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Donna Doll Visits KSEX

Porn Valley- Nikki Benz had Brazilian bombshell Donna Doll, as a guest on her KSEX show last week. Batman, Benz’ co-host, heard the story of how Benz met Doll in Vegas during the recent Exotic Dancers Expo.

“You took care of her because she was all lonely and I was too drunk to do anything,” Batman said to Doll.. Doll said she recognized Benz because Nikki looks just like her picture.

“I’m not really used to that,” Doll said. Benz agreed that a lot of girls don’t look like their pictures. Doll who, like, Benz, was competing for Performer of the Year said she felt a little bit alone as well and thought Benz was so sweet. Benz admitted she was too shy to first make acquaintance. Batman said he heard that there was a fist fight right before the awards show that night. Benz said everyone was freaking out to begin with and two girls were going at it.

“We didn’t need this on top of all the stress we were going through,” Benz added. Doll said both dancers were in each other’s face calling one another names and weren’t ladylike. Doll guessed at how the story went down.

“One of the girls dated a guy that dated the other one,” thought Doll. Batman wondered who the girls were. Benz believed one of the girls was Tanya Taylor. The other was Taya Parker.

“They really are nice girls,” said Benz. “I think they were really stressed out and their nerves were going. It was more like a screaming match.”

Taylor, it was noted, was the overall winner. Benz, however, was of the opinion that Doll would win next year.With her accent, Doll explained that she was from Sao Paulo and spoke Portuguese. Doll said she’s been shooting films for over a year and a half.

“I thought for awhile just being a showgirl would be good enough,” said Doll. “But guys don’t want to see showgirls. It doesn’t matter how great of a show you have or beautiful costumes; guys don’t really care. You could be like those Russian ballerinas- they don’t care. You can do back flips- it doesn’t matter for them.”

Doll noted that at the Exotic Entertainer Show there was a lot of people from the industry.

“It was awkward because they’re not like the fans you meet on the road,” she said. “They’re just sitting there judging you and you know they’re judging you.” The crowd, according to Doll, consisted mostly of club owners, agents and other entertainers. Benz said Doll had on some of the most amazing, elaborate outfits she had ever seen. On the other hand, Benz said she’s known girls from the porn business who’ll perform on stage wearing only bikinis.

“That’s their outfit.”

Doll complimented Benz on the mafia-gangster-style outfit she wore. Doll’s outfit weighed 17 pounds and Batman noted that Doll acquired a bruise on her shoulder from wearing it. Batman noted that without porn credits it’s hard for a dancer to make her money back from such investments.

“Donna started out as a pure showgirl and rose to the top very quickly,” Batman explained. “She won most of the awards she was out for in her first couple of years. Until she started doing the porn, that’s when things started kicking in and clicking for her.” Doll also credited her husband for what success she’s had as a dancer.

“Tod does put on an elaborate show behind the whole show with clubs that will let them with the pyrotechnics, the props, the lights,” Batman acknowledged. “Most strip clubs will have their stage lighting for the regular girls that dance there all the time. They will come in and double that just for their one show. It’s amazing. And that’s probably why she’s been winning these awards the whole time.”

Benz felt Doll’s deserved what success she’s achieved.

Recalling the events after the award’s show, Doll said neither she nor Benz drank although Benz said they stayed up until 5 in the morning.

“I don’t drink like I used to,” said Benz. “But I had a few drinks. We needed that. We were so stressed out.” Benz swore she would never do a show like that again. Doll recalled how after the show they went back to the hotel with one of the club owners who was all drunk or high.

“He started fighting with the cab driver- that was funny,” Doll said. “He was drunk and sitting in the front seat with the driver. We’re all in the back seat and he’s saying the cab driver ripped us off by going around an extra block.” Doll said she knew the club owner and he’s a nice guy when he’s sober.

“But I don’t think he remembers that whole situation.”

Benz said the owner was high and out of his mind.

“He wouldn’t open the door for us,” she recalled. “And we offered him to share a cab with us. We were nice enough to offer him a ride back to the hotel and he wouldn’t even open the door for us.” Batman noted that this is the one event each year where everyone in the club business gets to see one another.

“They drink a little too much, get a little too toasty and stupid.”

Benz again swore that she wasn’t going back next year.

“It’s not for me,” she said. “It’s too stressful. I just don’t want to deal with that.” Even if she was nominated for Performer of the Year, Benz said she would turn it down. Overall, Benz said the club owners are very nice to her, but the one owner- Jay- she spoke of in Iowa ripped her agent off and she didn’t like it.

Batman thought it would be an awesome scene if Benz and Doll paired together. Benz said she was repped by LA Direct.

“Derek loves me,” she said. Batman asked Benz if she’s seen the “folder” Derek makes for the girls. Benz acted like she didn’t know what he was talking about.

“You better ask to see the folder- that’s where they keep all the little things,” Batman told her. From the way he was talking Benz got the impression that Batman and Derek don’t get along.

“We had trouble a long, long time ago but that’s all over,” Batman explained. “I booked one of his girls on the show without telling him. I love him and he’s very good friends with KSEX so I’m sure everything will be okay, eventually.”

For her part, Doll can now be booked with Gold Star Modeling.

“They do such a great job and I’ve been so busy,” she said. “I’m loving it.” Batman noted that Gold Star, run by Joel Lawrence, is working really hard to be among the top agencies.

“I know they’re getting a lot of beautiful girls.”

Doll mentioned that she doesn’t do d.p.’s.

“And I don’t do the puking,” she added. “Or the peeing.”


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