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EVN Still Hasn’t Coughed Up

Porn Valley- This week I got a phone call from Bob at Dane Productions telling me that they have also been burnt by EVN Distributors to the tune of $5,000. EVN gave them post dated checks then put stop payments on them. Bob said they took EVN to court but EVN never showed up.

Last week Stoney Curtis brought attention to the fact that EVN, likewise, had been stopping payments on checks to him. Meanwhile, EVN threatened me for writing about it. Although Ric Williams of Black Widow had a similar story to tell.

Ric Williams sold EVN a $3,500 order UPS COD in early November. According to Williams, EVN stopped payment on the $3,500 check and replaced it with 3 checks post dated to 12/1, 12/11 and 12/21. The checks numbered 26054, 26055, and 26056 are all drawn on First Regional Bank in Century City. Just as the ones Curtis received.

Curtis showed me checks made out to him that EVN put a stop payment on. They range from $987.50 to $1012.50. The checks are also on First Regional Bank, Century City.

Although they had been doing business for six years with no apparent problems, Curtis says things went sour, and that he’s been trying to collect money from EVN who keeps putting a stop payment on a check every time Curtis is assured the check he’s getting is good.

Last Tuesday when the story first broke, I wrote the following: I spoke to Stoney Curtis,, today of Celestial Productions, and Curtis is telling me he’s considering filing a class action suit against EVN.

“EVN has been burning companies,” says Curtis. “EVN has been writing checks to me as well as other companies- basically they got credit from people. They gave me post dated checks and then they put stop payments on the checks. And then when we came down on them to make good on the checks, the guy said no problem, I’ll draft you another check and make good on it blah-blah-blah. He sent another check out, and put a stop payment on that check. And he’s now disconnecting his phone. My brother went over to the office to talk to him. He told him get the fuck out of here, you’re on private property. My brother saw him emptying the place out and that he was packing up.”

Curtis said he’s got copies of the stop payments. According to Curtis, the matter appeared resolved a couple of weeks ago but only resulted in another stop payment. EVN has been in operation at least twenty years and was run by Scott and Jeff Levine. Word on the street is that one of the brothers left the company in a cloud of finger-pointing and that’s the reason for the apparent chaos now.

Nonetheless, Curtis said he’s waiting to hear from Scott Levine before deciding what legal recourse to take.

This is how EVN’s Scott Levine replied to the story: “Gene- it’s been many years since I’ve spoken with you, and I can’t believe that you would open yourself up to a libel suit like this: without contacting me, or without a shred of proof.

You can expect to hear from our attorney regarding this matter.

I thought you were a more responsible person than this.

In addition, you can tell Stoney that EXTORTION is still illegal and he will be hearing from our attorneys as well.”

After all of that was said by Levine, I saw three shreds of proof from Curtis along with communications from two other video companies who apparently have had the same problem Curtis is having. One company states that they have $10,000 in post-dated checks, and are very concerned.

Now after all this this got posted on Adultfyi, Curtis told me he received communication from EVN, that they would fix things and make good on the checks.

EVN contacted Curtis thusly: “Hi Stoney, Let’s talk. Call me.  I will always make good on my debts, even when some of them were caused by embezzlement. EVN has done $50,686.50 with your company since 2004. Of that amount, $2900 or so is still due to you. That hardly constitutes fraud as you claim. Call me at the office at 818-XXX-XXXX Ext. 206 or on my personal cell phone which is 805-XXX-XXXX.

“I will make arrangements to pay you and will issue checks to you tomorrow. Let’s just assume we got off to the wrong foot, and let’s start over with a fresh slate. Looking forward to your call, Scott Levine President, EVN Inc.”

Curtis then tried contacting Levine at the numbers he was given and, guess what? Couldn’t reach him. He then e-mailed Levine the following: “Scott, I tried calling you twice, no answer, no return calls.  My assistant Dan tells me he wrote on Friday in response to your email and you have not responded to this either.  Why did you contact us if you are just going to ignore us when we try to work out a payment.  You really expect us to take a check AGAIN?? Try being honest and tell us what you really can do.”


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