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Final: Mr. Marcus: “The industry never shut down. The industry’s too big for that shit.”

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Like the teenager who keeps picking his acne making his face blotchier, every time Mr. Marcus opens his mouth he steps deeper in a hole that he’s been digging for himself.

Mr. Marcus gave an interview to Vlad TV which has been posted on YouTube in which he talks about his role in the adult industry syphilis scare from last summer. I guess it was his attempt to clarify a situation that’s been obfuscated to death with no industry protocols emerging from it. Marcus only makes matters worse.

End result, though, nothing new here. It’s the Marcus same-old, same-old with Marcus perched on his high horse of resentment galloping towards those who would criticize him.

In an interview she did with Vlad TV, Kelly Divine said Mr. Marcus was disrespecting a whole industry of people for doing what he did. Divine was absolutely correct, of course, but Marcus with his yabba dabba do [all the quotes in this story are dead accurate] still doesn’t see it that way.

“It’s really hard to validate that whole situation of people that are not in the industry,” Marcus states.

“People that are in the industry- it’s what separates us from society. We get tested monthly; 12 months a year. We’re getting all these tests, and what I caught was syphilis. I caught it at a time when there was two testing facilities. One was testing for it, one wasn’t.

“The place I went to tested it and I came up positive,” he continues.

“But the trick to that was I went to my own personal doctor and got tested before that and was treated. I was expecting a quick recovery because in this industry that’s pretty much standard. You catch an STD, you get a shot or you take a pill. You lay off work for seven days, come roaring back. That’s pretty consistent. And that’s the situation I thought I was in as well.”

Marcus says he learned that syphilis is a different animal.

“It scares a lot of people and there’s a lot of ignorance surrounding it. There’s two different tests. They give you two tests- one that looks for it and one that knows you already have it. And so the results are different because that’s how they print out.

“I had the test that was still looking for it. Unfortunately it came back showing that it was supposed to be still in my system which it wasn’t because I had been treated.”

“It’s a little medical [sic] complicated but that’s basically what it comes down to.”

Marcus says his condition isn’t permanent.

“That’s the thing about it. It’s just because the tests we use are sensitive to the antibodies that we’re taking to actually treat it. So it’s, like, they call it like a false-positive. If you’re taking medicine for something else for a cold or a flu, if you’re on certain antibiotics and you go and get tested, you’re blood looks at the antibodies in your system and reads positive. And that’s a false positive. Those things happen.”

It was noted that certain people refused to work with Marcus and in Marcus’ words the testing facility changed the test for him.

“Two things happened,” Marcus explained. “I didn’t want to disclose on my test the results of that… was really false positive by this time. I took the medicine and laid off work- eleven days actually. But with this situation the test- I needed one that would let me go back to work.

Marcus said he went to a testing facility and asked them if they could give him a test that didn’t have the syphilis positive results.

“The person at the testing facility [TTS] said no problem. He said when the results come back, it’ll test for everything but it won’t print..have all that on your test results. It won’t have that syphilis results. So I’m, like, cool. It came back a day later and there it was. That was the test but I never presented that to anybody. I showed it to a certain producer in the industry to show him the difference, to show him this clinic had also co-signed I was fine. It was my way of saying to them, I’m good, I’m good to go back to work.”

Marcus did admit that he photocopied the test and omitted certain key information.

“I was trying to go back to work,” Marcus went on to say.

“Normally there’s a doctor in these places, and the doctor will say, hey, this is what you do where I’ll sign off. Or your treatment is good. The thing with syphilis is there’s a number that’s associated with it and it reads reactive because of the medicine. But you can treat it. Unfortunately, they didn’t implement the second test till after I went through all my bullshit.

“It could have been avoided just by me saying, hey, I got syphilis…and…everybody else get checked out. But it didn’t occur to me like that because my doctors were saying it’s a simple bacteria, here’s the shot, easy to treat, you’re good to go.”

Marcus says whatever the testing facility has said in their own defense, they’re lying.

“They got to protect their interests.” Marcus said he was asked why he threw the testing facility under the bus.

“I was telling you the fucking truth. I’m telling you what’s going on. I’m telling you the steps. Those motherfuckers [Talent Testing Services] don’t even give a fuck, to be honest. They don’t care.

“Syphilis was rare. It was just something that was a fluke, you know what I mean? They had two different protocols set in place. They even said if I came over to them they would have had a doctor sign off and say he’s been treated, he’s good to go. He’s not infectious. But they didn’t have that shit in place.”

Asked if anyone caught syphilis from him, Marcus said no.

“The problem that went out, too, the cats were quick to throw me under the bus. They were like, you are the reason the industry shut down. You are the cause of the outbreak. I was, like, I just admitted to this test. I admitted to having this STD but I also said I got it treated and I didn’t work with anybody or infect anybody. But that’s not what they heard. All they heard is this dude shut down the industry.”

[Marcus probably forgets the photo that circulated of him on a Bang Bros. shoot with him having a Stage 2 swirl of syphilitic nodes on his penis.]

“I’m one dude, man. I don’t think this industry will allow me to shut down their ability to pay their mortgage or a child’s college tuition. They wouldn’t allow that to happen. People were still shooting. The industry never shut down. Of course. The industry’s too big for that shit.”

“It was also political. There was a Measure B-thing going on and there was a condom law that was going to be voted on. It was a perfect storm for everything to go to shit.”

It was brought up that Isis Taylor was very vocal against him. Marcus was asked about his feelings hearing such things from his female co-workers.

“It made me self-reflect,” Marcus responded.

“It made me wonder what kind of person was I to them to have them think that. And I kept thinking I should have been nicer or more social or something with them. I didn’t have a relationship with Isis enough, and I saw that she was to quick to say things. Like, okay, I don’t really know you like that.

“We never worked together. She came into my office and I got her bent over in my office and I’m taking pictures of her and everything. She was in my office chillin’, cool as fuck. We talked about shit, where she was born, where she was raised, how she got into porn. For me that was totally taken out of context. It was almost a bandwagon. I’m angry at something so I can be angry at him.”


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