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Elizabeth Starr: The Other Tommy Gunn is a Bigamist; He’s Now Kasey Storm’s Problem

Here’s the back story:

Elizabeth Starr writes: YES, discovered T. Gunn is bigamist & is ‘Illegally’ married to me.

Has NO claim to Starr Productions (which I owned 5 yrs prior to knowing him). Has NO claim for ElizabethStarrX intellectual property, which he asked half of UNTIL ‘bigamy’ was researched.

I agreed to returning MORE of T. Gunn’s ‘personal property’ than he asked for in court “EXCEPT” what Starr Productions purchased (for him, for a future biker movie); with it’s company credit card.

Both lawyers agreed to scheduling a “fair” date to return his ‘other’ personal property to him. Without notifying lawyers, Tom showed up yesterday unannounced forcing me to act and “schedule” a date BEFORE my fathers death instead of after. NOW, I cannot afford to travel to be by my fathers side until after this Saturday.

My father can no longer speak, eat or drink and will PASS AWAY and I “WILL NEVER SEE HIM BEFORE HE DIES”. I am ONLY sharing this with the world and my caring fans BECAUSE someone who read Tommy Gunn’s Twitter stated his said I was “A dark and evil soul”.

I NEVER wanted to keep any personal effects of his. I ONLY wanted to PROTECT my 400+ movie masters and business items which are stored at my residence.

The day after Tom fled my home I delivered, to his friend (at his request) his heart medication (which is a cholesterol pill), all of his toiletries, clothes, shoes, laptop, video camera, person paperwork, jewelry, suitcase, leather pants & vest, pajamas and underwear, his girlfriend’s jean jacket, 4 pairs of jeans, multiple shirts AND a Framed photo of him with his MOTHER, who passed away about 9 years ago.

“I am such an EVIL dark soul”, I SUPPOSE I deserve to rot in hell. However, NOW I am protected and no longer ISOLATED, manipulated and abused. After my legal issues are resolved & Starr Productions is ‘SECURED” & protected, I “WILL” be back in “The Industry” shooting movies with a “Positive Vengeance”, with my OWN company & others.

In addition, I would like to “APOLOGIZE’ to The “OTHER” Tommy Gunn who I was manipulated into thinking he was ‘Bad” and stole The Original Tommy Gunn’s name. I had an argument with him regarding TommyGunnX.

I am VERY sorry, and if a mutal fan or friend could inform him that I was WRONG to do that and have NO ill feelings twards him and would like to work with him in the future, should he be interested. or his Twitter: @tommygunnxxx .

At this time I would ALSO like to set the record straight regarding TommyGunnX and his ‘Other legal wife’, Porn Star, Tia Gunn.

ALL statements and slander made against her the last 7 years by my ex, Mr. Gunn to which he told the industry and friends were FALSE. Neither her or I are crazy, we were both abused and suffering from “believing” we could fix a ‘broken birds wings”.

Tia Gunn & I have made amends and are NOW friends. Tommy left another porn star, Nadine for Tia, Tom fled Tia for me and Now fled me for Kasey Storm. It’s not a matter of love or lust. It’s documented and true. I wish everyone well and NOW I am free of the baggage of a serial habit. Have a wonderful, beautiful week to all. Thank you for those who have supported me in my time of transition.


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