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Final: Voodoo: Women Want a Cave Man Kind of Guy; Choke ‘Em Out a Little Bit; Lindsay Lohan Loves Anal Sex

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Male performer Voodoo who’s been working in Toronto lately was a guest last week on The Man Cave podcast. After hearing it, I’d have to say this is one of the best combinations of porn interview/man talk you’ll come across. Voodoo certainly pulls no punches.

Voodoo who’s been the business 15 years, talked about the videotaped sky fall stunt he performed with Hope Howell that was heard around the world and prompted an FAA investigation. He also discussed his philosophies on dealing with women.

“It’s not the penis size, it’s the size of the attitude,” he says.

“Every woman wants to be dominated. They want to be taken control of. I don’t care how big your dick is. You just got to take them by the hair, throw ‘em down and take ‘em like a cave man. That’s it. Society has fucked us up and people are afraid to embrace their inner beast.

“They’re so scared about how they’re going to be judged. It’s the guys who don’t give a fuck. It works out every single time. That’s what women want. They want a cave man type of guy who’s going to take control. Grab ‘em by the throat. Choke ‘Em Out a Little Bit.”

Voodoo described the sky diving stunt as one of the most spur of the moment kind of things.

“There was no practice and no discussion about it before the event actually happened. It was the right place right time. The girl wanted to get into porn. This was a way of giving her a leg up on the competition.”
Voodoo explained that the sex began on the plane.

“That’s where we got in trouble with the FAA. The video showed us having sex on the plane at first. Trying to stick it in, mid air, really would have been tough. As I’m strapping her down to me she’s sitting on me reverse cowgirl style. Then we jumped out of the plane together.”

The scariest part of the stunt, he recalled, was remembering to pull the parachute.

“I actually came inside her right before I pulled the parachute. I had to really focus because as you know guys don’t care if they live or die in those first six seconds.”

Voodoo said there wasn’t a censorship issue as much as the thought of the pilot being distracted.

“They had to review the video and go into a full investigation. They decided we didn’t bother the pilot too much and the investigation was dropped.”

Fired for a day to make it look good, the next weekend Voodoo got calls that at least 100 women wanted to sky dive with him.

Voodoo also talked about free porn and his encounter with Lindsay Lohan noting that Lohan is kinky and loves anal sex. Voodoo mentions that he’s split with Nicole Sheridan and is now with Karlie Montana. They’ve been living together.

Voodoo told Montana that when they sky dive he’s got to fuck her in the ass.

“We’ll see if she’s up for that.”

Voodoo related a story about how they were having private sex and he inadvertently stuck his dick in her ass.

“She started crying. It was not good. When a girl’s not prepared for that, you can’t go in there, man. But she loves sex. She’s an animal.”

Voodoo calls what he’s been doing in Toronto, The Toronto Violation Project. He’s currently selling the two-hour DVD in direct sales to the fans. It features him and Montana having public sex all over the city, at the major monuments.

“It was a crazy, high risk movie we did. You can’t sell it in stores because we didn’t get permission to shoot it. At any of these places. We got kicked out of the stadium while a Blue Jays, Chicago White Sox game was happening.

“We were having full on sex in the tunnel going up to our seats. Then when we got to our seats I shot Karlie doing a masturbation in her seat during the game. There’s a good ten minutes of her thrashing and having sex with herself. As we’re sitting down reviewing the footage that’s when we got swarmed by security and the head manager. They asked us to leave. I know they let us finish because they could have come any time and told us to stop.”

Voodoo says the fans are loving it because it’s about their city.

“It’s almost like a documentary of where to have interesting public sex in the city of Toronto. It’s a project I’m so proud of.”

At the same time Voodoo concedes that the Internet has killed pornography and the purpose of the project was to have something that would sell the movie.

“They can see us online for free these days. It was more about here’s your city; here’s the city of Toronto take a look. The sales have been amazing and I’m just having a great time.”

Also in the movie, said Voodoo, is a homegrown girl who’s never done porn before.

“And it was all shot on the iPhone. No one can believe the quality and we got away with all the things we were doing because I didn’t have a big, bulky camera with me. I shot everything with the phone. It was great.”

Voodoo said it was his decision to go into a different direction because of the free porn.

“The industry is eating itself by giving it away. All these free websites have pretty much given away pornography and I don’t know where exactly the business is going to be in the next five or ten years because you don’t need to pay for it any more. You really don’t. This has pretty much killed off the DVD market.”

Asked about Lohan, Voodoo said you go to a club and Lohan is usually high as a kite.

“You introduce yourself as a skydiving porn star instructor it was like shooting fish in a barrel. It wasn’t a hard one at all. It wasn’t hard to go back to her place and have a good Friday night with her.”

Voodoo said Lohan is big on anal.

“There was something in the press about me getting into it with her father. Her father got all angry about the story. What was kinky about her she kept telling me, ‘Shoo, shoo, shoosh I don’t want my father to hear.’

“I’m pretty damn sure her father wasn’t there at the house. I don’t know if it was her house or the family place we ended up. But it seemed like she had that fetish that she wanted to be caught.”

“That’s LA. LA is about cocaine and anal sex. She’s a party animal but it’s taken a toll on her.”

On the subject of celebrity sex stories, Voodoo told about how Corey Feldman and his girlfriend were into having orgy and swinger parties. Voodoo and Sheridan were invited to one of the parties and were introduced to nitrous hits.

“That’s what they were into. We were doing nitrous hits and doing like a circle 69 kind of a thing. We’d take a hit and start having oral sex to the person next to you. Then me and Corey Feldman DP’ed his girlfriend and then we DP’ed my wife.”

Voodoo explained that Sheridan just woke up one morning and decided she didn’t want to be in the business any more.

“She decided her whole life wasn’t what she wanted it to be. It happens to some girls especially the ones that last a long time. The average life span of a girl is two to three years before they get tired or get shot out and can’t get much work any more.

“Girls that last longer than that either realize they’ve been true to themselves and they love doing what they’re doing, or they wake up one morning and see God. Nicole just woke up one morning going I don’t know what I did but that wasn’t for me. It was a really odd kind of thing. I was having a great time but it wasn’t for her any more.”

On the other hand Voodoo says he loves what he’s doing and has no regrets about his choice of a career.

“It’s made me meet some of the most interesting people, open-minded people on the planet.”


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