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Final Internext Expo Recap

(HOLLYWOOD, FL) — Day three of the Internext Expo was typical of a closing day of your average convention of any kind. Not much business being done, many goodbyes, vows for communication to people that venders know they won’t communicate with until the next expo and a few random last minute partiers who want to spend their luggage packing hours, getting schnockered one last time.
Off the premises Saturday night, Top Bucks sponsored a wild gathering known as Porno-Palooza, they rented out the ball room of the Radisson in South Beach where we’re told the obscenity laws are the same as Hollywood, but the enforcement is much more lenient. This would probably explain the sex machine demonstration turned full on gang bang/orgy in center stage as many photographers snapped away, webmasters rolled tape and the attendees fought for positions of better view, surrounding the roped off sex zone.

Not everyone in the pit of visual orgasmo was having the time of their lives though. Keiko of was pre-selected to be female talent, who agreed to perform sexually with brand new male talent, in front of the crowd. According to Keiko, “after signing a model release and not asked to provide my test, this jerk off Jason Block pulls me into the pit and says, ‘ok, go fuck that guy.’ ”

Keiko continued, “I was like, ‘ok, can I see his test [STD bill of health] please?’ Block shouted, ‘WE DON’T HAVE FUCKING TIME FOR THAT, TRUST ME, HE’S MY FRIEND, HE’S COOL, GET THE FUCK IN THERE’! Then I told him fine, I will only work with him condom only and once again he told me no. Finally, before I left I tried one more time and told him, ‘I’m not having sex with an untested male, no condom, so let me use my boyfriend, who was scheduled to work with me anyway until they rapidly changed those plans. He’s performed before in front of crowds.’ Not only did he say no, but he told me to go fuck myself! I left.”

Coordinators were pulling random men from the crowd to have sex with mostly amateur industry girls. All of the men untested and the only condoms being used were by a small amount of men who insisted on using protection themselves.

Attendee “RJ” was standing at the ropes for the entire event. When asked about the use of condoms and his STD test exchange observations he said, “They didn’t exchange any tests. Perhaps they had the girls on file from the pre-selection process, but some men literally came out of the crowd, dropped their pants and started fucking, no condom. They had condoms for the sex machine though [laughs].”

Ladies in attendance were allowed to jump in the chair of a wild sex machine and let it send them to happy fluids heaven, at least that was the expression on their faces as a full service mechanical robot-chair fucked their brains out.

“Photo Greg” was the talent coordinator for the event and Block, a somewhat wannabe male talent, was hired by Greg to assist with the coordination and execution of the sexual events at the party. It should be clear that neither of these individuals represent or are employed by Top Bucks.

Police Actions

Adult babe Ramona Luv paced the Weston Diplomat Lobby upset and teary eyed last night. “My boyfriend is in jail,” she said, “they arrested him, they beat him and they won’t tell me what the charge is.”

According to Ramona, she and her man, “Danny,” were strolling through a local mall and supporting the community as tourists. Danny had a profanity which was printed on his t-shirt, very visible for all to see. A Hollywood Police Officer stopped the couple and told them the shirt needs to be inside out. Luv claims they flipped the shirt as per the request and all was well.

Allegedly, moments later the policeman came back and apprehended Danny forcefully, threw him in a private room and acted violently towards him. including what Luv says was a beating. “They beat him up,” Luv claims, “he did not resist and they beat the shit out of him. They wouldn’t let me in there and they wouldn’t tell me what the charge was.”

He was taken to a local police station as Luv contacted an attorney, still not knowing the charge on her man. [editor’s note: sounds like an outstanding warrant to me, but we’ll find out the rest of the story in the coming days and let you know.]

Ramona’s police encounter wasn’t the only incident reported over the weekend. While visiting South Beach, one Internext attendee came out of a night club to make a cell phone call. Probably not thinking with all coherent gears in motion, he leaned against a police car while chatting with his calling party on the other side of the line.

Within a few moments, from nearly forty yards away, a half full, plastic Mountain Dew bottle flew through the air and hit him in the leg. When following the trail of delivery, this reporter’s eyes were led to a stocky, mid 20’s man in blue, gesturing angrily with his hands and saying, “hey, what the fuck are you doin’ asshole? Get off the car!”

The squad car leaner immediately stepped away from the vehicle but was very upset by the policeman’s actions. A female cop, probably sensing a possible public reprimand, or worse yet, law suit, walked over to try to make peace with the man as the no neck copper huffed back to some other parked police cars.

“I don’t mind getting up off the car,” the man said to the woman in blue, “but why the hell did he have to throw something at me?” The female police officer kept repeating, “he was just mad, just trying to get your attention, don’t worry about it.”

If it was attention he wanted, it worked. In fact, it got to eyes and ears of nearly 50 or so witnesses, waiting on line for surrounding entertainment. It would be surprising if this officer didn’t get a little heat from the boss.

Practical Joke?

Porn starlet Victoria Givens ran up to me as I waited for my taxi ride back to Ft. Lauderdale airport. She grabbed me and placed her lips on mine, telling me to have a safe trip. The moment her kiss ended, a roar of laughter came from a group behind me. To my confusion, Victoria said, “They made me do it.” The group of laughers were a few players from Filthy Frank’s company, Lord Perious, led by Given’s husband, Bill Pickard who boasted, “She just did a facial scene, hasn’t even washed her face.” [crowd laughs]

I reached into my bag, broke out a Cum Kleen wet wipe and cleansed myself. I let them have their laughs and began to think about it.

Here is her man [Pickard] who is married to Givens. He lets his wife fuck and suck random men for a living. He lets men cum on his wife’s face. Then he involves his wife in a practical joke where she will now trick an innocent bystander to kiss her previously cum drenched face, as he laughs and pokes fun.

Work with me for a minute here.

If he is laughing that he got me to kiss her dried cum face, he is basically saying that her dried cum face is disgusting and nasty. That’s his wife. He supports her desires to work and use her chin as a scrotal landing pad but at the same time mocks HER more then me by using her face as a public joke. Kind of a twisted family if you ask me.


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