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German Newspaper Profiles Fabian Thylman: Der Pornokönig

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Financial Times Deutschland does a profile of Fabian Thylman

The Google translation in fractured English:

Premium Chief of Manwin, the largest global erotica company, tells how the industry ticks, why does he get from the banks only lousy interest rates and why he is better than others can stow the erotic TV business.

In Las Vegas, he’s sitting on a table next to the laptop with speaking notes, and dangles his legs. At his feet, a hall of the Hard Rock Hotel, which is full of people who want to see him, the man in the hooded sweatshirt, the man behind sites like Youporn.

You want to know who their industry for years now hertreibt forward and has built a company where no one walks by.

Fabian Thylmann he is, comes from Germany and has Manwin, the largest adult companies in the world, built from the ground. The speech at the meeting of the porn industry is the beginning of the year so far his only public appearance – in his first interview, he now has the FTD given detailed insight into the company and its future plans.

“Our goal is ultimately banal: people make as much offers to spend money as possible.” Therefore Thylmann in recent years gone on a buying spree by the industry, is now be 2007 established company leader. Manwin include about a dozen so-called Tubesites – websites that are similar to YouTube, but porn film offer.

Three of them are in the global top ten, to them is Youporn, the most popular site of its kind in this country since last fall, Manwin is the online presence of Playboy responsible and has taken over the TV channels of the media house. The group has also some of the most popular brands in the porn world, including about Brazzers, Mofos, and Digital Playground.

“Manwin makes a several hundred million in sales,” said Thylmann. The margin before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization lies at approximately 30 percent. The proceeds would be approximately equal numbers of third-party online advertising and fee-own offerings.

The rise Manwins is a result of a radical structural changes in the industry, the world reacted about 14 billion dollars a year. DVD sales, the former money makers due to the vast range of free videos on the net fallen significantly, the profits are gone gone from the production studios and go to website operators. Also, many of them again went bankrupt or were taken over by competitors, because they failed to develop their activities with advertising-financed free offers to cover costs.

The market remains extremely fragmented, but who with erotic content wants to earn money online, must be large enough to be filtered out of the mass of porn consumers enough cash Willing can: Only a fraction of the user is ready for higher resolution, longer maturities and newer contents spend money.

“On our website we have about 300 million monthly users,” said Thylmann. This produced the 16 billion page views. By comparison, Facebook comes to around 1000 billion, Wikipedia to six billion. “About one thousandth visitor draws on paid content. Which is not much, but it’s what around here. People still give out money, you have to show them just what they really want to have.”

This requires a range of content, covering all niches. Thylmann looks almost achieved this goal: “We are planning a few deals that will be realized over the next eight to twelve months,” he said. “But that is probably once everything. Much more is not necessary.” Recent trend is called Glamcore – quality films produced with much more intimate atmosphere that will appeal to women. In this area, he still sees a gap to be closed soon.

The financial strength Manwins has made since the establishment of rumors in the industry, the company was operating with black money and pull behind taxes.

“These allegations have neither head nor tail,” said Thylmann. Although Manwin was established tax-optimized, “but that is not to be interpreted as tax evasion simply incorrect”.

In mid-September, the “Welt am Sonntag” took on the allegations, citing an anonymous tax office, according to Manwin is “a case for the tax investigation.”

“We have now obtained an injunction against the distribution of these many falsehoods,” said Thylmann. The newspaper has filed an objection.

The company structure is one of the major accounting firms responsible draw. The subsidiaries of the holding company made among themselves only after arm’s length transactions, a standard procedure for corporate groups. “We expect things like that in the industry forth from before. This is a shame, but ultimately handle a matter with which one has to learn, and I’m just going.”

The money for all the purchases comes from a 362 million dollar loan. Should have gone to a New York investment company. The loan had been sold to a dozen other fund houses. Name called Thylmann not with reference to confidentiality clauses.

“We operate in an area that is viewed askance by banks, according to our interest rate is not too fizzy,” he said. With growing confidence in the business model he expected but with better terms. Operationally write Manwin black.

In order to realize synergies, the Group plans to take care of themselves in the future to strengthen the TV business. “Playboy was this extremely important,” said Thylmann. “This is a brand with which you may ask people to get a foot in the door and can then explain my other brands.”

The television market Adult content is primarily in the United States extremely profitable, “and so slow to understand the operators, what we do at Manwin and how they can benefit from us.” By the mass of traffic, the Group has deep knowledge of the preferences of consumers – in the industry. An even more important aspect than in other “We can see immediately which draw content and which are not, worldwide. These are statistics that the TV industry had never. And if we have a video that runs online super, which also runs on television.”

Another future market Thylmann sees the development of games and apps for handhelds. Currently it is working on developments “should come in two or three months on the market.” The content should not only be erotic in nature, but also be designed for the mass market – “or anywhere in between.”

Thylmann thus relies on the already long ago observed fusion of adult and mainstream entertainment: TV hit shows like “Spartacus” and “Game of Thrones” entice viewers with extensive sex scenes, porn actresses write bestseller biographies or play with in Hollywood productions. “I see no reason why we should not benefit from this trend.” Long term, this sector contribute up to 50 percent of Group sales, here are also possible further acquisitions.


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