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Final: When Tito Met Jenna

Andy Warhol may have understated the case. Instead of 15 minutes of fame, everyone will have either written a book, have a book written about them or be mentioned in one.

Such is the case with mixed martial arts champ Tito Ortiz. There’s an autobiography which just came out, co-authored by Ortiz and Marc Shapiro. And, as you might expect, there’s a lengthy chapter about Ortiz’s relationship with Jenna Jameson.

According to tough guy Tito, who admittedly philandered with strippers behind his wife’s back, he first met Jameson in 2006.

He knew her from the fact that he used to watch Jameson movies when he clerked at Spanky’s Adult Novelty store in Huntington Beach. Part of Ortiz’s job then was to chase guys out of the store who would come in to jack off.

Ortiz goes on to describe their first meeting and how he worked for a company that set up booths presumably for the AEE show, though Ortiz doesn’t mention which convention.

Obviously it was an adult one because Ortiz notes how he admired Jameson from afar but didn’t go up to her. Years later he told Jameson that he didn’t have the nerve to come up to her at that particular time. Jameson, adding some of her own thoughts, said she had been a fan of the UFC and had been to a lot of Tito’s matches and saw something in him, though she was reluctant to make a move because of her marital status.

“I remember being at the Hard Rock in Vegas one time,” recalls Jameson. “He walked by and we locked eyes…I didn’t go up to him because he was so goddamn intimidating.”

Ortiz, who around this time was training for the second Ken Shamrock fight, would next have a chance meeting with some of Jameson’s friends. They happened to be sharing a suite at a hockey game at the Staples Center. The subject of Jameson came up, and Ortiz was told Jameson and her husband weren’t getting along and that he might like to come to a party that she’d be at in Vegas.

Meanwhile, Ortiz was checking friend requests on his MySpace page and saw one from Jameson. He didn’t believe it was her, but Jameson e-mailed him back with her phone number saying, “Call me and I’ll prove that I’m Jenna.”

With Ortiz scheduled to fight Shamrock in Vegas at Mandalay Bay, he invited Jameson to an after party at the club Tryst. Then during a pre-fight promotion, Ortiz saw Jameson with her husband Jay Grdina. Jameson introduced herself, while commenting to Grdina that Ortiz was hot.

“Yeah, he’s your fucking type,” Grdina told her. Then, at Tryst, Ortiz was approached by one of Jameson’s security guards, that she wanted to talk to him. Jameson’s recollection was that Ortiz was “scared shitless”.

For his part, Ortiz remembers being pretty drunk and fucked up but trying to act cool. Jameson’s recollection was that Ortiz was acting so shy he couldn’t even talk to her.

During their next encounter at the Hard Rock, Jameson says Ortiz was more forward and began putting his arm around her whispering “crazy shit”.

Jameson says Ortiz was coming on so strong that she had texted a friend telling her Tito was a jackass.

Ortiz recalls an incident involving a girl he had been seeing who, out of the blue, stuck her finger up Jameson’s ass.

“I have a real problem with people touching me when I don’t want to be touched,” observes Jameson. “Then my security guard grabbed her.”

Jameson goes on to say that while Ortiz hadn’t made a real good impression with her to begin with, the incident with the girlfriend didn’t help matters, either.

A week later Ortiz called Jameson and asked if she’d go to a country fair with him. Jameson turned him down telling Ortiz she had things to do. Nevertheless, Jameson thought it was a sweet invitation and that Tito’s little boy sincerity got her hook, line and sinker.

On the other hand, Jameson invited him to a party in LA at the hotel Mondrian. Ortiz talks about the conversation they had and how Jameson struck him as being really intelligent.

“That was easily the best conversation I had ever had with a woman in my life,” he recalls.

Jameson says she started thinking that she could fall in love with Ortiz. Jameson also describes her at-the-time relationship with Dave Navarro as one of friendship although the idea was to give the impression they were dating. Meanwhile, Jameson began seeing Ortiz on the sly hoping the paparazzi wouldn’t get wind of it. Except they did.

According to Ortiz, it was a month before he had sex with Jameson.

“But it was worth the wait,” he says. “As I was getting to know her, I found her to be a very respectable girl. Which was not the impression I had of women who worked in porn.”

Ortiz admits that he did have second thoughts about getting involved with Jameson, and if she had not gotten out of the business, he would probably have ended the relationship. A serial womanizer in the past, Ortiz swears he never cheated on Jameson with other women.

“She’s beautiful…she has an awesome body,” Ortiz writes. “She’s smart…she’s not with me for my money … we’re kind of like a celebrity power couple and we empower each other.”

Then it was Ortiz’s suggestion that Jameson meet his ex-wife Kristin.

Jameson said she was reluctant and that it was an awkward moment. Jameson recalls how they shook hands but that it was an uncomfortable moment all around.

“But the relationship would grow and we would become good friends.”

Kristin Ortiz describes Tito as someone who wants the American dream with the white picket fence, the wife, the kid and the dog.

“The problem was when he was in it, he couldn’t stand it,” she says. “His idea of normal is being in the spotlight and traveling and going to parties.”

In the book, Ortiz also talks about the incident in which the Marine Corps with whom he was closely affiliated because of his relationship with the troops, barred Jameson from attending the annual birthday ball at the Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar, California.

Because of Jameson’s career in porn, the delicate situation – with all its weak excuses and blame shifting – was explained, thusly, to Ortiz. Ortiz thought the whole thing was bullshit and didn’t go because of that.

Jameson thinks it said a lot for Tito’s character, that he stood up for her like that.

“Jenna being treated that way was a hard thing to deal with,” Ortiz comments. “I won’t let anybody disrespect my woman. Not even the marines.”

Ortiz goes on to describe an incident at the Playboy Mansion when a rapper, Too Short began coming on to Jameson. Jameson thought the reign of terror was about to begin with a flurry of punches. Instead, Ortiz casually reminded Too Short that this was his lady. But the rapper persisted. Then a friend of Ortiz’s told Too Short that he was going to get a hole stomped in his face. Too Short backed off.

However, he ran into Ortiz later in Vegas, and Ortiz reminded him of the incident. Too Short apologized for being drunk, and Jameson took the whole incident as being noble and romantic that Ortiz would stand up for her like that.

On another occasion, Jameson received a flirtatious e-mail from someone in the group Maroon 5. Ortiz was ready to go to war over that one as well, leaving a voicemail saying, “This is Jenna Jameson’s boyfriend Tito Ortiz. If you want to talk to my girlfriend, you give me a call.”

The band’s manager then had to smooth over the situation.

Jameson recalls the time Criss Angel hit on her by asking if she’d like to go for a ride in his Lamborghini.

“I said I had my own Lamborghini, and I walked away,” Jameson recalls.

When Angel found out that Jameson was seeing Ortiz, his tone apparently changed and he became all apologetic. According to Jameson, Angel then left Ortiz a message asking for forgiveness.

It was presumed that there’d be an incident if Ortiz ever ran into Jay Grdina again once the AEE Convention came around. But nothing ever came of it.

Ortiz also talks about how he and Jameson have had to deal with the “haters” since their relationship began.

“We get a lot of the really nasty and hateful stuff on the Internet,” he says. “When people are real mean and nasty to me, I can deal with it. But when they say things about Jenna, that bothers me a lot.”

Ortiz declares that he loves Jameson will all his heart.


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