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Gia Paloma on Distorted Reality

Porn Valley- Gia Paloma was a guest of Quasarman on the Friday the 13th KSEX Distorted Reality Show. Quasarman thought Paloma resembled the Lara Croft character in the Tomb Rideo video game. “Not so much the Angelina Jolie character who I think looks like a second-rate Houston anyway.

And a first-rate Houston ain’t sayin’ much. I’m kidding of course.” Quasarman pressed Paloma for details about one of her projects Liquid Gold #8 from JM Productions. Paloma said she made the bloopers reel because she couldn’t piss. Quasarman said he’s similarly pee shy in the mens room. “I think it’s because I’m envious of the man’s genitals peeing beside me.” Paloma confided that she has a small pussy. “And a really tiny clit, so when I see those girls, like God, Taylor Rain, she has a good-sized clit, I’m hiding it.”

Quasarman agreed that Rain’s clit was like a tether ball. Being pee shy, Paloma said she didn’t know how she made it into the video but that she had just done a Violation of Gia in which she drank piss. “If you’re into pee and you’re into piss you can pick up that. There’s tons of it.”

Quasarman asked how old she was when she first decided that she wanted to top off a day’s work with a nice frosty urine. Paloma laughed saying it was a week ago. Asked if she had to get drunk to do it, Paloma said she volunteered and that Arianna [Jolie] also had both fists up her ass, besides. The question was also raised if Paloma got paid a hefty sum for all this activity. “I will find out soon,” she said. Quasarman was curious as to how much tax might be taken out for drinking urine. “I don’t think there’s an IRS code that exactly defines how much withholding [there is] when someone’s ingesting urine.”

Paloma said it was her first time doing something like that and it was a good experience. “Every man should go hunting at least once and every girl should drink some pee,” Quasarman agreed. Quasarman said he was going on his 14th year in the business but that at no time did he ever think a scene would be a lot hotter if a girl just gargled some piss. “It didn’t hit me like. Am I in the minority? That’s what I want to know.” Quasarman also noted that he got in trouble his last show for making fun of the anal milkshake movie. Paloma said Quasarman struck her as a normal guy. “It’s been said that I’m ‘conservative’ when it comes to things of that nature,” he conceded. But I don’t know that I am.”

For her part, Paloma figured if she was going to be in a feature titled ‘Violation’ what the hell, why not go all the way. Paloma was also in another project called POV Pervert #2. “That was for Mike John, God bless him,” she said. “That was when I was a fat girl. I looked like a dork in that movie.” Quasarman then asked Paloma if she attributed her weight loss to a steady diet of methamphetamines. “I stopped eating,” she laughed. Quasarman suggested that now she drinks urine, who needs food. “The Chinese believe that urine keeps you young,” he said. “They also believe Communism is a good thing but whatever.”

That being said, Quasarman suggested it would also explain another Paloma feature titled Chunky Pizza Party. “This is why you’re not going to get anybody on your show,” Paloma said. Quasarman defended himself since all the info he was presenting was public domain, that he looked Paloma up on IAFD. Paloma said she was a big girl back when. “Forty pounds bigger.” Even so, Paloma was willing to call Chunky Pizza Party “a great movie.”

“POV and Chunky are great,” she added. Quasarman also brought up Tough Love. “I assume you had the crap beaten out of you while you were being sodomized.” Paloma said she took on three guys that day, the first one was having problems. “He was great, but…” A second guy just couldn’t do the job well enough, she continued. And, finally, it was Mr. Pete who did the job. Quasarman wanted to know if Pete hit Gia over the head with a bong.

Quasarman wanted to know what prompted a “cute-as-a-bug” girl like Paloma let strange people pee on her. “Was childhood all cotton candy and pony rides or what it dark and foreboding?” Paloma said they wouldn’t have time to go into it. Asked why she got into the business, Paloma, 19, explained that she had been going out with her ex forever. “I got really horny when we broke up. I figured, hey.” Paloma said it was just this year that it happened.

Quasarman also concluded that Paloma does anal, judging by the fact that she’s had hands up her colon. “Is there some kind of underground university that you go to to learn something like that?” he wanted to know. Paloma said she hadn’t done anal before she got into porn.

“How do you figure out that, physically, you can accommodate dual fists in your rectum?” Quasarman then asked. “Because it wouldn’t occur to me that I could do it.” Paloma said it’s all about relaxing and thinking how cool is it going to be to say that she had two fists up her ass today.

In that context, Quasarman agreed that Paloma’s day would definitely be more exciting than that of the Sparklets delivery man. “A lot of woman in this business might say that they like two fists up their ass but they don’t really mean it,” Quasarman said complimenting her. “They’ll take the two fists in the anus check, but they deserve to get the one fist in the face check, know what I’m saying?” He pointed out that some women clearly shouldn’t be in the business because they obviously don’t enjoy sex. “Which is fine but be able to act like you enjoy it.”

A caller-in asked Paloma if she’d ever consider doing a bukkake. “That’s the one thing that I cannot do,” admitted Paloma. Paloma said the night she met Julie Night, a good friend of hers, Night did a great bukkake, but for herself, Paloma couldn’t see taking it in the eyeball. “I took ten loads of cum for Platinum X and I felt so sick afterwards. I felt horrible. I don’t think I could do a bukkake.” On the other hand, Paloma said she had no problem with the urine. “That’s natural.” Quasarman said if he was kidnapped in a rain forest by Columbian rebels and offered the choice of a bowl of urine and a steaming bowl of load, it would be a tough decision, also.

Paloma said it was cool that girls get crazy with bukkake but she gets crazy in other ways. “I take fist in my ass. I get double-reamed. I get dildos that big shoved in me.” Paloma was asked if she’s given thoughts to having successful bowel movements later in life. “You’re young now but when you blow out your O-ring at 28 and you’re at a party and you’ve got to leave unexpectedly…meanwhile you’ve got eight pounds of fecal matter in your shorts that you weren’t expecting.” Paloma agreed that it was sad in a way that sex scenes have to be outrageous but that she enjoys the circus tricks. “I get a good pay check and it’s fun. At the time it’s fun but I can’t do that every day.”

Quasarman was also of the opinion that the extreme end of the gonzo spectrum was insulting: “I can’t shoot anything erotic so I going to make a milkshake in a girl’s ass. I can’t shake the anal milkshake image from my head.”

Paloma was also reminded of a time when she shot a half gallon of cooking oil up her ass and squirted it back out. “If you think the milkshake thing’s bad…” Paloma said she did the scene for Tom Zupko. Asked if the scene took eight hours to shoot, Paloma laughed at the inside joke.

Paloma also credits girls like Nakita Denise who paved the way by breaking sexual boundaries. “I’m only four months in the business and look how much I’ve done.” Paloma said she was having a blast doing outrageous scenes but, realistically, feels if she’s going to last more than a year, she can’t keep doing scenes like those. To that end, Quasarman said he was waiting for someone to have a horrible medical emergency on a shoot. “I’m thinking that’s the next thing.”

Quasarman pointed out something he read on the Internet where a fan expressed disappointment that anal accidents weren’t included in the footage of the movie.

“That area is hardly ever breached in my own house. Maybe again I’m in a minority.”



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