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Garcia’s Threats Becoming Boring

(PORN VALLEY, CA) — Supposedly while I was away, Chef Jeff, a DJ on KSEX was asked by a recent guest to help him find some work. Jeff, being a genuine nice guy posted an e-mail on random industry sites, including, pushing the talent’s availability. While in Miami, I heard this became a big deal because her agent, Roy Garcia, was not fond of someone else aiding in the girl’s search for rent money.

I was told Roy threatened to not send his girls to KSEX anymore as a result and came home to this e-mail:

Roy Garcia writes:

Thanks to your buddy Chef Jeff , I will NOT be sending you any more talent for your show. I like you Wayne, you’re an up front guy, but your employee stepped on my toes major and I have to draw the line. I am contracted to send new talent to my clients unshot and unexposed, and he ruined that by acting as her agent on Gene’s site. By posting her contact info before she saw my BIG clients – it cheapens her and does her a disservice by making her too accessible to everyone thereby de-valuing her images and her modeling services. It was a self serving act for Jeff to post a picture and his contact info to try to get her work. He says that he wasn’t acting as her agent, but he did exactly that – but only for his benefit – to get laid. Try to think like a consumer, would I buy the tape or DVD or Magazine that has a girl that I’ve seen a million times everywhere else? Or will I buy that one particular piece of media where the talent is exclusive? Good luck with Jeff – tell him I’m coming on KSEX when he’s DJ-ing to be a Fuckin DJ.

To this I would like to respond:

Mr. Garcia,

I probably shouldn’t be answering this e-mail while in the worst fuckin’ mood based on viruses killing my lap top, my Dolphins losing after dropping a grand and a half to go see them and my lack of sleep, but I can’t resist.

First of all, Chef Jeff hosts a show on KSEX and does it quite well. He doesn’t speak on behalf of KSEX, nor did he step over the line in your case on his radio show. He did not try to pawn her off on his show and his actions were not at all in question while on-air.

What Jeff does “Off”-air is really none of my business, but since you’ve attached his actions to your pledge not to send girls to KSEX, let me just say this…the talent in question here came to Jeff on the side and asked him to help her out. He, being the helpful sort that he is sent out an e-mail as/per her instructions and she said nothing to him about having an agent or representative that this sort of thing should’ve been cleared by, so who’s at fault?

She is. Get off of Jeff’s case. I would’ve done the same thing for the girl, as I do for a lot of talent that says they’re looking for work. You need to call her and tell her that while she’s represented by you she should avoid looking for her own deals as it might conflict with a game plan you have set forth to take her career to the next level.

Grow up, chill out, eat a dick or whatever you do to relax and point the finger at the right person.

In regards to your claims of not sending girls to KSEX anymore, that’s your decision. Keep in mind, you don’t hurt me by doing that, you hurt your girls and limit their exposure. We have enough industry guests that enjoy coming in, and do so on a regular basis [including JKP girls again].

Thank you,





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