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Don Lemmon Hosted Show at KSEX

Porn Valley- Wankus addressed the Don Lemmon issue on his KSEX show Monday night. Lemmon is the husband of Asia Carrera and is reported to have been killed in an auto crash.

“I guess it’s confirmed according to avncom,” said Wankus. [Nothing has been mentioned in the Las Vegas newspapers so far.] “But I read it on adulfyi earlier that Asia Carrera’s husband, Don Lemmon, former KSEX radio host, died in a car accident over the weekend.

“I hope that this is some horrible joke,” Wankus continued. “Because the guy is phenomenal. The guy is a great guy. The only thing I’m thinking why this might not be a joke is Don is very Internet-friendly. He’s always involved in stuff online. If he saw that shit going around he’d be, ‘Hey, wait a second, fellas. That’s not true.’ Asia put out this whole notice: yes it’s true I lost my honey. Then she says I have no life insurance, no health insurance, no this, no that. I need donations.

“Right away the first thing. A lot of people are saying that’s so insensitive. It could be, or she’s just grieving or freaking out and doesn’t know what to do. He might have ran the household. I don’t know. I don’t know what their lifestyle was like. Maybe she didn’t have to worry about a thing because he took care of everything and now all of a sudden she’s realizing she doesn’t know what to do. All I know is if it’s true, that fuckin’ sucks and I wish Asia the best. They lost a good guy. This guy was a good guy. A really nice guy. Any old KSEX listeners will remember him. He had a great show every Wednesday. It was like a fitness meets sex kind of show. He was very into eating right and all that of shit. He was on with Brenda Kelly a lot. She’s a well known mainstream female bodybuilder.”


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