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Faced with Mounting Bills, Losing Her House, Shy Love Makes Threats Over Bad Press

Shy Love’s ex-husband Eric Hunter writes: Hi Gene,

My Ex called me at 9 am yesterday morning three times and I did not pick up. I called her back at noon and asked what she needed. She said “oh nothing”, so I abruptly hung up.

She must have just read the Fayner and Keith interview. Five minutes later I received a text that said “You have to be in court on May 14th”. I asked why I was going to court and she advised me she had gotten a restraining order against me. She said “I am not bluffing”. She stated if I try to bring a realtor from Coldwell Banker to my home she will “have me arrested”. She will not let anyone show my house for possible sale.

Today, Sunday my phone rang at 5 am. When I saw it was her I pressed ignore but she called two more times. She is actually calling me multiple times after apparently convincing a judge I am a physical threat to her person? I am confused as to why she would contact someone after she has paid the court to handle it?

My phone is the evidence of these calls from her to me. When I answered she said instantly, “Listen, if you want this refinance to go through you will call the press and tell them that everything Keith is saying and you are saying is a lie. Otherwise I am fucking everybody over and staying here until the bank takes this house so you are all screwed”.

Again I hung up and went back to counting sheep. If I am threat to Shy, why is she calling me? I am not calling her? I try not to think of her so I can focus on being successful and happy.

Last Wednesday, Shy called me and threatened to contact one of my business partners she knows from the past and advise him of my “dishonest” behavior. Shy seems to call me every day. She stated that she asked him to provide to her a list of my clients so that she might contact them and tell them that I was married to an adult actress to cause them to cancel.

She did not realize my partner also owns shares in my new company and has an interest in our success, not failure. I am certain this is actually grounds for a restraining order, but from me to her for threatening to jeopardize the success of multiple parties, not just yours truly, in relationship to our current business endeavors.

Most of my colleagues consider Shy to be a poison I have finally found an antidote for before my life was sucked completely dry. I still don’t need to get a restraining order to settle this civil matter. This is clearly a Shy Love move. Likely suggested from her new ignorant council who must have advised her lying to the press in two interviews was a good move at this juncture.

If you are Shy Love’s lawyer, you have nothing better to do, so we can anticipate more bad advice she takes and we see in the public. Our original lawyer fired her as a client months ago, and remember, she owes him money today.

I have reached out to others who have known Shy this weekend for help. Without saying names, the response is alarming and you would be shocked Gene, shocked.

If there is a day in court, I will have a decent group of character witnesses. Also it will be the sexiest courthouse audience on that day in the US, hands down. I can bank on Shy not having this on her side, probably just my former contractor’s helper who she told me she is in Love with via text message as well.

His name is Roy, and he was the assistant to the contractor we paid to remodel our house. Does anyone care who Shy Love is in “Love” with? Is he paying the mortgage for her? If she is “In Love”, what was up with the bullshit article on Rock Confidential? I guess her true love does not read that or he would know she is unsatisfied even with him?

Remember I mentioned 120 people attended our wedding, none from the Shy Love side of the family showed up. Even the bridesmaids were my friends from Florida! I have not been involved in violence I deliberately provoked or started in the entire time I have lived in LA. If there is court, I assume the judge will be angry with Shy and tell us to stop wasting his time. Again, this money related issue is a civil matter; no one is getting beaten up over it?

Best case scenario, Shy Love pays her bills and stops hiding money away. She must make money? Then I go away and try to salvage my credit and buy a new house and put this behind me. Presently, Shy owes Sallie Mae, ME, Lucas, Freemont Mortgage, IRS, State of Cali, Ropers Majeski Law Firm. What would happen if there was a class action against her for public debt? Couldn’t she see prison for this type of debt ignorance when it becomes considered criminal? Tax evasion for three years is criminal.

Have a nice Sunday night. Keep it real!


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