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Gina Lynn in Men’s Fitness

The following interview with Gina Lynn and Travis Knight appear in Men’s Fitness

We admit it. We’re fascinated with porn stars and their lifestyle. It’s something about a person who shares so much about themselves with strangers, you wonder what secrets could they possibly hide? In the case of porn couple Gina Lynn and Travis Knight – not many.

MF checks out Gina’s and Travis’ chaotic yet normal existence as the premier porn couple. Surprisingly, we asked questions that would make any regular couple blush or wince with embarrassment – Gina & Travis… not so much.

MF: Any rules in regards to sex scenes with others?

Gina: In the beginning we did, when we first got in, we were like, you don’t have to kiss. But that had to end, because you really can’t help it that during a sex scene you have to kiss someone.

Travis: We don’t swing, so we say if we don’t get paid we don’t get laid. That way we don’t mess around off camera.

MF: Anyone you forbid each other to work with?

Gina: If I don’t like the girl, he’s not working with her. And he’s done the same thing to me. I don’t know a particular name. If I find out if a girls escorting, he’s not going to work with her. I’d rather him work with pretty girls, I hate him working with skanky girls.

Travis: I can’t think of the guys name but there is one guy who wanted to work with her really bad, and he came and asked me. He seemed like a cool guy, then he was bragging about working with Gina Lynn, and saying he’s gonna dog her out. And I went to him and told him I wasn’t cool with that.

Gina: If he knows a guy is doing gay work on the side, he doesn’t want me work with him, because they aren’t tested. We are tested every 28 days, a lot of guys do both, so it’s kind of risky.

MF: If you weren’t in the industry what would you do for a living?

Gina: I was a dancer in catholic high school, so I would always be a dancer… I was a dancer first.

Travis: I had my own construction company for eleven years before I started porn. I am a little older than I look.

MF: How old are you?

Travis: I am 39 and Gina is 32.

MF: Whats the best way to break into the industry?

Gina: For a female you just have to be hot, call a company or call an agency and they will put you on their website.

Travis: It’s not even about being hot, cause there are a lot of girls in the business that are not hot. To be a girl is easy, just say you’ll do this and that, and a lot of companies will take advantage of that.

For guys, its really hard for guys to get into industries cause you have to prove yourself. Since the majority of the companies won’t give you a chance, they’ll use their friends. They either have to have a connection or bring in a hot chick, who’ll only want to do scenes with them.

MF: What’s your ‘break in’ story?

Gina: I was always doing magazine layouts by myself, and girl on girl… And I asked him if he wanted to do it.

Travis: I did it, because I thought it would be something to tell my buddies about, and after we did it, they were like you should be doing films. And they started throwing money at us, and we did it for fun, since we didn’t get paid much.

So we did, and three months later are phones are ringing off the hook, they invited us to the AVN awards, and this company pulled us to the side and offered us a contract. So here we are now.

MF: Do you ever bring your work home?

Gina: Two different couples. One was before we started doing movies, we were doing magazines… but we stopped it because it was causing problems.

Travis: The first time we ever did it we were in Miami Florida, and Gina was feature dancing. We were signing autographs, and this couple came through the door, and she was like, “Oh my God it’s Travis and Gina.

“So they begged to come back and party with them, so we started playing around. I had a video camera so we were filming. She asked Gina, if her man could mess around with her, and she could mess around with me. To make a long story short, her man was pretty small (they both laugh).

I am not trying to brag, but I pretty much messed it up a little bit. So we went out to dinner the next night, and he was acting really weird, so he told me, “Dude, I want to divorce my wife, I can’t stand looking at her, she disgust me.”

So I was like, “What are you talking about.”

And he said, “She was all cramped up, couldn’t hardly walk this morning. I don’t want to even be with her anymore, she’s all blown out.” They were together since high school, and they are still together now.

MF: Do you still keep in touch?

Gina: Every once in a while… they don’t look as good as they used to.

MF: When you have sex for a living, is it difficult to perform normally?

Travis: We’re so jaded that we have to bring animals in… (they laugh).

Gina: He gets lazy, when we have sex

Travis: Sometimes when we have sex, and she’ll say, “We’re not doing a scene take it easy,” and other times she’s like, “That’s it?”

MF: I am sure you do a lot of fantasies on film, any fantasy you want to perform?

Travis: Mine is very simple, and I’m rock hard and ready to go. She’s never done anal before, and she has the booty. All I have to do in my mind, is hear her saying, “I want you to fuck my ass tonight.” So that’s all I have to think about and I am ready to go. But if it ever happens, then what’s left.

Gina: I don’t have a fantasy to fulfill. But when I am getting off by myself, I think about him doing another girl. But if it were in real life, I would kill him, unless I am ok with it at the time.

MF: Do you have to approve each others co-stars?

Travis: Put it this way, she’s done 50 to 60 movies, and I’ve done over 250. So when she asked me, “Who are you working with,” half the time I don’t even know who they are.

