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Even Max Hardcore Drew the Line at Amber Sunset; But He Did Piss in Her Mouth

Porn Valley- Proof that even the ol’ buckaroo Max Hardcore draws a line in the sand comes this story about Amber Sunset.

Let me set the table. Sunset came into the business in 2001 armed with attitude, a bunch of braces and thinking she was the hottest thing on the griddle. Sunset was at Extreme Associates one afternoon, and I attempted to interview her.

Except Sunset asked how much money was involved and apparently didn’t like the answer of nothing, so she walked out.

The following piece is what I wrote when she came into the building a couple of days later with her boyfriend Jack Action. As a preface to this story, make note of the fact that Sunset was also booted out of the first Adultcon – for attitude.

Here’s what I wrote about Sunset, asking Max Hardcore what it was like dealing with her.

“Like the line in Poltergeist, she’s b-a-c-k. Just when you thought it was safe after the World Trade Center tragedy to go back and shoot a video, Extreme Associates experienced the double-whammy Friday afternoon, not only of the Jack Daniels-swilling, butthole shitting Anastasia Sands but the recurring nightmare of Amber Sunset.

“Sunset you’ll recall is the 18 year-old snot nose who came into Extreme last week DEMANDING money for the story of her obviously high-impact existence on this planet. A story which Warner Brothers and other major Hollywood studios are obviously duking it out for the rights to.

“In what can only be attributed to a bureaucratic boondoggle of spectacular proportions, Sunset’s boyfriend Jack Action was somehow booked for a Lizzy Borden shoot. The connection was never made that they were boyfriend and girlfriend and that Amber Sunset would somehow be trailing in his wake, the Robin to his Batman.

“And not only did she trail, Sunset lapped food meant for the plates of the Extreme crew with the ravenous comportment of bats in an underground Chilean cave. And bringing her brand of ‘star’ attitude to bear as Lizzy would discover.

“It wasn’t bad enough that the Anastasia Sands incident had Lizzy’s eyeballs rolling in her head. Between the one-two attitudinal punch of Sunset and Action, Borden was ready for the rubber room. Realizing that the shoot was in serious jeopardy if Action were allowed to continue with his scene, Lizzy asked them to leave. But they wouldn’t, demanding money for a kill fee.

“Lizzy walked away from the two who had barricaded themselves in the ‘green’ room. I asked what was going on. Lizzy shook her blond head and commented about Sunset, ‘She looks like a pig.’

“That I know, I told Lizzy. Tell me something I don’t. Borden said Sunset began going over her laundry list of demands and Lizzy flat out told her to shut up that she was a pig.

“She was talking all this shit that she was too good for this and that,” Lizzy said to me wanting to know what was Sunset’s major problem. I explained that Sunset walked into Extreme looking for work but told us she wasn’t about to give us ‘free content’ for the website.

“Borden wanted to know if Sunset was high when she made those statements. ‘She thinks she’s God’s gift to the porno industry,’ Lizzy said of her brief encounter so far with Sunset who’s been getting turned away left and right by porn companies experiencing exactly the same vibe.

“Veronica Caine then chimed in and said that Sunset was harboring some serious delusions of being a porn star. Caine said Action also wanted to know things like how long his scene would take and would there be a clock within eyeshot. Action later explained that what he mean by the clock comment is he wanted to have some barometer of the amount of time to devote to each position. Not withstanding the fact that such matters are in the hands of the director and cameraman to determine, not he.

“Lizzy excused herself to go back to the negotiating table. Minutes later she returned to say that Action, aware of the serious career suicide that was being committed, wanted to ‘start fresh.’ Lizzy told him the best way to start would be by unloading Sunset who’s an albatross around his neck. Lizzy also explained to Sunset what the deal was about my wanting to do the interview with her.

“‘Well, no one explained that to me,’ was Sunset’s alleged reply.”

[Au Contraire, because when it was explained to her at the Extreme offices last week, it was Sunset who got on the high horse and said she wasn’t giving out free content. Now she’s trying to turn it around by saying Gene Ross gave her attitude- which in fact I did after she made that comment.]

“Sunset, according to Borden, is now trying to put the blame of the whole matter on Jim South by saying South told her to get paid for stills and interviews on top of her regular fee.

“‘People [in the business] are throwing us out left and right,’ Sunset whined to Borden who told her what do she expect.”

“Borden told Sunset it wasn’t like she was being asked to do a Hustler spread.

“‘People need to tell us that,’ Sunset whined some more. Borden told her she needed to take these matters up with Jim South. Borden also told Action that he wasn’t going to make it in the business if he needed to look at a clock. Action said Sunset didn’t mean any disrespect and that they would do what they have to do. Lizzy told them first thing they needed to do was get off her set.”

A couple of days later I spoke to Max Hardcore to discover that he had worked with Sunset, as well, so I kind of busted his balls about it. Max started in by commenting about the above story which he had read on the Internet.

“I loved the story about that little brace-faced slut…” states Max.

“Amber Sunset?”

“I had the pleasure of dealing with her,” he says. “She was two days in the business and I met her over at World Modeling. I thought, God, what an ugly fucking whore. Then she took off her clothes. I thought the best that I can hope to get here is just a teen-themed b.j. with her braces.”

“Fortunately her lunkhead boyfriend [Jack Action] wasn’t anywhere in sight so we had a slight advantage but, again, the negativity crept into it- no throat fuck, no pissing, no slapping, no spanking- so while it was an okay scene I would never consider having her back on the set or darkening my doorway again.”

Asked if she gave him attitude, Max replies, “Oh, she had attitude to spare.”

“Here’s something I can’t understand,” I said. “This is someone who’s literally off the boat and dictating policy to everyone.”

“We have two theories on that,” Max relates. “This is someone who was dropped on her head off her boyfriend’s motorcycle…”

Max never got to his second theory.

Max goes on to say how he met Sunset the second day she was in the business. In a what were you thinking mode, Max brought her straight to his set

“I just brought her straight over,” he recalled. “So there wasn’t much time for her to think. She was saying, it hurts; it’s too tough. Just do a blow job, I figured which is what we were reduced to. But it was a very frustrating situation.”

“Did her braces catch on your ball hair?” I ask Max.

“No,” he replies. “I shave it up a little bit because I like to throat fuck girls and braces are a no; it’s a scene stopper, basically. it’s like unzipping your fly right over your fucking dick which I’ve done on occasion. It never fails to amaze me how girls can come into the business and attempt to dictate how things should be done. I’ve no problem with a girl with limitations. As long as she’s got an open mind and I can make a decision.”

And there was definitely no anal, according to Max.

“I didn’t even fuck her shanky pussy,” he adds.

“I took one look at that. I just throat-fucked her and pissed on her face. Oh yeah. Oh she hated it. Well, the way we do it, I’m well hydrated- I’m drinking all the time so I’ll piss on a girl four or five times during a scene. Upside down, right side up. I’ve mastered the ability to piss with a hard on and that’s the key. That to me is really what makes a good pissing scene/good sex scene.”

“You fuck ass/mouth; ass/throat/; ass/pussy; piss/ass/throat. One of my favorites is pissing into the mouth and then while you’re still pissing you go straight down the throat, pull out and you’re still going [pissing]. That, brother, is impact.”


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