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Fox Never Told Ginger Lynn About the Cancellation of Skin

Ginger Lynn in an interview on Jason Sechrest’s show Friday night on KSEX said she was devastated that Fox cancelled Skin. Lynn had a recurring role in the series that didn’t get beyond the second episode before the network pulled the plug on the show. “I’m going to cry,” she said. Lynn had dyed her hair brown for the show but told Sechrest she was going back to being a blond. Lynn said hers was a frumpy character on the show wearing dark hair and glasses.

Sechrest said he got the news from TV Guide and broke it to Lynn who is a p.r. client of his. Sechrest said he would have thought the show’s publicist would have told Lynn. “They still haven’t contacted me,” said Lynn. “My agent had to call them before they admitted it. Because they had called and booked me for this Thursday [the 6th]. I was supposed to go in for ADR. I didn’t know.” Lynn thought either Sechrest was teasing her or that TV Guide had made a mistake. “Because people fuck with me.” Sechrest said he read articles suggesting that Fox was making a mistake, that the series should have been given more of a chance to grow in ratings. Sechrest said the story was about to change with the introduction of Lynn’s character on Monday.

Lynn: “The way it was written originally, each script had about 20 minutes extra and when they went to edit, they pulled out the good stuff. The second episode was all about the D.A. taking down the pornographer and finding this girl. I’m in three scenes in the episode you saw Monday night. They changed the entire show. They were afraid of pushing that envelope and taking risks. That show was not what it was supposed to be. If you look in the TV Guide my name was in for that episode. So they pulled me out. They called and told me that they pulled everything regarding me in the second episode. I said why. He said I can’t tell you. There was a big fight and I’m not at liberty to tell you. My paranoia…because the storyline is so similar to my real life, and things that happened in real life, life imitating art imitating life, I thought that maybe someone based on a character may have not been happy or may have been fearful of what is coming up. So my paranoia went okay they pulled me because… I just know that I was really sad and cried a lot. Then I got mad. Now I’m just going to move on and, hopefully, we’ll still air somewhere. We were in the middle of an eighth episode. They pulled the plug on it and so they were taking that money to finish the rest of the other episodes. Maybe it will come out someplace else where the viewers are a little more liberal.”

Sechrest’s argument was that the show had nothing to do with the sex industry. “The sex industry was the backdrop but there wasn’t all this pornography going on. It had very little to do with the adult industry, If there was a percentage board or a pie, it’s like maybe 15-20% of the adult industry in those first three episodes.” Lynn said the show was crossing boundaries by titling it Skin the in the first place but believes they got scared and already pulling punches. “If you’re going to do that go all the way. If you’re going to get cancelled, do it for a good reason.” Sechrest said they promoted it as a huge, scandalous show but had no scandal. “It was teenagers in a Romeo & Juliet story.” Lynn thought they should have had two girls instead or have the couple killed off in the second episode like Romeo & Juliet. “That would have got ratings.”

Sechrest heard a rumor that one of the actresses in the show went nuts at one point. He kept trying to figure out which actress it was. Lynn admitted there was an actress who had a substance problem.

“It was pretty apparent one day on the set when reporters were there from one of the major evening shows. She fell off her chair and was babbling incoherently. They had to pull he off the set with the press on the set and send her home. She had two days to get it back together. If you watched the two shows carefully, you’ll notice a lot of voiceovers, a lot of ADR. You’ll notice one particular character who- you see her from the back a lot. Her dialogue is heard from the front of someone else’s face.”

For his part Sechrest thought it was one of the best new dramas on television. “I cried. I was really fucking in it. I finally found a drama on TV where I cared about the fucking characters. I was so angry.” Lynn said he would have hated it later because when her character comes in she turns everyone against everyone. “It just got ugly. I had the best character. I was so excited. It was the best opportunity I’ve had as an actress in my entire career.”




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