I just did a movie two weeks ago, and the girl I was suppose to work with tested positive for Chlamydia, so they bought this other girl in that was somewhat hot, but she must have gained 15lbs… I thought she broke my rib, I like to get rough, so I threw her up in the air, and when she came down we broke the bench we were on, and my rib came out, and it hurt so bad, but I continued.

She kept telling me to put my hands on her sides to hide her ripples, and I kept thinking, “This doesn’t turn me on at all.”

Gina: I’ll look at a girl, and say to him, “How did you get hard to that?” And it’s because she had a good attitude, and she’s dirty and slutty like he likes them.

MF: You think marriage has helped or hindered your success?

Gina: I kept it quiet for a long time, because people say don’t tell anyone it will hurt your career. We did HBO, and that’s were we came out as a couple.

MF: How long you been together?

Gina: It will be seven years in August.

MF: Wow, that’s longer than a most marriages.

Travis: I’d like to write a book about it, but we just haven’t crossed that path. Since the HBO thing all these people call us for interviews and are like “Oh man, how do you make it work?”

It’s like, we make it work because we know where our hearts are for one thing, and its like we look at it as a business. We have bad days and good days working. There’ll be some days where she’s out doing a scene, and for some reason I can’t get it out of my head. You know what I mean. She’s the same way.

Gina: Well it depends on the girl. Like theres one girl, Bella Don, I love her, I would do a scene with her, with him and her. I would shoot him with her. I’ve shot him with other girls before.

MF: Oh Really?

Gina: Oh yea.

Travis: Well we have our own production company, so she does shooting.

Gina: I go through phases, like right now I’m in a phase where I don’t wanna do it, I don’t wanna see it.

MF: And then sometimes you’re turned on by it I guess?

Gina: Yea, or then sometimes its funny, like if I think the girl is like fun.

Travis: Yea, some girls have a good attitude about it and its fun.

Gina: It’s a fun shoot.

Travis: But then some girls just don’t get it. We were doing this thing and I was working with this 18-yr old girl, and I don’t think she knew or realized that Gina was my wife ‘cuz she’s like “yea we gotta hook up, let me give you my number.”

Gina: I wanted to punch her.

Travis: I’m like that’s my wife and shes like “Oh we can all hook up together.” I’m just like please be quiet or she’s gonna smack you.

Gina: She was a stupid girl.

MF: She was 18, probably didn’t realize what was going on. You’ve mentioned a couple times that this is a business. Is your relationship a love based relationship, or has it turned into more of a business?

Gina: We’re in love

Travis: Yea, we’re in love. But we do get…

Gina: A little crazy with business.

Travis: Sometimes we do have to step back and say whoa, you know, cuz I manage her as well, and sometimes its like I’m…

MF: Being too much of a manager and not more of a husband I guess?

Travis: Yea, yea. And you get the same way [to Gina]. Like, ‘cuz I manage her and take her on the road. When she’s doing gigs I go up on the stage and clean it off for her. Sometimes she’ll snap at me ‘cuz I play the wrong songs.

Gina: Well that’s the worst that could happen.

Travis: Its just little things that build up after awhile and I’m like “You need to slow down cuz I’m your husband, I’m not your little peon.”

MF: Gina I know you did some mainstream stuff before, what’s your plan for the future, are you gonna do anymore?

Gina: You know, after I did the Eminem video I thought I could ride on that for awhile, so I kinda got a little lazy, and I didn’t do anything afterwards. But now, I just had a bunch of comp cards printed up, and I’m gonna send them all to the agency. When I do that I get work right away. Of course I get some sexy roles, like the main stage dancer in Analyze That. The 5th season of Sopranos they gave me a speaking role.

MF: Really? You were on 5th season of Sopranos.

Gina: Yea I had a speaking part with James Gandolfini.

Travis: She was on the boxcover of the DVD.

MF: I’m a huge Sopranos fan. What scene were you in?

Gina: All I know is its “Happy Families” the episode. We were in a bar, taking a shot together, and I had three lines.

MF: Oh that’s so cool. You were hot in that Eminem video.

Gina: And he [Travis] didn’t do his hair like that because of Eminem, he’s had it like that for years.

Travis: Its funny though, when we went to the Eminem video shoot. Eminem came up to me, and I thought he was gonna be real cocky and all, but he was totally cool. Its funny because… I don’t know him, you know, and he came up to me ‘cuz he knew who I was and he’s just like faking fighting with me, and trying to wrestle with me, and I grabbed him in a headlock and lifted him up, ‘cuz you know, he’s a little dude, and I lifted him up in the air and these big bouncer dudes are like “Dude you better put him down ‘cuz he’s our money.” (laughs) But it was cool, we hung out with him for like 14 hours.

Gina: I know, but he didn’t really want you to be there.

