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Farrah Interviewed; “Can’t Rob No More Banks”

Porn Valley- Farrah is interviewed on In the interview she states that she’s looking for a legitimate job to pay for her bail, which was $105,000, plus a lawyer. There are many aspects of the case that she’s not commenting on, she says.

“The news here had pictures of me in the banks,” she states. “Not that I’m admitting anything but obviously something. So until you get the pictures or the news, I have no comment.” Upon further questioning Farrah, displaying obvious bitterness, states that no one gave a fuck about her but now that she’s in the news all of a sudden people want to call.

“Nobody gives a shit about me,” she continues. “Kevin Beechum. Vivid. Nobody gives a shit about anybody until they can get something out of it. They’re still making money off of me by their compilations. All of a sudden, just because I got a little publicity, they want to start adding comments. They should’ve said no comment.” According to Farrah, she’s received a call from the Stern show and has been approached about doing a movie. “They’re going to meet me in Manhattan. They’re investors,” she says.

Farrah adds that Beechum had no business commenting on the story, that it was obviously self-serving. “He tried to get his own publicity by opening his mouth.” She continues to take Beechum to task.

“I got locked up on my birthday,” she says. “He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care until he hears something he wants to hear.” She goes on to comment about the porn industry stating that it’s one of cliques.

“It’s little men behind a big desk that’s running them,” she adds. “You can not find a porn star no longer. They don’t make stars no longer.

“Otherwise, and I don’t want to use ‘Jew’ as a bad name,” she adds, “but everyone’s Jew. Jew know? Everybody’s out to make some fucking ridiculous money.” She goes on to label the industry criminal. “This porno industry is nothing but criminals,” she says. “Crooks. People doing stupid shit. So this is no surprise for me doing this. Everybody’s doing it in a fraud way or some stupid way. Prostitution is illegal.”

She also puts in her two cents about a porn union, claiming that porn stars should get residuals, otherwise they get nothing out of the industry. She mentions Brooke Ashley and the fact that everyone’s making money off the gangbang that gave Ashley HIV, except Ashley.

“This girl needs some money, just like I do,” says Farrah. “I was in jail for seven days. It doesn’t matter what I did. But nobody worried about me. Nobody cared about me.” Farrah says she talked to Beechum after she read that he offered comment to several newspapers. She then proposed an idea for a movie to Beechum.

“Kevin acted like my idea of making a movie was stupid,” she said. Farrah also asked about getting her hands on some of her DVDs. She was told they’re no longer printing them, that she has to buy the master.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” she says. “Everybody in the police office got a mug shot signature from me. I know they’ve got my movies. I want to know where them movies are being purchased from. Obviously Kevin Beech. He has to have a master.” Otherwise, Farrah has had little contact with the business except from Olivia.

“She was the only person who called me.” Farrah readily admits her guilt, as well. “Everybody in the industry knew that I was crazy. Just like everybody knew I was crazy before I got into the industry. Everybody figured that I’d get into something like that. Everybody in the industry who knows me would figure that I’d do something like what I did. But right now I need to make the best out of it.”

Asked if she was planning to make any more movies, Farrah said she’ll be talking to Leisure Time. “I can’t rob no more banks.”


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