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Gen Padova on KSEX

Porn Valley- Gen Padova has been battling cancer for most of her adult life and yet she made it to the Porn Olympics and competed. If anyone has an excuse to lapse into an alcoholic stupor it’s probably Padova who’s displayed a remarkable amount of courage in her battle to fight a form of leukemia.

KSEX,, host Guy Capo complimented Padova on her performance. “I tried- I tried my best,” said Padova who competed for DVSX. Capo noted that he shot Padova maybe a year ago and on Monday resumed their professional association with Padova working on his Grudge Fuck project. Capo considered it a smoking scene, and Padova, 23, gracious as always, thanked him for the best birthday present ever.

Capo said he picked Padova to do the scene because it struck him that she was at home in that element. Padova said she first got into the industry about three years ago. “It’s amazing that time has flown so fast,” remarked Gen, noting that the first company she worked for was Extreme. “My first taste of the business was rough sex,” she said. “I know there was a lot of kink to me to begin with. Major closet kink.” Padova said she gets the you’re so cute and shy comments all the time. “Shut up! I’m a whore!”

Capo saw something Padova did for Kick Ass for their Barefoot Confidential line. Padova laughed about that scene being so old. Padova noted that she had [KSEX flake] Bionca Pureheart stay at her place about a month ago. “Somehow, I don’t know. She had a copy of this DVD. She wanted to watch it. I’m sitting there completely embarrassed. I looked like shit. I looked like a fuckin’ baby. It was the funniest thing.” Capo said what intrigued him about the whole issue is that Padova can masturbate with her feet. “That is kinky shit” he said. “I really dig that.” Capo then pressed Padova for a showroom demonstration. Padova was of the modest opinion that anyone could do it but suggested applying a pumice stone to your feet before attempting it. “It feels really good, though,” she said. “It feels like a pussy massage.”

Capo made note of Padova’s trials and tribulations. Capo lent suspicion that Padova has high tolerance for pain because she lives with it first hand. “This gave you the mental incentive to say I’m going to do something I really want to do with my life because it’s too fuckin’ short.” Padova said she lived a childhood as a very active, healthy person. “I ate very healthy; I was a very healthy kid.” Padova said she went to high school and college early. “I worked full time; I went to school full time.” Then Padova noticed that she started getting sick. “It got to the point where I was in bed three weeks constantly throwing up, bruising very badly- losing lots of hair. I felt like death and wanted to put myself out of misery.” Padova said, during a pap smear, it was discovered that she was dealing with a chronic leukemia.

Padova got all the bad news about the time she was turning 20 the irony being that she lived a clean life and never did drugs. “That’s what you get,” said Capo in an ain’t-it-a kick-in-the-head tone, msaking a case for smoking dope and eating lousy. “It’a bizarre twist of fate,” Capo continued. “But luckily it happened to you because you’re person of the kind of character that it takes to overcome such an issue.” Padova agreed that she’s a fighter and that it takes a lot to get to her. “When it does get to me I fight and fight and fight. Because there’s a point to be proven especially by me.”

According to Padova, doctors told her that she probably had the cancer for a year before they discovered it. “At the time he said I had about three or four years left to live because I was already borderline Stage 3, Stage 4.” Padova said she had a hard time believing that. “At the same time I was a little depressed. I just wanted to finish college and say fuck the world. I’m just going to do whatever I do. I’m not going to worry about what other people think.” Padova said her main worry was that she was going to do something that would make everybody talk in a very negative way. “I was very self-conscious about that.” Capo, again, made a point of stressing what a fighter Padova was. “She does an amazing scene and has made an amazing comeback in her life.” The mere fact that Padova’s been in the business three years has to account for something, Capo reasoned. “This business will eat you up and spit you out in a matter of months.”

Padova’s recollection is that, in that time, she’s taken about three months off, and that being at the beginning of the year. “You had gone into remission and beat it,” Capo pointed out. Padova said it came back at the end of January. “I’m doing fine,” she continued. “I’ve started a new treatment which is called immune therapy. It’s completely awesome. I don’t feel as sick as chemotherapy. I take herbal supplements.” Padova said she’s been indulging some homeopathic treatments that her doctors are not aware of only because they’d be urging her off them. Padova also exercises. “And I try to drink lots of water even though I can’t stand it,” she said, avoiding soda. “I push myself even when I don’t feel good.” Capo applauded Padova for being a positive role model and a beacon of hope.

Padova stressed the irony of the situation, noting that it prompted her to be in the business. Through it all, Padova laughed about being “stuck” with her first and only boyfriend. “You were so innocent in your private life and for you to jump into porn with, of all fucking companies, Extreme Associates,” Capo laughed. “They probably ran you through the goddamned wringer right off the bat.” Padova said she got pissed on during the first scene she ever did. “I got pissed on, went home, took a shower, came back and did my scene. I was actually wearing a real San Fernando Vallery Girl Scout outfit. It was insane- no makeup, hair in pigtails.”


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