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Frankie LaRue: I Saw Jeremy Steele as Bait; as a Bitch

The Sardos cowgirl herself Frankie LaRue was guest on The Wanker Show this past Friday night. [LaRue, by the way, has relinquished the blond locks since this photo was taken.]

Besides, LaRue said she has another website in the works called “It’s all the raw shit of me and all the raunchy crap that I fucking do,” she says. When pressed by Wankus, LaRue admitted to being a sick bitch. “You’re a sick and twisted girl,” said Wankus. LaRue wasn’t denying it. Among her sick and twisted preoccupations is cock roping, according to Frankie who carries a lasso around with her for such occasions. “It’s my little blanket,” she explains. According to Frankie, Rick Masters allows her special liberties with his cock in the noose. “I love my buddy; he’s cool, man.” Asked if it was some kind of dominance-thing she enjoyed, LaRue said, “The way I see it, I can’t be a calf roper because I live in Beverly Hills.” Wankus said there were a lot of rich cows except everyone ignores it. LaRue said she comes from a quasi-country background which immediately prompted a question as to what the hell she meant by quasi in that sense.

LaRue said she almost married a rodeo artist but never performed in shows herself. LaRue said she’s been in the business since 1999. “I’ve been in and out three times now.” LaRue said she’d like to produce, direct and get her own line going. “Which would be quite naughty and interesting. I’d love bringing young girls into it.” LaRue likes girls but not eating pussy. “But I love getting head. I’ll fondle you until your pussy gets wet. I’ll fuck the shit out of you with a strap-on.” Wankus said that he had heard LaRue being described as the trailer trash version of Gauge. LaRue said whoever made that comment can suck her dick and she’ll grow one just so they can. “And they must not know who the fuck I am or what kind of background I come from.” LaRue said it was probably some stupid ass, uneducated girl from the ghetto who made that comment. “I really despise that,” said LaRue.

Asked if she was the kind of girl who would don a strap-on and give it to a guy in the ass, LaRue said, hardly. “I’ve only done it once to a guy but I will tell you one thing. You have to make sure that you don’t have any aggression towards that person. Because I tore Jeremy Steele’s ass. You’re talking about a little bitch, honey. Let’s don’t get started on that one.”

Wankus said now that LaRue brought the subject up, he was compelled to continue with it. “You went up to Gene Ross at porn star karaoke. You yelled at him. You said, you motherfucker, you said I used to date Jeremy Steele on website. He said to you ‘that’s what you told me.’ LaRue then uttered a word that sounded like “bullshit.” Wankus also noted that Jimmy D, who has a website, was there when LaRue supposedly said it and corroborated the story. Wankus said he also got e-mails from people who, likewise, heard the story. Asked if she might not have made the comment in a drunken state, LaRue said the only thing she ever was to Steele was being his roommate and working with him. LaRue said she never slept with Steele, that she had her own room. But for the one time, according to Wankus, when she fucked him in the ass. To clarify, LaRure said she stuck a paddle handle in Steele’s ass.

“But I did have mercy on him,” she said. “He didn’t even know he was getting fucked in the ass that day. I had to shave that boy’s ass to do that scene.” Wankus took that comment to mean that Steele has hairy, Ron Jeremy ass. LaRue said she’d been damned that Steele didn’t get fucked in the ass before judging by how deep the paddle went in. Wankus said he never heard of Steele before until he met him one night at karaoke. “Oh that motherfucker,” said LaRue. “He’s a biter. He only went there because he knew that I went there. He’s a sicko.” LaRue suggested that Steele only went there to make her life a living hell. “Poor little spiteful bastard.”

Wankus said it sounded like LaRue had history with Steele judging by her comments and the fact she was describing him like a stalker boyfriend. LaRue suspects that Steele is still in love with her. “I used to be nice to him.” Frankie said it took Steele a week to get over the paddle handle incident. “Once he snapped out of it, oooooooooooh.” LaRue said Steele wanted to know what she did to him, calling her a sick, evil devil woman. Asked what kind of roommate Steele was, LaRue said he paid his bills. “He was responsible in that he never had anything cut off. The thing was we would make agreements every month. I admit, I saw him as bait. As a bitch, kind of. And it started working out fine, then I started giving him invalid coochie coupons.”

Even if Steele did things like the dishes, LaRue still wouldn’t have sex with him. “That’s why they were invalid.” LaRue said Steele would even make coochie coupons, writing down LaRue’s invalid promissory notes. Wankus also complimented LaRue on a rose tattoo but notes some scratches, wondering if Freddy Krueger got to her. LaRue said that was what happened when two girls share one mirror and one has a straightening iron. Asked who she might masturbate to, LaRue said she’s fucked both Mandingo and Jack Napier off set and that she also loves anal. LaRue then challenged Wankus to show her his cock and that she’d let him fuck her in the ass.

LaRue was asked if she did any type of escorting. “I don’t really play that type of game,” she said. “I’ve done a few private shows but they were usually for people who were referred through a friend.” LaRue, who generally wears glasses, didn’t on the show and was asked why not. LaRue reasoned that the studio lights would be glaring off her glasses.

Asked what nationality she was, LaRue replied that her father says she’s a Heinz 57. “What side do you want me to start on- my mom or my dad? I’ve got a little Puerto Rican. A little Creole. Scottish, Irish, Swedish, German, Blackfoot.”

“Your great grandmom was fucking everybody,” Wankus commented. LaRue said her name was Viola and that she was pure Swedish. “She came from Sweden and was traveling on some fucking ship or whatever. She was on one of the ships that saved the people from the Titanic.” Though she might have been off by a great or two, LaRue said one her great-great-great-great-great aunties married Frederick Douglas on her dad’s side. “I’ve got some roots up in me, goddamn.”



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