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Expecting Attendance of 35,000 at This Year’s Exxxotica NY

from – Sex is everywhere. Whether it is on your computer screen, on-demand on your television, in advertisements for condoms or personal lubricant, there really is no escaping the natural act that living things participate in.

No one wants it staring them in the face all the time, but with the way society has become, it is pretty hard to ignore. Advertisements for non-sexual products like clothing, shoes and electronics usually have super skinny, big breasted, half-dressed models showing off the products that are supposed to be the object of interest in the ad. Sex sells. It is a well-known fact, and you don’t see many people complaining when commercials for condoms or KY are on their television screens.

With all this sex surrounding society in everyday life, it is hard to believe that people from the otherwise quiet town of Edison, N.J., are throwing a fit — for the second year in a row— about the eXXXotica New York convention being held in the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center.

This convention brings together the biggest porn stars, adult entertainment companies and adult product venders to our very own state —only a few towns away from us here at the University. Last year, there was no different reaction when the porn convention came to town. After being kicked out of the original location in Secaucus, eXXXotica New York did not receive a warm welcome to their new home.

Residents were very upset that the three-day convention — which features seminars like “Creating Successful Amateur Porn” and “Are Women More Hardcore than Men” — and also stage shows like “Strip for Pain,” “Family Feud with the Vivid Girls,” as well as a few other live performances done by the adult film stars attending.

Last year 18,000 people attended the convention, and this year they are expecting at least double that. Convention goers who want to purchase films, toys or just meet their favorite stars can pay $125 for a three-day pass or $50 for one day’s entry.

It’s outrageous to think this type of porn extravaganza could be going on in a quiet town in New Jersey as opposed to some upscale gentlemen’s club in a big city, or somewhere where more people who find it acceptable, but the producers and creators of this convention paid the money to the Expo Center, and that is where they will stay.

It is understandable that residents are upset, as they were promised last year by town officials that this event would not occur again in their town. Imagine their surprise when advertisements for the convention surfaced with Edison written all over them again. The question is, though, which demographic of people are more upset about this than others?

Because sex is so mainstream in popular culture and society in general, one would think that it would not be a big deal. There is a portion of people out there who feel this type of thing is immoral and are offended by it, then you have other groups slapping each other high-fives and jumping on the porn bandwagon, and then there are those who simply could not care less about this even being held. One has to wonder what exactly is the big deal?

The convention is being held in a large building. Nothing will be going on outside of the center. It is also a ticketed event. This is not something that is just open the public and everyone is openly exposed to naked bodies and dildos. If you want no part in it, you do not have to be. So why are people complaining? The ones who have issues are those who are in denial about what American culture has become.

Porn is so easily accessible in this day and age, that you do not need to go to a convention to get it. If they are worried about what their young children are being exposed to, they are going to have to lock them in their rooms, draw the blinds and keep anything media-related away. Every day, people are wearing less walking down the street and showing public displays of affection more often without worrying what they are exposing to the public.

This is especially so for younger teenagers these days. The way information circulates around schools, your child does not need to see a porn convention advertisement to learn about what adult entertainment is. There are girls who want to be seen as porn star-esqe so boys will pay more attention to them. It’s sad, but that is the way culture has become. Pop stars and porn stars can be one in the same at this point.

Edison residents have the right to be irritated with the town for allowing the eXXXotica New York convention to be held, but at this point in time, they just have to get over it. There is no stopping the business. It is controversial, but still a money-producing market. High ticket prices and consumer sales that go on at the event will bring in a lot of revenue, and the town of Edison is also making money off of the convention being held.

There is not any stopping the adult entertainment industry from coming to town — so residents can embrace it or ignore it — but it will not go away.


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