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Porn Valley- Gina Lynn, conducted an interview this week with Tim McKernan on Lynn is making an appearance in St. Louis today to dance at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club and made an in-studio In a phone conversation, Lynn talks about the fact that she now lives an hour outside of Philly.

Lynn began dancing as a house girl at Al’s Diamond Cabaret about 8 years ago but now appears there once a year to feature. Lynn’s current schedule has her on the road 2 or 3 weeks out of a month. However the grind is catching up with her, she notes, particularly her knees. During the time she was a house girl, Lynn talks about the fact that she had her share of stalkers. Asked about her worst incident, Lynn recalled the time when some guy called her from the parking lot when she was doing a store signing and was waiting for her. “And, when I was leaving the store, he chased us with his car,” she said. “We lost him- we were lucky.”

According to Lynn, her largest form of revenue comes from feature dancing. “It’s the quickest. But, I have my own production company. It’s Gina Lynn Productions.”

Lynn’s currently putting out 1 or 2 productions a month. “Me and my husband,” she explains. “My husband is a performer. His name is Travis Knight.” Lynn is also under contract to Club Magazine.

“For most of the movies for my own company that I’m going to shoot through January, you’ll see me behind-the-scenes,” she states. “And, you’ll see somebody shooting me while I’m shooting a girl while she’s doing a scene. It’s really cool. It’s the interaction- it’s cool to see a porn star that’s really popular holding the camera and doing the leg work.”

Asked what she attributed to her star rising in the porn world, Lynn lent some of that to an appearance in a music video with Eminem. “And it just took off for me,” she said. Lynn explained how that came about.

“I was in the movie Analyze That (with Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal),” she went on to say. “And Eminem and his buddy Proof went to go see it. And, they saw me on stage in the scene in the movie. And, you saw a lot of me on stage. You saw my face. You saw my butt. You saw my boobs. And, when he saw it, he was like, ‘ Oh my God. That’s the girl I want in my next video.’ ”

At the time Lynn was in North Carolina on her way to do a store signing. “And, whoever they had to do the video, they cancelled. And, I heard it was Shannon Elizabeth,” she says. “And, they flew me in overnight and I wasn’t even prepared to do this. I would have worked out for months, went tanning,” she laughs. Lynn thinks she’s probably now in the best shape of her life.

“And, thank God, when I was in Analyze That, I was very fit.”

“But, it’s funny though,” she continues, “because I’ll work with some guys, and then I’ll work with them again, and some of them like me heavier. Like the European guys. They’re like, ‘Oh, you lost your butt.’ ”

Lynn explains that she did a lot of squats and that’s how she lost the extra size in her ass. “But my butt is still bigger than the average girl.”

Lynn says she always tried to hide her ass because her mother gave her a complex.

“She used to call me ‘ basketball ass,’ she laughs. “I was this skinny little stick thing, but then I had this big butt.”

From the Eminem gig, Lynn apparently got on the cover of US Weekly. In an interview on Entertainment Tonight, Lynn was quoted as saying, “Eminem was strictly professional. We did our shoot and then we went our separate ways.”

According to Lynn, this is just what happened although people were trying to read things into the situation.

“I had the opportunity,” she says. “But, I’m married, and I would’ve felt guilty. He [Eminem] invited me to his room and I played the whole ‘Oh, I’m sorry. I’m doing a scene.’ And, on top of that, he has five big bouncers with him at all times. So, that’s kind of scary. I’m not going to put myself in that position.”

“He couldn’t handle me anyway,” she continues. “Even like when we were kissing under the covers, he was shaking.I think he got nervous or excited. It made me laugh.”

When it’s brought up that Eminem also did a video with Jenna Jameson and Kobe Tai, Lynn says she heard a similar story from Jameson. “We had a conversation about it,” said Lynn. “She was like, “Yeah. He’s all nervous and scared.’ ”

Lynn said her husband was on the music video set. “And, they kept asking who he was. And, we were trying to hide it, and now we don’t hide it [the fact that they’re married] anymore. For the longest time, I thought it would be a downfall in my career. And, it’s not. We’ve been married six years, which is a lot longer than a lot of couples. And, we both perform with other people.”

Asked if she’s ever uncomfortable to see her husband with someone else or vice versa, Lynn said it depends on the day, the situation and who he’s working with. “He feels the same way.

“There are some girls that he works with and I’m cool with it,” she continues. “And there are some girls that really bug me. Some girls are not to his standard. And, it bothers me that he can get excited over them. But, he says it’s a mind over matter thing. It doesn’t really matter what the girl looks like.”

Noting that she workw with women as well, Lynn says she goes through her phases.

“Right now, I’m in my guy phase,” she says. “But, I’ll do two a girl and a guy] at once, so I’ll be happy.”

Lynn’s favorite performer is Belladonna.

“She was in Gina Lynn’s Darkside with me and my husband,” Lynn explains. “And, it won AVN’s Movie of the Year for Gonzo.” Asked what makes Belladonna so hot, Lynn said, “She’s just really clean and she does the nastiest stuff.”

Lynn mentions the fact that she doesn’t do anal and has never done it. “Never. No, I’d freak out over it,” she said. “I’ve tried the very tip of it, and I didn’t like it. And, I don’t want to do something I don’t enjoy.” Lynn says her husband likes it, however. “But, I think it’s just a fantasy for him since I won’t do it. Oh yeah. He’s still knocking. He still tries,” she laughs.

Lynn began dancing at Al’s Diamond Cabaret. “It’s a pretty famous place,” she notes. “I found out about it because I saw it on the news. LaToya Jackson was booked there to feature, and people paid $40 to see her, and she refused to take her clothes off. So, people got really upset. There was all of this fighting and there was like a riot, and I saw it on the news, and I thought this has to be a pretty good club.

“So, I went there,” Lynn continues. “I used to live in Jersey when I found out about this. So, I’d drive back and forth from New Jersey, and I then I just decided to move there. I was with another guy, who I broke up with, thank God. So, that’s how it all started.”

Lynn was then booked as a house girl to feature, and started getting a lot of attention and doing magazines. “So, that’s how everything started…and then Al lost me as a house girl.”

Asked what her family thinks about her career, Lynn mentions the fact that she has a brother who’s in college but that her career hasn’t affected him negatively. Her mother is very supportive.

“My mom was crazy when she was younger,” Lynn states. “She’s now telling me about her little hot booty contests that she was in. Now I know why I am the way I am. Besides the Gina Lynn website, Lynn also maintains

“It’s every girl I shoot in my production plus thousands of photos and videos and a special diary,” she explains. According to Lynn, the webmaster for is Jenna Jameson. “So, she makes half of what I make. How ’bout that?”

If she had to pick the prettiest girl to hook up with, Lynn is asked who would it be.

“Lanny Barby,” she replies. “She’s a new Vivid Girl. And, I’ve already worked with her. She’s Canadian. Dark hair. Green eyes. She wasn’t as wild as I like them, but I did like her a lot.”

If you had a daughter and she wanted to get into the adult industry, would you encourage her to do so, Lynn is asked.

“At first, I would steer her toward college,” she answers. “I would steer her away from it only because of how many people judge me and the things that I have to go through.

“I’m not against it,” Lynn continues. “But if she said, ‘ This is what I’m going to do, and you really don’t have a decision,’ then I would have to support her. But, I would steer her away from it at first only because everybody is so negative about it. Everybody wants their daughter to be a doctor or lawyer at first.”

Lynn says you need to have a good head on your shoulders to make it in the adult business.

“There are a lot of girls who could’ve been really popular and big stars, and now they don’t have a dollar to their name and they’re hooked on drugs.”



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