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Erotic Exotic Expo Recapped

> Cactusb posts on ADT: So my friend and I attended the EEE on Saturday (as fans since we were unable to get ANY information from ANYONE involved with the EEE on getting in as trade).

We arrived at 11:30 am and they allowed us to pay the $20 and get a Tweetie Bird stamp on our hand. We then headed outside (for no real reason) and a makeshift line was forming. There were maybe 20 people on line (one bragging about all his MySpace friends, ugh) when 12 noon arrived.

A photographer asked us all to get together in front of the sign so “it looked like a big crowd in his picture”. Most of us were to busy laughing to “get together”.

Around 12:30 (now maybe 30 people on line) someone (I presume from the EEE) came out and gave us some strange story about unexpected traffic and many of the stars being stuck in it, thus we would be allowed in shortly. Upon a few of the 30 people saying at least let us into the air conditioning he said “shortly”.

I found the unexpected traffic comment to be hilarious because anyone who has ever been to the west side of Manhattan, no matter what day or time, knows how the traffic is over there. Traffic aside, making the paying fans wait outside and not inside where they could possibly be spending many on vendors, makes no sense to me. Unless all the vendors were stuck in traffic too (which is weird since “trade hours” started at 10 am)

Finally, around 12:40 we are allowed in. As we are showing the girl at the entrance our Tweety stamp, some guy starts screaming “STOP!” and going nuts. “They don’t have tickets, don’t let them in!”. No sir, we all belong to a strange fraternity that wears purple Tweety stamps on our hands as a ritual of unification. What the hell do you think they are for? Did you not have some kind of method on Friday, the first day of the Expo?

I guess the mass flooding of advertising (sarcasm) paid off as throughout the day (and we were there until 3:45pm) there were maybe 200 fans tops (and I’m being generous with that number).

According to several of the girls, Fridays crowd was worse. Maybe in the future EEE should rely less on satellite radio (which believe it or not, everyone does not have) a little more on stations other than just 92.3FM (which is actually where most people at least heard about the show) and a little more on actual ads in newspapers that are read or at least PLASTER the city with billboards not just a few on one corner. (BTW I did FINALLY see FOUR posters about the Ball on the corner of 51st and 10th. Four posters is all I saw and I’m in Manhattan constantly).

On to the girls…

The Genesis booth was packed by 2pm. While they may not be able to make a Top 100 list that I like, they were able to bring in a great collection of people and everyone at the booth was great.

Carmen Luvana – Oy Papi! Gorgeous and a sweetheart. She actually said she expected to see us on Friday. Bonus points as she at least remembers who the hell I am. Did I mention Oy Papi?

Cousin Stevie – A fellow CW Post alumni told me of how he was almost expelled but was able to get out of it. Also, if you are a fan of Family Business email and write to Shotime and tell them you want to see another season because, as of now, they have been told nothing.

Flower – as awesome as ever.

Rebecca Love – looking better than ever (to the point that we didn’t even recognize her at first).

Sunny Lane – OMG. How friggin adorable is she? Quickly moving up the ranks of my faves.

Kirsten Sky – I think I scared her my 2nd time through line (to get some of the girls who came later). Sorry Kirsten, I was just giving my thoughts on the Top 100. LOL

Joanna Angel – AWESOME. I had only met Joanna once before, at AEE. She is so cute, down to earth, and has the greatest personality. Definately made a huge jump up my favorites list. Gave us some stickers to put on people, cop cars, or anything else we could stick em on.

Mercedez – Nicer than ever.

Brooke Haven – Very cute. Down to Earth. We’ll see you, and everyone else, in Vegas!!

(I’m sure I missed someone and if so, I apologize).

Never saw Taryn or Tyler (and we didn’t leave until 3:45pm). Kind of a letdown as I would have like to seen them both as well as Wankus. There’s always Vegas NEXT YEAR!! Thanks guys! LOL

Tera was allegedly going to be there at 3. Never saw her either. No big loss. (Just my opinion)

While there was no Tera there was Nautica Thorn and Lacie Heart. Both sweethearts. Both looking as hot as ever.

Violet Blue did arrive around 2:30 at her own booth and, once again, she looked better than I have seen her in years.

No sign of Dennis Hof or his girls (as advertised)

No sign of Sunset Thomas.

No sign of the numerous other girls that were advertised on other sites.

No signs anywhere advertising this Expo.. oh sorry about bringing that up again.

Overall, it was a good time. The girls all seemed happy to be there. Sunny was enjoying her first time in NYC. I enjoyed the fact that all the girls were signing autographs for free and posing for pictures. (of course you were able to buy DVD’s etc. I purchased Joanna’s Angels 2 and was informed by Joanna that there may be some holes in the plot since I have not seen part 1 LOL).

I do hope EEE draws a better crowd at the ball tonight [last saturday] and that they come back again in the future. At least give it one more chance as I am sure that with the proper channels this could be a huge East Coast event (which we are in desperate need of). Hell, I’m more than willing to give my suggestions, input, etc. LOL (I’m sure they just want me to shut up and go away).

I’d love to hear any experiences from anyone else who attended, including those ladies who post here that were signing at the expo (but only if you remember me! LOL)



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