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Francis Comments on Rape Charge

New York- Girls Gone Wild’s Joe Francis was on the Howard Stern Show this morning to answer charges that he allegedly raped a 21-year-old Texas woman in his South Beach hotel room on the weekend of March 12.

“Anyone can make an allegation about anybody,” said Francis who admits that he did have sex with the woman but that it was consensual. Stern pointed out that the woman is saying just the opposite.

“Actually she didn’t say much,” Francis went on to say. “All she said was that she woke up naked next to me and really doesn’t know what happened. Then the press went and took that into a big rape-thing. Blew it up out of proportion like they always do.”

Francis said he hasn’t been charged with anything. “It’s just a simple allegation. The police have never even calledme.”

Asked if he was being sued, Francis said there was a financial remuneration being talked about. Francis, however, said he sued the woman in a $25 million defamation suit and that he hasn’t been arrested.

“The damage has been done.”

Stern said that Francis has been in bed with some “famous chicks.” Francis said it was more of a matter of trying than anything else. Stern asked if he hadn’t been with Paris Hilton there for awhile. Francis said that was true. Stern figured if Francis was getting that kind of action then he didn’t need to rape anybody.

“But rape is an angry sort of act,” Stern said. “In all fairness, the chick doesn’t know what happened and she’s accusing him [Francis] of something. For his part Francis thought that next to murder, rape’s the most disgusting crime.

“But I’m not going to be the guy that’s accused of it. That’s why I’m suing this girl.”

Francis said the whole situation is patently absurd and doesn’t have to go to court to answer her allegations.

“What we’ve heard the police are not interested and nothing’s going to come of it. It’s just a ridiculous allegation.”

Stern said Francis is a walking target. It was also brought up that there were allegations of underage girls being on the Girls Gone Wild tapes.

“We’re working through that pretty good,” Francis commented.

Asked if the girl who made the accusations had been drinking that night, Francis said yes.

“She actually said in her statement that she had three drinks in one hour,” Francis said. Her whole statement to the police was that she normally doesn’t get that drunk after having three drinks in one hour so she came to the conclusion that Francis put something in her drink.

Francis said the girl wasn’t drunk and that she thought she was smart.

“We were debating the morality of Girls Gone Wild and I had six people with me.” Francis said the girl then went to sleep about 3 in the morning. Asked why the girl all of a sudden has amnesia, Francis replied that she wants money. Francis, again, readily admitted to having consensual sex with the woman.

Asked which was better, the sex with his accuser or Paris Hilton, Francis said Paris is a star. Francis said he and Hilton remain friends. Asked who dumped who, Francis replied vaguely, “Paris is Paris.” Stern suspected that Francis was pissed that he didn’t tape Paris. Francis hesitated in venturing an answer, bolstering Stern’s case.

Commenting further on the alleged rape incident, Francis noted that the woman stayed around the hotel room the next day. “With her friend, ordered room service- hamburgers. Then the next thing I know- four days later- she accuses me of rape. It’s ridiculous.”

Stern asked Francis how much he was worth and if he still had his $50 million plane. “I’m having fun,” said Francis, skirting the question. Francis wouldn’t comment on his worth.


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