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Felicia Fox Named Best Feature Entertainer at Nightmoves

TAMPA BAY, FL – Felicia Fox, whose show, Lust for Life, along with Tim Case, is heard on KSEX radio on Tuesday nights, walked away with one of the big prizes of the Nightmoves Awards Show this weekend. Fox was named Best Feature Entertainer at the 11th Annual Awards in Tampa.
Not so fortunate was Sean Michaels whose foot was run over by a limo. Fortunately, Michaels suffered no apparent injuries and still went on all of his scheduled appointments. Wankus also reported that Tara Moon had a broken tit and was going around working all weekend with half tits trying to make money so she could have her flat fixed. Wankus said you could see her leaking on stage but Moon kept a sense of humor about it.

The only other mishap was a grandiose p.r. faux pas committed by Digital Playground when one of its stars, Jessie Jane, was prevented from getting on the phone to talk to Wankus Monday night during the broadcast of his show.

From the KSEX studios, Wankus spoke to a number of performers who were attending the awards show Monday night. This included Carmen Luvana, Vandalia and Fox. But when he attempted to speak to Jane, Digital Playground’s Nic Andrews squelched the impromptu interview. Wankus thought it was a doggone shame because Jane had been a fun girl all weekend and nothing but a sweetheart during the whole time in Tampa. “She is a great girl; she does not represent Digital Playground- I’ll tell you that,” Wankus said.

“I thought that she’d be typical DP’s kind of people- cunts- and she wasn’t. She was so nice. We actually hung out all weekend long. She didn’t give a shit about the difference between KSEX and DP which DP brought on themselves. She thought that it was great that we were hanging out and having fun. What a shame that they wouldn’t let her talk to us. They can eat my ass. Nic Andrews- another asshole.”

Wankus chatted with Dan from AmaWareXP, one of KSEX’s sponsors with a lingering promise that Don Benn might get on the phone so that Wankus could field his own Don Benn impersonation. Wankus said the highlight of his night would be talking to Benn. Dan, not Don, reported about some escort who gives the best anal winning an award. In an aside, Wankus suggested that Dan might be professionally inebriated and that the report might be a bit compromised because of that. Dan then put Sammy Sparks on the phone and Wankus complimented Sparks for the great stage show she put on at Deja Vu Saturday night.

Slurring some of her tacos, Carmen Luvana got on the phone and offered some enthusiastic commentary about the extent of the women in Tampa. Wankus was curious why Luvana didn’t have sex with him when he was in town. Luvana’s response suggested that she needed more besides Wankus’ package to get off and that mission would have been served better by women like Simone. When Lisa Sparxxx got on, Wankus was curious how many $25 blowjobs she had given to date. She may have sold a few, Sparxxx admitted, but as far as giveaways, none. “They were more than $25,” Sparxxx said.

Wankus told Montana Gunn that he wanted to fuck her so bad over the weekend but that she just blew him off. Gunn asked why he didn’t say anything. “I haven’t been laid once since I’ve been here.” Vandalia, who was rooting for Fox, couldn’t be contained got on some discussion about sheep and a website that sounded like Wankus advised her not to bring any sheep back to Los Angeles. When Fox got on the phone, Wankus was curious whether she went through with a 10 man bukkake. Fox said she didn’t do it. Wankus said when he found out that he was going to be in the company of several “ugly motherfuckers” there was no way he was going to take out his dick next to those hicks and try to cum on Fox’s face. Wankus said that Fox also beat the shit out of Simone and was sure that Fox would tell the story on her program.




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