Does Shy Love have HEP C? She also changed her name to Sheelagh Liberboim

Shy Love

The current rumor is that Shy Love is only doing scenes out of the country because they don’t have established testing protocols and as a results he can get away being HEPATITIS C positive and still perform.

Those close to her are saying she is shitting blood, which as you know is a common HEP C symptom. You will notice she has also locked down her test results so that nobody can see the truth.


The only time people lock down their test is when they have something to hide. Camera Bay locked her test down during the HIV scare. Several tests were locked down during the Mr. Marcus syphilis scare. If you have nothing to hide, you don’t need to lock it down.

 You might also notice that she no longer uses the name Sheelagh Blumberg. After all of these years of marriage to Roy Liberboim, she has finally started using his last name. Could it be the tax issues are finally catching up with her?



  1. funny cause she just recently shot in America hmmm this puts a dent into all your story’s about her, you aren’t credible sorry to say you just a hater.

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