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Echo Valley Dies in a Car Accident

Tegan Summers is the Video Babe of the Day

SAN ANTONIO — According to adult performer Echo Valley died on May 21 in car crash in San Antonio, Texas.

According to a Fox News-San Antonio report, the accident happened on highway US-83 near Leakey, Texas, where she was rear-ended by a pickup truck while making a turn. The performer whose legal name was Cynthia Gillig-Stone was ejected from her car and was pronounced dead at the scene. She was 56.

A state trooper says she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt. According to reports, her roommate John Lopez says Gillig-Stone had problems with seatbelts because of her size 65NN breasts and that she would only wear a lap belt while driving.

The South Carolina native had performed in more than 20 films during the past decade in addition to making numerous appearances in men’s sophisticate magazines. She also was an occasional talk show guest on programs such as “The Jerry Springer Show,” “The Maury Show,” “Jenny Jones” and “The Howard Stern Show.”

In 2008, the starlet had a cameo in the Hollywood film “Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.”

Another passenger in the car remained in the hospital, according to reports.

From the AdultFYI files, March,2007 – Spokane, Washington- I’m talking to Echo Valley in her office and I’m surprised that she’s in a room long enough to have a phone conversation. The woman is constantly on the road. And the last time she was in Texas, Echo got Googled. As a result, she landed a movie role in the upcoming Harold & Kumar Go To Amsterdam.

We talked about other things first.

“I run a very efficient office here because I do web design,” Echo tells me.

“I’m not just a naked girl with big tits that dances and does porn movies! I actually have a web site business and a software company. I do a lot of stuff. I wear many hats. I just wake up in the morning and say which one will I wear today?”

“I’m impressed,” I tell her. “But that don’t count. I’m easily impressed.”

“Actually when I got to the movie set they were, like, oh my God,” Echo continues. “She’s not just a blond that has the look we wanted. She can act. It was really cool. They made my scene bigger and I got more lines. It was incredible. I was there for three days.”

Echo thinks the most incredible part of the story is that she landed her part [and got discovered] through Google.

“I was in Odessa, Texas dancing and my advetisements are all over the place. They were looking for a particular look for this movie. They auditioned tons of girls and none of them had the look they wanted.”

“What were they googling that they came up with you?” I asked her. “Girl with big tits? What was the word search?”

“Big busted blond- Texas from what I’ve heard,” Echo replies. “I was dancing in Texas so obviously all my internet press releases came up quick. The guy just followed it to my website, looked at the pictures and that’s the look, that’s the girl we want,” she said.

The producers contacted Echo by e-mail and she thought it was all bullshit.

“I have to take these things with a grain of salt,” she says. “All this stuff. So I blew it off when I got the e-mail. Here’s another one of those stories. Then they e-mailed me again and sent me their credentials. Oh, wow. These people are real. I did e-mail them back. But unfortunately I was leaving Texas that day. The film was being shot in Shreveport. They wanted me to cast in Shreveport and the thinking was Dallas to Shreveport is like two and a half hours. If you drive. But by the time I got the reply back and talked to the person I was already in Miami.”

Echo called them back and was told they wanted her to read for the part. They sent her a script and she made arrangements to fly to Shreveport.
She did two readings with a male actor and was told she was perfect, that she had “the attitude” down. Echo was hired after being there 40 minutes at the most.

“It was really cool and they were a great company to work with,” she states. “I flew back to Shreveport to do the movie a couple of weeks ago. This whole movie- none of it is being done in LA or a studio. It’s all on location. I was there about four days and got the part done. The first day on the set I was told you can handle this pretty well, you’ll get more to do. So I ended up shooting three days. It was great. I got a major role, a very, very good part. I was honored. They interviewed me for the trailer, took pictures of me for the boxcover and it looked great. The cast was great and all the bloopers you see really do happen.

“At one point they had me running down a hallway,” she continues. “And I am not topless or nude.”

Now this is a very startling development all things considered.

“I’m serious,” she laughs. “This is a serious acting role. I’m in a bikini. So I’m running down the hallway and Kumar is waiting in a doorway for me to go by him. I’m running and my bra breaks loose. My tits fall out. Kumar about has a heart attack, he started laughing so hard. And Neil Patrick Harris comes running out with a shirt to cover me up bcause he’s a afraid, oh my God, she’s exposed. And I’m just laughing at the whole thing. It was hysterical.

“Neil started covering me up and I go, “I’m a stripper. I’m naked most of my life. It’s okay! But he was more embarrassed than I was. But things like that do happen. Most of my scene was shot with Neil and Beverly D’Angelo who plays Sally in the movie. I play Tits Hemingway. That’s my name.” beyond that she can’t say too much more about her character at this point.

“This movie tops the first one 100%,” Echo believes. “They put a whole lot more money into production. It’s a much, much better movie.”

The film’s scheduled to come out either the fall of 2007 or winter of 2008.

“They’d like to have it out by the first of the year,” Echo says.


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