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Gia Jordan: I Wanted to Be a Bunch of Shit

Porn Valley- The lovely, vampish and voluble Gia Jordan, was a guest on The Wanker Show, Monday night.

Wankus busted her ass about being on a lot of other shows but never his. “You were all about Chef Jeff for while, you know you were,” Wankus said with a little bit of sarcasm. Jordan explained how that happened then Wankus said something about Jordan going to a bus stop and fucking a bunch of people. Jordan said it wasn’t as much a bus stop as a labor-ready.

“There was a bus outside and you fucked some people in it,” Wankus noted, while commenting approvingly on Jordan’s “fuck- me-in-the-ass-now” shoes. Jordan, who said she loves getting fucked in the ass, is shooting for Wicked all week beginning today. “It’s called Tough Chick,” she said. “I’m one of them. It’s me, Monique Alexander and Devinn Lane. We’re playing strippers in charge of a bank heist.”

Jordan said she fucks Nick Manning and also has a scene with Alexander. Wankus said while Alexander has always been nice to him she doesn’t necessarily evoke tough chick-ness. “But she has the looks of someone who could turn to be a bitch. She might be the kind of girl that when you’re not at KSEX and getting some promo, and when you’re maybe just some average Joe on the street you passing her by and saying how you doing, she might turn to you and, like, fuck off. She looks like she could do that.”

Jordan who said she was very excited about doing the Wicked movie, has lived in Vegas. “For like a year.”

She grew up in Miami. Asked if she were a Dolphins’ fan, Jordan shrugged, “I don’t know. I’m a chick.” Wankus, a die-hard Miami fan, took her to task for the blithe, non-involving Dolphin’s evaluation. Jordan explained that from Miami she moved to Seattle and spent a lot of time there. “I moved to Vegas for a year to finish up the whole stripping-thing.”

Jordan intended to be in Vegas a lot longer but work in the porn industry brought her out to L.A.

“Ever since I was a kid I thought, porn’s going to be one of the things I want to do. It was like a secret fascination of mine. I secretly did. I wanted to be a bunch of shit but I was, like, okay I’ll do the porn-thing too. I was in Vegas. It was AVN 2003. I meet this guy. He was one of the main photographers for AVN. But he was out helping Sineplex and stuff. He told me he was involved in the porn-thing, sort of, lightly, even though he’s not a porn photographer. I was, like, dude get me into that. I harassed him for a week.”

Jordan said she wasn’t promised anything. “Then it just happened.”

Co-ho Rebecca Love had to laugh. “You make it sound like it’s so hard to get into porn.” Asked if she had to give the guy a blowjob, Jordan responded in a way that pretty much said yes. Jordan then did her first scene for Elegant Angel, a five guy blow bang.

“I loved it,” she said. “I was fuckin’ cock crazed as all get out,” Jordan said when asked if she was nervous. Asked if she wasn’t afraid that one of the guys might look like Nic Andrews, Jordan said four of the five guys were cool.

“The one guy…hmm…not somebody I would go out with.” Wankus pressed for a name but Jordan did say the guy shot a monster load which more than made up for it. “But there were guys that were sort of a big name like Dick Tracy and Tyler Wood. They’re two of my favorite guys to work with.”

Jordan said she got spew mostly all over her face in that scene and admitted to being a cum whore. “These guys were so shocked about how far I could get it down and everything. They couldn’t believe it was my first time. It was like oh my fucking God.” Jordan said the only thing she was nervous about was the fact that it was for Elegant Angel and that she was a fan in high school. “I was, like, I really got to do a good job.”

Since then Jordan has done a few things for the company and just appeared in a feature Patrick Collins directed called Tales from the Toilet. “It’s a really hot threeway in a restroom with me, Nikki Hunter and Tyler Wood.” On Sunday Jordan did one called Semen Demon. “They dressed me up as a chick from Blade Runner.”

Wankus showed show a clip from one of Jordan’s other movies called Anal Trainer 8 from New Sensations. Jordan said she did her first d.p. in that one with Michael Steffano and Mr. Pete. It’s mentioned that Jordan is very passionate. “I kiss in all my movies,” she said. “I’m known for that. Sometimes I’ve kissed dudes on film and they’ve backed away.

Dude, you want to have a good scene or what?” Jordan said when she watches scenes like that she’s so proud of herself. Wankus asked if she showed the same scenes to her mother so she could be proud, too.

Jordan also brought another movie but suggested if she and Wankus were going to watch it, that she couldn’t have popcorn because she was going to do an anal scene Tuesday.

Wankus was also very complimentary of Jordan’s site and said her webmaster did a fantastic job. “It’s truly an A-list site,” she agreed. “And everything’s laid out super easy, too and it looks good while you’re checking it out.” Jordan doesn’t have a members site up yet.

“But even when I do there’s still going to be a lot of free shit on there for people. I just get off on the fact that it’s a beautiful site and I want everyone else to enjoy that same pleasure with me.”

Wankus said he read some of the diary entries and was curious if Jordan typed while she was drunk. Jordan seemed grazed by a bullet. “I’m kidding. I’m just having fun with you,” he said and apologized for farting. On mention of Skeeter Kerkove, Jordan noted that he was coming out with a new line called Bad Ass. “I want to be a part of it so bad.”

Jordan’s appeared in another Kerkove movie called Girls of Sodom which will be out in a month.

Love brought up the fact that she wanted to do an instructional video on blowjobs, with and without condoms. Wankus said Love was the queen of blowjobs. “More than me?” Jordan asked innocently. “I think that we should really challenge each other to a b.j. suck off,” Jordan suggested.

Taking quick leave for a piss, Wankus asked Love to find out something about Jordan that he could read in the trades the following day. Jordan, who has a background in ballet and showed off some tantalizing foot arches to prove her point, said hasn’t stripped in clubs for awhile but will dance if she gets to feature. Jordan’s been in porn about a year but Love recommended that she give it another six months to feature in order for her movies to get out there.

Asked how she lost her virginity, Jordan said she was a crazed sex maniac but it hurt getting the dick in. “I wasn’t doing much- missionary, frozen, on the bed in a hotel room at the Delano in Miami Beach.” Jordan said while she had been sucking cock she was 15, she didn’t have sex until 19.

Love then wanted the name of a girl in porn that Jordan would never work with. “Everybody has a dirt list,” said Love. Jordan was evasive but didn’t mind putting Tony Sexton on her guy list. Love said Lee Stone made her list and Wankus was curious why since Stone is generally well thought of.

“Great guy, nice, but very uncomfortable,: Love said. “He’s too big. He tries all these funky positions.” As far as women go, Love said she didn’t particularly care for Cailley Taylor for reasons that she wouldn’t elaborate. Put another way, Wankus said Taylor was scheduled once to come in on a Monday night and Love, the Monday night co-ho, said she couldn’t make it.


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