Travis: No, he didn’t. He wanted her bad. He told me he’s been a big fan of her, ‘cuz I just told him I was her manager. He was like “Dude, what can you do for me.”

Gina: At the end of the shoot he was like, “you’re not fooling anybody”.

Travis: Yea, that’s because he wanted you to go with him to his room for dinner and stuff.

MF: Right, “dinner”. (laughs)

Travis: She was like, “Oh, I can’t do that.”

MF: I’m sure you have a lot of celebrity fans. Besides Eminem, who else have you found out is a fan of yours?

Travis: Ben Stiller and his wife.

Gina: Well yea, they were fans of the industry and stuff.

MF: What percentage of your orgasms on camera are real?

Gina: Umm, less than half.

MF: Wow

Gina: Its hard, because you’re constantly stopping to take pictures of every position, and if the director doesn’t have an open angle you’ve gotta stop. Its hard to really get into it. Its for the camera.

Travis: A lot of the times if the girls trying to get off, its hard for the guy. You know ‘cuz the girls grinding and grinding and you’re like “shit, you know, don’t make me lose it.”

Gina: Well I personally don’t wanna get off because then I’m out of it.

MF: So you prefer to fake it?

Gina: Yea, in a movie.

MF: I would imagine its really hard to maintain and all, do you have to use anything to desensitize yourself?

Travis: It’s a mental thing. I have used stuff before. I’m not gonna lie, last time I used, what is it called, viagra. I did two scenes that day and I decided to take viagra. I got a hematoma.

MF: What’s a hematoma?

Travis: Well, uh, I was doing doggy, and this girl didn’t have much of an ass, and when I was doing her, I was slamming into her real hard. It was like bam, it was killing me, it was like hitting into a wall. Then we went to go into another position, on the base of my dick, like the size of my thumb, a clear bubble, and I touched it, and all of a sudden it just like filled up with blood.

Gina: He runs upstairs with a little towel over his dick and he’s like “Should I go to the hospital?” I’m like “Yea, let’s go to the hospital.” I was upstairs doing a scene.

Travis: I was out of work for like 3 months.

Gina: It was horrible. I was afraid to touch it for awhile. (laughs)

Travis: It was more scary than anything. They said I broke a blood vessel.

Gina: I think Cialis is better huh?

Travis: See, I don’t like that either.

Gina: They all have bad side effects.

Travis: See theres a lot of guys in the business, they inject something, I couldn’t tell you what it is, but they use a needle. I’ve heard horror stories. I have a friend that did it while they were in Mexico shooting. He had to get rushed back to the States because it didn’t go down for two days straight while they were shooting.

MF: What a nightmare.

Travis: Yea, he thought he’d never be able to perform again. A lot of these guys do it, cuz they’re all like “yea, I wanna be a porn star, I’m gonna rock this chick.” See I’m almost 40, and a lot of these guys are in their 20’s. They don’t realize that if they use that stuff for just a couple of years, they’re gonna have to rely on it. And we know couples like that and they have problems because the husbands were performers and now their husbands can’t get hard, unless they shoot up. I wouldn’t ever want to be connected to a drug like that.

MF: Well I’ve asked everyting about your business and personal life. My last question is, what’s next for you guys?

Gina: We’re doing a step up. I actually left my company that I was in a contract for, so I don’t work for anybody else anymore. During that time, it was his idea to establish our own production house. So we did that, I was in the first two titles, since we had scenes saved. Those two titles did incredible, ‘cuz my name’s on it. Now that I’m back in full force, we’re gonna do well I think. We put out one title a month.

Travis: We’ve got that going. We want to start getting our stuff into cable. And also get her back out there in the mainstream. She really wants to do the mainstream stuff. We’ve been trying to find an agent, a mainstream agent, and its just like, people are afraid, because of her name in the industry.

MF: But you’re so popular?

Travis: Its weird, we don’t understand it.

Gina: I was gonna do a lovemaking scene with Jack Nicholson in this Martin Scorsese, and there were a few directors on it. One director totally approve, he gave me a schedule and everything. I’m all excited you know and they call me back a few days later and they’re like “We think it might hurt him.” But it wouldn’t, people would just go to see it more and I would do a better job.

MF: Now I’m gonna go home and try to find your episode of Sopranos.

Travis: On the DVD cover for season 5, Tony’s in a boat, and there’s all these dead bodies around. Gina’s in the fetal position, she’s one of the bodies.

MF: Did they kill you or something?

Gina: No, but they used me for the cover.

MF: Is there anything I didn’t ask you that you wanted to say something about?

Gina: There’s I Love Gina. It’s my big first thing since leaving the company I was with.

Travis: It comes out in the middle of April. We just released Gina Lynn’s Virtual Blackjack. It’s a DVD/game that you play on the computer. She’s a dealer, and you’re playing blackjack, and the whole virtual thing is that when you get to certain levels, you can do whatever you want with her.

MF: Hot



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