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Gauge Asked About Strong Comments on her Web Site

(SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA) — Gene Ross, doing only what he does best, reported on an interview with adult star Gauge, one he listened in on Tuesday night on We were going to write a similar report, but damn it, he beat us to it. So here it is, as written, from
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Having just signed a two-year contract with Metro, Gauge may have showed up late to the KSEXradio studio’s Tuesday night. But the wait was worth it. Last time Gauge was on the show it turned into The Beverly Hillbillies on crank with her squaring off against Scott Lyons over some bizarre time thread involving Gauge’s ex-boyfriend Mojo. This time Gauge was frying blonder fish, and host Wankus was chomping at the bit to ask her about the Tina Cheri post on her website

“They’re good people over there [Metro],” said Wankus of Gauge’s new contract. “Most checks clear.” Gauge added by saying “most taxes are taken out.” Gauge said her web guy, Einstein, is also great. “I like all the guys at Metro. They’re pretty cool and down to earth. They don’t make the sets real hectic.” Gauge said she could probably make more by being independent. “But I would have to work my ass off. I think it’s a good decision.” Earlier, Wankus had Gauge commenting on the Cheri episode which is laid out beautiful, bloody and bare on her website.

By way of explanation [pay attention, it gets confusing], Gauge was in New Orleans hanging out with Cheri who had a dancing gig. Gauge then left New Orleans. “I left because the signing was over and I didn’t have any more business there,” Gauge explained. “I did a win-a-date thing. It was for KROQ in New Orleans. They did an awesome job and the contest was really cool.”

Gauge: My plane tickets got changed- I found that out when I woke up one morning. So I just sold the rest of my videos because the signing dates got jacked up…

Gauge said Cheri and her husband started fighting.

Then what becomes an Abbott & Costello routine, Wankus went over the laundry list in Gauge’s post.

Gauge: I’m the owner of a nice little gray African parrot. It’s like a little baby. It has to be constantly watched and have attention. Well they were fighting. I flew back here to L.A. and he [Cheri’s husband] made her think that he was in New Orleans and I was upset only because of my bird. I don’t give a fuck what happens with them.

Wankus: But you were out of town, now. She was supposed to be watching your bird.

Gauge: No. We’re in New Orleans together and her husband’s watching my bird.

Wankus: Her husband’s an L.A. guy?

Gauge: Yeah.

Wankus: So he’s supposed to be watching your bird in L.A. but you think now he’s in New Orleans.

Gauge: Because he told her that. He wanted her to call him.

Wankus: I just want to make sure we’re all on the same page. So all of a sudden you’re thinking he’s in New Orleans. You’re thinking, who’s watching the bird. Then you decide you’re going to let them deal with their own bullshit and I’m fuckin’ outta here. I’m going to get a little space.

Gauge: I have a life to live. I’m got to fly to L.A. That’s what I did.

Wankus: To take care of the bird and all that shit.

Gauge. Right. Her husband picks me up and he said don’t tell her that I picked you up. I want her to think that I’m in New Orleans.

Wankus: …looking over her shoulder.

Gauge: Not looking over her shoulder. She was being really mean to him and wouldn’t call him. I don’t know what it was.

Wankus: You said that she ended her marriage.

Gauge: Yes she did. A Ten year marriage.

Wankus: I want to go through this and I want you to tell me what’s right and what’s wrong. She threatened to poison my bird if someone didn’t get him out of her house.

Gauge: Yes she did. My boyfriend got him out of the fucking house.

Wankus: Very good. We’re glad he’s carrying the weight of the animal. Number three, she gave my paycheck to a guy that I was paying to renovate the apartment of my house.

Gauge: Right. There was an apartment in her house. She’s got like an attached apartment-thing. And they already owed me money. I said look if I put new carpet and tile up there, take it as rent instead of..

Wankus: But it was not her place to..

Gauge: Right. I get a check in the mail from Louisiana..

Wankus: And she signed it over to this guy.

Gauge: She didn’t sign it. Nothing had been signed or anything. She said, oh, she got a check in, here.

Wankus: So he took it and signed it over.

Gauge: No he took it and they held it, trying to squeeze money out of me.

Wankus: He’s telling you, you can’t have your check back which is none of his business, anyway.

Gauge: Right. And now it’s third, fourth fucking party. I’m like fuck off everybody.

Wankus: Did you tell him to go to hell and you got the check re-printed for you?

Gauge: Yeah.

Wankus: Okay, good. And then she went though all my stuff and took what she wanted.

Gauge: Yup.

Wankus: ‘She took my Christian Dior glasses that I wore at AVN this year, my Chanel perfume…I can’t find my jewelry.’ So she took all that stuff?

Gauge: I will say this. I did find the jewelry. Because I have fully unpacked. This is all that’s gone- the perfume and the glasses. Clothes, makeup, all gone even miscellaneous shit like pictures and my fucking toothpicks. Also my laptop. My Sony. I see a big footprint..

Wankus: She was trying to crush it?

Gauge: She did crush it. It’s a liquid screen. It’s all jacked up, unfixable.

Wankus: ‘Then she was out telling everyone that I was doing everyone without protection.’

Gauge: Yeah, she told my boyfriend that I was out running around town doing anal escorting calls without condoms.

Wankus: Honestly, did you do anyone while you were there?

Gauge: No.

Wankus: Not one person.

Gauge: Not one person.

Wankus: She just made that up.

Gauge: Yeah, she made that up.

Wankus: She said you fucked the contest winner in New Orleans. Earlier in the story it says he was a hot Marine. Did you have any sexual encounters with the New Orleans guy?

Gauge: No. He was a very nice gentleman and he was a Marine. He was younger and stuff but he had a girlfriend. And he was just cool. You know hjow those win-a-date things are.

Wankus: He went for the fun of it.

Gauge: Yeah and you’d go eat…

Wankus: I lived in New Orleans. I know how New Orleans guys are.

Gauge: Well he was stationed there…

Wankus: He didn’t try to hit on you or anything like that?

Gauge: No. Actually he was being real respectful of his girlfriend because he knew his girlfriend didn’t want him to go…

Wankus: … out on a date.

Gauge: Yeah and he was just being cool and hanging out.

Wankus: ‘She said I was out of the country and I left because shit was going to hit the fan.’

Gauge: Right.

Wankus: What does that mean?

Gauge: Because I had somebody ask me to go out of the country. It was to France. And then it was to the Bahamas and stuff.

Wankus: So when you left she accused you of taking those offers up.

Gauge: Yeah.

Wankus: ‘She said I was on drugs.’ Were you on drugs when you were down there?

Gauge: Well just my usual weed. No hard drugs. I just drink a little..

Wankus: Allegedly she [Cheri] does a lot of drugs. Because when she came here she looked a little strung out.

Gauge: I don’t know..

Wankus: She kind of looked like, heahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Gauge: I think she might have in Louisiana. I’m not going to say for sure what I seen. Sometimes she takes the diet pills and knocks her ass off the wall. I’m not not going to say anybody’s personal business but if she does, that’s what her problem is.

Wankus: ‘She says I lie about working in the business as much as I do. I’m really an undercover whore.’

Gauge: Yeah!!

Wankus: What does that mean.

Gauge: She was telling my boyfriend and everybody else that I was out escorting, doing this and doing that. Like I say I’m going to work. I have a girl-girl scene to do. But I’m not doing that. I’m meeting Tom, Dick and Harry up at Motel 8. Whatever.

– – –

Editor’s note: Gene is back and obviously has more time now to get all the details on anything important. We highly recommend you check his web site several times throughout the day for updates.



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