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Eon McKai: Mr. Attitude?

> Jim Jaded posts on about the Eon McKai/VCA parting of the ways: it absolutely wasnt his choice. He thought he was mr bigtime director like every single one of these hack cameramen who thing they are steven fucking spielberg reinventing the wheel.

He gave LFP attitude, played hardball and they told him to go fuck himself,and Kudos to LFP for it.

because there IS no alt porn movement. noone is making art. and noone cares.

Every degenerate that gets his rocks of to any of this crap is just biding time before his next sandwich,and too lazy to put up with some whores blah blah blah all night before he gets the pussy. Noone cares if its art,or new or cool. They just want to jack off and goto sleep.

> Mr. Woland posts on XPT about the Manuel Ferrara move to EA: Am I the only one a little scared about EA´s prospects? Satgliano makes few if any movies anymore, John Leslie is uninteresting since a while back, Nacho is getting more gay by the minute, Rocco retired from performing (and directing was never his strong side), JJ gone, Belladonna getting old and lesbian and Justin Slayer does nothing for me (anyone thinking interracial in it self being interesting needs to grow the fuck up.

Which leaves them with just C Clark (a little uneven), Silvera (a little to much trannies) and Darkko (a little to much lesbians), whom all three makes quality porn, but are they enough to carry the brand forward?

Everhard and Ferrara are adequate gonzo directors, but noone can call them inventive or interesting, both are just grinding out title after title of the same degradation/annoying male performers/uninspired ass fucking/mechanical pounding/poorly lit/using the same couch/run of the mill porn.

I must say Im a little worried, not suprised tho, Im sure from a short term business perspective both Everhard and Ferrara are sure to make flicks that sells decently, but that doesnt make them good…

> Posted on XPT by way of ADT by way of Willie D: Mike Jeff is a good friend of mine but he’s also one dumb asshole. The sinister level to which he attempted to weasel his way back onto the boards makes me rue the state of humanity. That being said …

I believe it’s a complete disservice to this board [ADT] when a major porn producer like Mike Jeff is banned because of alleged improprieties of political correctness. We’re talking about a guy who got nailed with 20 cops around his house by Vice. Refused to cop a plea to obscenity. Backed up his words (and money) with actions. And finally (and proudly) copped to a misdeameanor for being a ‘public nuisance).

We’re not talking some idiot like Bryan Sullivan or that whole clan of jibberish spewing morons.

AdultDVDTalk should be a forum by which all opinions, legit or illegit depending on perceptions, can be shared, thought out, debated, and reconstructed. The mere fact a smut peddler like Mike Jeff cannot be allowed to voice his opinions is a travesty.

Now on to the original topic. Here’s what a whore is and its relation to the adult business.

A whore is any girl who fucks for money.

I would say 90% of the girls in the industry hate what they do and fuck only for money.

I would also say that 99% of the girls in the industry hate getting assfucked but do it only for the money.

I would also say that 99% of the girls in the industry have serious issues such as but not limited to previous bouts with rape, incest, molestation, drug abuse, pimp boyfriends, etc.

Most have an IQ of room temperature. Most do not have automobiles. Most do not have bank accounts. Most do not and cannot acquire a credit card. Most squander all their porn earnings almost immediately. Most will end up penniless and return to the business because their job skills relegate them to a lifelong search for a drug dealing sugardaddy or public assistance. Most have complete lack of self-esteem. These are societal problems and cannot be blamed on an adult industry which neither cares or should care.

The fact that I could call a new porn girl a ‘fucking whore’ and, when I explain myself, they shower me with hugs as I tell them that they should suck as much dick as possible to get ahead tells you alot. Yes, I coach these girls too on how to be the best whore they can be. It’s more of a longetivity and monetary issue as opposed to a derogatory one.

Here’s an interesting story. I usually have whores running rampant around my abode. When a friend asks me how he can get blown by these whores, I tell them to go up next to them and pull out their peckers. It’s the easiest way. Why? These girls are conditioned to suck dick. When there’s a dick in front of them, they look like a deer caught in the headlights and don’t know what to do. It’s instinct for them to suck it until it coats the back of their throats with nut butter.

Now tell me this. Do you think the girls in the industry love what they do? Nearly every scene ends in a facial. Can you really fathom how truly degrading this act really is? Can you really fathom how truly degrading it is to suck off 5 complete strangers and gulp down their ball snot and have to pretend they loved every minute of it? Can you really fathom how truly degrading it is to suck on a dick that’s been pulled out of your own asshole which smells like complete shit? They do it for the money and that’s what makes them whores.


I think alot of you forget after watching so many DVDs exactly what the reality is. You fall into a trap of fantasy land thinking these girls love what they do. If there was no paycheck involved, the female talent pool would drop to nothing. They don’t do it for the sheer love of it. They get drilled in the asshole, they take a mugfull of cum, they fuck complete strangers, because of one reason only. THEY ARE WHORES.

Get out of fantasyland and really think about it.

> Ryan Knox posts on ADT: I was officialy banned from XXXPorntalk last nite[Monday night] for posting a comma.

Tony Malice, owner of failed company Skin Tight Pictures, and Jeff Steward, custodian of all of Jim Power’s titles (and the guy that made Ashley Blue a contract girl) both seem to have it out really bad for me.

I offered to set up a XXXPT boxing match in where I would knock Malice around a little but he avoided the idea all together. On the main page of XXXPT it sais that all discussions are welcomed. I had a conversation with Brandon Iron about why he was banned and he told me that he had posted the fact that JM Productions actually uses fake cum at some of the Bukakes. He told me they had poured Pina Collada mix into a beer bong to simulate a girl actually drinking a lot of cum. It makes me wonder if they do this at every Bukake. He told me that Jeff Steward would make a lot of rude posts towards Brandon but came up to Brandon at the convention and totaly kissed his ass! The guy did the same thing to me at the convention.

My point is that XXXPT treats a lot of posters unfairly. If I can get banned for posting a comma and Brandon can get banned for exposing the fact that they stage a lot of fake cum at the Bukakes, who knows what they’ve banned other people for or will in the future. XXXPorntalk is completely bogus.

> Tony Malice responds: There’s only 2 parts of this rant by Ryan which I care to issue a response to. If you consider a porn company as ‘failed’ when when the they move on to a bigger and richer production deal, then yes, Grip Johnson and I have failed miserably.

As far as banning him for posting a comma, well yeah, that is what happened. He was basically spamming our board with meaningless posts. I have seen it a dozen times before. It is the last phase of a poster’s meltdown, they no longer can defend themselves any more and resort to posting gibberish.

I have actually personally refrained from bashing Ryan as much as some of our other posters, and sent him a warning yesterday to just chill out and people would lay off of him. Of course he didn’t listen.

Ryan is probably the limpest dicked male performer in the business and everyone who has ever shot him knows it. He has already resorted to being the bottom in fem-dom strap-on movies for Christ’s sake. If he didn’t want to get mercilessly bashed on the Internet, he should have thought about that before he agree to be repeatedly sodomized on film. That was his own choice and has nothing to do with me,, or Jeff Steward.

Maybe Ryan and Brandon can move to Brokeback Mountain together.

> Ryan Knox responds: Nevermind the fact that Tony Malice can’t keep his s— talking on one forum but he feels he needs to reach out to every medium to try and sabotage me. Though his say has no real importance or credibility to anyone in this industry, I still feel as though he is a dangerous person. Not only to me but to himself and those around him. He has been very rude and disrespectful to me. My only hope is that someone doesn’t take the insults he dishes out too much to heart. He may find himself in a situation that he cannot handle.


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