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For ZT Video- It’s All About the Girls

Porn Valley- It’s the Marx Bros., Day at the Studio. Jenna Haze is wearing this real tiny plaid skirt. She bends over and begins nonchalantly wiping her ass. I’m thinking to myself, how symbolic- the whole Jill Kelly thing and Jenna wiping her ass. But Jenna loves Jill Kelly so it isn’t Jill that she’s apparently wiping out of her ass. Hmm. Maybe it’s Bob Friedland.

Zero Tolerance Video, is shooting this movie over the next three days featuring 20, count ’em 20 girls. Things could be worse than shooting a 20 girl movie, I imagine, especially if you got 20 tampons all flying from the flag poles simulatenously. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, here. Haze is in a great mood. She’s joking around. Quasarman, however, makes one of those remind me to never comments about another performer. “She has more demands than Al Qaeda,” says Quasarman. Yeah, it’s getting hot in here.

I ask Quasarman if he can sense the lurking presence of Jim Holiday in the hallways of the Remmet Street Studios which are consumed with half naked girls. It’s either that or I can feel something that’s sweaty and struggling to wear a pair of pants. Perhaps it’s the dolorous spirit of Milt Ingley beckoning to me from Arizona. I’m told that Ingley, the guy who engineered the Pam Anderson tape heist, has stomach ulcers and may be joining Holiday in the next life, shortly.

Like uranium, Quasarman has a certain glow and I ask him about that. He says something about getting skin grafts because he spent too much time in the sun over the weekend. Fell asleep on a beach in Laguna and no one bothered to wake him. Same with Holiday. No one would bother to wake him on the set, either.

Quasarman also remembers how every time Holiday would shoot one of his famous carwash movies you’d have to close the business down because Holiday had scored most of the A-list tail for that day. Meanwhile, I’m hearing another story about how Ingley fled to Paris with the Pam Anderson tape, and had some people come see him. Something about the Eiffel Tower and an accident. Needless to say, Ingley’s stubby hands and the Anderson tape parted company. I hear a story about how some bone breakers also paid a visit to Bobby Gallagher thinking he was Ingley. I’m thinking, wow, this would make an interesting porn movie.

So I ask Travis at Zero Tolerance what the 20 girl shoot is all about. He says something about it being a day in his life. Like I said, that Ingley angle would make a great porn movie.

The Remmet Street studio is owned by Sasha, the male performer who came over here from Germany a year and a half ago and is now buying up the Baltic Avenue properties on the porn monopoly board. In addition to the studio, Sasha has started up a company called Velocity X and is debuting his first title in August. It looks like Breeana from L.A. Direct models wants to touch Sasha’s balls. Breeana, who’s also a mainstream model, thinks Sasha’s hot. Breeana’s in the ZT movie, but from the looks of it she wants to shoot an entirely different movie in Sasha’s office next door.

Genesis Skye is telling me she can only be an extra and gets into this whole thing about Chlamydia. Genesis and her buddy Erin Moore who’s also in the movie, were at Sardos the night before and met Mickey Rourke. Genesis is laughing about how she hasn’t signed her non-exclusive contract, either, with Brett Rockman Entertainment as yet. Quasarman was busting her balls about that on KSEX recently. Her first boxcover releases in September. “it’s Facial Deposits Vol. 2,” she tells me. “I really have a boxcover but I haven’t shot the scene, yet,” Skye laughs. But I wanted to hear her Mickey Rourke story. Skye said she went over to say hello to Ron Jeremy, and Jeremy introduced her to Rourke. “I’m like you were in Spun. He goes, yeah. You were the chef. You made all these drugs in the movie. I was, like, that movie tripped me the fuck out. The directing’s amazing. The camera work’s amazing.” Skye says since she’s been dating Rockman she tends to observe the camerawork more closely.

Skye said she had made plans to meet up with Rourke at Jerry’s Deli. “But they were closed. I’m like come over to my house. I think I have his phone, by the way- either Mickey Rourke or Ron Jeremy left their phone at my house. It’s a Horizon phone.” I asked Skye if either Rourke or Jeremy were still at her house. She swears nothing happened. “We just sat around talking,” says Skye who now wants to work with Jeremy. “He’s a really cool guy. He has a very nice personality. I like that.” From what I heard, Rourke and porn stars aren’t exactly strangers, I tell Skye asking if she longs to be the next Ava Vincent.

“He’s kind of rude, actually,” says Skye but admits that Rourke autographed a copy of Spun for her. “I gave him a movie- I think it was Triple X Training Day- a Rockman Entertainment movie that didn’t sell very well.” Skye says it all had to do with the boxcover. Skye’s a piss, especially when she’s on KSEX. I mention that I was listening to her appearance on Flower Tucci’s show Tuesday night.

“You guys were talking about shit?” I ask. “What the hell was going on?” Skye says Tucci was talking about the fact that she eats a lot of shit, i.e., food.. “I was like, shit, yeah. Shit is good. It was a joke because people say they eat shit.” I enjoy Skyes appearances and tell her that. “That’s why they keep calling me back,” she says. “I’ve been on every week for the last three weeks.” Skye says she was supposed to have been on the show the week previous but thought she had appendicitis. “I seriously did- I went and did a scene. It started a 9 in the morning the day before. I was supposed to do a b.j. for AMA, the boxcover shoot, the whole works. I went to rest and fell asleep. I woke up. It was after 7. I was supposed to be there at 7. And I was in so much pain. I couldn’t wake up to call them and tell them I wasn’t going to make it. So I flaked. Sorry. I now have an agent and I was still 45 minutes late today. I got the wrong directions.”

I ask Skye if she and Mickey Rourke exchanged phone numbers, She claims no. “Ron said he would give him my number. I’d hang out with him. He’s a cool guy.” I ask about that rude comment she made. Skye says it was more in the sense that Rourke’s attitude was, I’m famous ha-ha. Like, ego, ya know? And I’m just a person- I’m not anybody big, but I’m big now because I’m a drug addict.” Skye thought it was funny telling that story on KSEX about Moore being busted for 8 pounds of coke. “It wasn’t true,” Skye laughs. “She went home to Arizona for two months. She wanted to try being normal and it didn’t work. She got fired from her job because they found out she did porn. She got fired from being a bar tender.” Skye says there’s a little bar by her house that all the Wicked girls go to.

Skye also mentions that she’s joined Joel Lawrence’s agency Gold Star. “I just joined a couple of days ago,” she says. “They just put my pictures up. I was tired of trying to do it on my own. I couldn’t keep track of shit. It was too much. Then the agent can call and tell them, hey, she’s going to be late.” See, I thought, Skye was with Jack Spade’s agency. She was, she tells me. “He’s trying to start this agency,” says Skye. “He doesn’t have the staff. He doesn’t have the money to get it going. I need an agent who’s going to get me work. And Joel Lawrence has been in the business long enough while Jack is trying to figure everything out. I need an agent that’s established. Joel, as an agent, isn’t established yet. But he’s established with the companies. Everyone knows who Joel is. He’s a really good performer and is obviously going to take on girls that are good performers. He got me and Gigi.”


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