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Faith: “You Let her Talk Shit About Jill”

Jenna Haze’s appearance on The Young and The Curious in April is still stirring shit.

Porn Valley- Tyler Faith was a guest on Jason Sechrest’s KSEX show Friday night. Before she came on, Sechrest, also made mention of the fact that he’s going to be hosting Porn Star Karaoke this Tuesday night.

“It’ so RARE that you make a KSEX appearance,” Sechrest told Faith who’s practically on air every night of the week. Or so it seems.

“I feel like I’m really going to get a great exclusive out of you.” he said.

“I’ve been traveling the world and I can’t make it to KSEX much any more,” laughed Faith, noting the irony of the situation.

“What can I ask you that hasn’t been asked?” Sechrest then asked her. “What can I do to get a headline?” Sechrest wanted to know if Faith was over KSEX because he’s tired of coming there, himself.

“Are there days when you wake up and go do I really have to go there today?” Sechrest wanted to know. Faith replied, honestly, she has problems with anything she has to do.

“I hate having an appointment and being somewhere on time,” she elaborated. “I’m not good with scheduling. I have really good intentions but realize some time I’m not going to make it. When I have to be here for a show it’s tough.” With her being Wankus’ fiancee, Sechrest wanted to know the best and worst things about that status.

“Everyone has a good side and a bad side,” Sechrest continued.

“When things are good it’s the best ever,” Faith replied. And Sechrest took that to mean it applied as well to the bad things.

“It’s really a thin line between love and hate,” Faith agreed. “There are some days when I really want to murder him [Wankus].” Sechrest said he had forgotten how much alike he and Faith actually are. Sechrest also pointed out that Faith has an affinity for gay men.

Sechrest started pushing Faith’s buttons claiming that he was going to milk things out of her that haven’t been said. In that context Faith said she never lies about her age [she’s 31].

“I always tell it,” she added. Before she started dating Wankus, Sechrest said she tended to be more soft-spoken.

“You wouldn’t say certain things- these days you’re very honest on the air, now. It used to be like pulling teeth to get you to say something even remotely negative about anyone,” he observed. Faith believes that Wankus brought that out in her.

“He’s like that,” she said, noting that she admired that trait in him.

“In real life I’ll say anything to anyone’s face,” she continued. “I’m not from California. I’m from the east coast and that’s just not how we are. I’m from Boston. You grow up different. It’s like no one’s faking the funk out there. If you don’t like somebody, fuck you. I don’t like you. I don’t care what you can do for me. I don’t want you to do anything for me. In LA people aren’t like that.”

But when Faith was ar JKP she said you had to watch all your p’s and q’s over there. Sechrest thinks that Faith has taken over some of Wankus’ persona and wondered what she inspired him to do.

“He did start wearing bandanas for awhile,” Sechrest suggested.

“He always wore bandanas!” swore Faith who made a comment that she’d never wear the color red.

“Blonds look like bimbos in red,” she feels.

Sechrest made a comment about Wankus perhaps discovering his inner vagina while being with Faith. Faith said while she tries not to let things bother her, Wankus is very high strung although he might have mellowed a bit. She thinks maybe by 20%. Sechrest also suspected that it’s considered alright for someone like himself or Wankus to speak their mind; but when a woman does it, she’s considered a bitch.

In other conversation, it was noted that Faith’s ex is a boxer. [Vinnie Paz].

“I never liked rock stars, I always liked athletes,” she said. Asked if she was coming to PSK Tuesday night, Faith said, “Fuck, no.”

“Seriously? I was pulling my extensions out by each piece when I would have to go there,” she said. “I hate it- I don’t like socializing. I’m just get weird around a lot of people. I have nothing to say.” But Faith said she would go if she got paid.

Faith then brought up the fact that Sechrest had Jenna Haze on his show.

“And you let her talk shit about Jill [Kelly],” Faith continued. Sechrest in his defense said he didn’t let Haze do anything and that Kelly stuck up for him many times. Sechrest said he was being neutral on that particular show and didn’t say a thing.

“I didn’t egg her on- I did not do a thing,” he claimed. “I didn’t put her [Kelly] down. Nothing came out of my mouth that was derogatory about Jill Kelly.” By the same token Sechrest said he’s tried to hang out with Jill Kelly and be friends.

“I understand that she’s busy and has her own little world.”

Faith mentioned that Kelly has gone through so much bullshit because of the fact that JKP went bankrupt. Sechrest still said he was trying to remain neutral the entire time Haze was on the air.

Faith then said something about Sechrest not wanting to promote Faith’s movie.

“I did promote your movie and I asked her [Haze] questions about your movie,” Sechrest insisted. “I promoted it because I’m friends with you. But when I asked her questions, I has no control over what came out of her mouth.”

Faith admitted that she totally trashed Haze in the aftermath.

“You’re not going to come on the air and trash my best friend when she’s like going through shit,” Faith added. “Her company went bankrupt and everyone left her. Now she has to deal with everything- the IRS. And Jill helped that girl [Haze] more than fucking anybody.”

Faith was of the opinion that Haze gave Kelly a slap in the face on the show. Sechrest suggested that Faith listen to the whole show.

“Jenna was seriously ready to, like, cry by the end of the show,” said Sechrest. That’s when Wankus entered the picture and took a mike, he said that was bullshit and that Sechrest’s comments were to the effect of why did he have to talk about Faith’s “shitty movie” [Faith’s Fantasies]. Sechrest admitted he said that.

“What about the off the air comments to our crack staff of why the fuck do I have to promote this movie?” Wankus asked Sechrest. Sechrest said he wasn’t back peddling on the issue and owned up to his comments

“The reason why you promote things like that is that you have co-workers and management,” said Wankus. “Don’t start bitching to the staff about it.” Sechrest said he did promote it and Wankus stated that he whined the whole time doing it.

“You guys are angry about her answers to my questions,” Sechrest continued in his defense. Wankus said he was angry about Sechrest’s demeanor before the show.

“Your fuckin boss and your friend asked you to,” said Wankus. Sechrest said he never asked Wankus to promote anything of his.

“Go for it and I’ll never fuckin’ bitch about it,” Wankus told him. “And I do promote your fuckin’ sorry shit when you were doing your little cabaret shows.” Sechrest said that’s only because it was PSK and Wankus’ gig. Wankus then told him about the other gigs he promoted for Sechrest as well. Sechrest then began sarcastically touting Faith’s Fantasies as the best movie he’s seen all year and loves watching two women getting it on.

Sechrest then admitted he was getting a little annoyed with Haze by the end of the show.

“By her comments about homosexuality,” he explained. “Me and my other guest tried to dive into her psychologically and she even said on the show you’re going to make me cry right here on the show. We really did beat the fuck out of her ourselves.”

Faith felt Haze deserved it and that you can trash her movie all you want but not her friend.

“Don’t put people down when they’re at their low point and they did everything to help you,” said Faith. “She is what she is today because of Jill. So don’t step on her and throw her to the wolves. She’s like a star now and doesn’t think she owes Jill any respect. I’m a star and fuck Jill Kelly. That’s not right. That’s not what you do to people when they help you.”

In the defense of Haze, Sechrest said Haze didn’t say fuck Jilly Kelly.

“But she could have said it,” Faith replied.

“The only thing she really said is that Jill is not actively involved with the company,” argued Sechrest.

“That’s not true,” declared Faith. “Jill’s job in the company was not fucking running the business. It was making movies and the creative side of the company; not accounting and doing bills. That wasn’t her thing.”


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