I know.” Hilton said Paris’ party life was years ago.

Hilton was asked her opinion about Rick Salomon. Stern called him a scuzzball. “That was a low blow.” According to Hilton, her thing is if you don’t have anything nice to say you don’t say anything. Stern said he told Salomon when he was on his show that if a chick is nice enough to have sex with you- and, by the way, Paris was giving him some great sex- what the hell are you selling a videotape of her for? Are you that desperate? He did not answer. That’s not cool.” Quivers said Salomon was an unfortunate choice for a partner. Asked if she watched the tape, Hilton said she could never do that. “No way. That would be too weird.” Stern suggested that if Hilton wanted to be successful, that Paris went to the upper regions of fame after her sex tape, Hilton should do one as well. “You’re a good looking woman.” Stern said he had seen some younger pictures of Hilton and thought that she was smokin’.

Stern said her husband should do her and they’d put out a tape. Stern wanted to know how much Paris was worth, noting that her fiance was from a multi-billionaire family. Stern heard that Paris’ trust fund was $30 million. All Hilton would say is that Paris is very comfortable. Asked if she thought the marriage would last, Hilton said she hoped so that she herself got married at 19. Stern told her she was different, however, that she came up the hard way. “She wasn’t born rich.” But when Hilton began dispensing her resume, Stern had to swallow his words. Hilton’s father as he president of what would have been a K Mart, as well as being a real estate developer. Stern thought she was something akin to a migrant farm worker. Hilton grew up in Bel Air. “I had a nice life, honey.” Stern thought her father was a sharecropper. “I must have had it wrong.”

Stern also pointed to another flaw in the show in that Nicky Hilton ran off and got married in what turned out to be a fiasco. Asked if she knew about it, Kathy Hilton didn’t know what to say. “You never know but you have to be supportive.” Hilton said she wasn’t going to get involved in the Paris-Paris nuptials.

Stern said he heard a story that Nicole Ritchie had some friends over a party and showed the Paris porn tape. “And Paris caught wind of it and said that’s it.” Kathy Hilton wouldn’t comment on that story. “They are kids and they’ll work it out. People do things to you, to me, that we don’t like. You take the high road.” Trying to pour fuel on the fire, Stern said he didn’t think it was a nice thing to do that they started competing. “She owes Paris an apology.” Stern’s of the opinion that Paris Hilton has a kick ass body and if he had met her before his current girlfriend, she’d be marrying him. “I’d marry a Hilton- for the money.” Asked what her husband does, Hilton said he’s very involved with commercial real estate and has a business in Beverly Hills. But Stern dismissed that as his place to go and kill time that he didn’t need that business. Stern asked if Rick Hilton was the first guy she ever did. “You had sex with other guys before him? Be honest.” Kathy Hilton kept dodging the question, however. Stern then asked why is she doing a reality show. Hilton answered why not.

“I think you wan to be well known,” Stern told her. “Why do you need the aggravation? You’re rich and no one bugs you.” Stern kept assuming that Hilton had a couple of men before her husband. “Did you ever do another girl? Did you ever have desires. Have you ever been to a strip club?” Hilton said never in her life. Stern then asked if she ever did a black guy. “I met my husband when I was 15,” Hilton said. Stern was sorry to hear that and assumed the most a man got from Hilton was feeling her up. “How old was the dude you did when you were 15?” Hilton said she couldn’t tell him and that she didn’t have sex with another guy. Stern said Hilton was making it sound like she had other men and was probably a swinger.

“What’s the craziest thing you got to do?” Hilton said she’s never done anything crazy. Stern asked id she’s ever smoked a joint or taken Ecstasy. “I’m a lady- I’m a mother,” she replied. “I’m a good girl.” Asked if she’s ever tried anything crazy, sexually, Hilton said she keeps that info in her room. “Have you tried third input?” Stern asked Hilton and had to explain what he meant. Hilton never heard of the term but said she hasn’t done anal.

“But I’m a lot of fun- let’s put it that way.”


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