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Gina Lynn on Howard Stern

Howard welcomed a mechanic named Tommy to the studio to play “Gina [Lynn] or Wiener.” Tommy told the crew he was a huge fan of Gina’s – he even has her face and signature tattooed on his arm.

Howard then set the rules for the game, telling Tommy that he’ll get to fondle Gina’s breasts if he gets the first trivia question right. For the second, he gets to fondle her ass. The third gets him a lap-dance. For four right answers, he gets to spank her.
All five earns him a fully-nude “massage.”

From Gina came in while they were talking about that. Howard told Gina that she looks good today. He said he thinks that she’s gotten even better looking.

Gina said that she was wearing nipple tape this morning because she didn’t want them just busting out. Howard told her he hates nipple tape. He said she doesn’t need that in there.

Howard said that Gina might be his favorite porn star right now. Artie said that it’s either her or Eric Everhart for him. Gina said that she likes Eric too.

Howard said he loves Gina’s movies and uses them to beat off. Gina said she heard that he was talking about the way she gives blow jobs. She said she does things with her tongue and she loves doing that to guys. She said she sticks her tongue out really hard for the guy.

Howard asked Gina to demonstrate for him what she does. She showed them on a banana and Howard said he wishes that was his penis. Gina said that she just loves the look on a guy’s face when she’s doing it. Howard said that some chicks really love doing it and that might be the key.

Gina said that she’s been with a guy for 10 years now but she still masturbates like 4 times a day. Howard said he’d be jealous if Beth told him that she did that. Gina said that she got to an age when she just got really wild and had to orgasm a bunch of times in a day.

Howard said they have this guy Tommy coming in to play this game. He gave Gina a plug for the Wack Pack at the Christy’s Farm show that’s airing on Howard TV this month. That led to Gina talking about her trip out to Kansas and how she will never eat meat or chicken again after that. She said that she spent time with a cow, that ended up shitting on her, and it responded to it’s name when they called her. They showed the video of the cow shitting on her after that.

Gina said that she really liked Yucko out there and thought that they bonded. Gina said that the camera men were looking really good while she was out there but she didn’t have sex with anyone. She also said that one of their dogs was scared of Richard out there. She said she’s not sure what he did to that dog but it would run away from him every time he came around.

Gina said it was kind of scary out there at the farm because she was hearing weird noises at night and stuff. She said that the younger the animal, the better they taste and she hasn’t eaten any chicken or beef since she was out there.

Howard said that this guy Tommy is such a big fan that he has a tattoo of her face on him. Gina didn’t know that. Howard gave her a plug for her movie ”Fantastic Whores Four” and said you can find out more at She’s still making movies and producing them herself. She said she probably shot 12-15 movies this year so far. Howard said she looks good too and not skanky like so many other porn chicks do.

Howard asked Gina if she thinks she’s normal. She said she does. Howard said he thinks she is too. Artie said she looks very normal.

Howard said this guy Tommy became a fan after seeing her on an episode of The Sopranos. Gina said she thinks she knows who this guy is after Howard described him. Gina said that he was kind of cute when they brought him in. She liked that he wasn’t a weird guy.

Tommy showed his Gina Lynn tattoo. She said that she signed it at one of the expos she went to. Tommy said he’s a mechanic so he doesn’t have to worry about the tattoos. Howard said that they were all over the place and kind of a mess. Gina asked if the rest of them agreed he was cute. Robin said he was. Artie agreed with a mouth full of food.

Howard asked Tommy if he beats off to her all the time. He wasn’t saying much so Howard had to ask him to speak.

Howard told Gina that if Tommy answers the first question correctly, Tommy gets to feel her breasts when she strips down. She was fine with that. Tommy is only 20 years old. Howard said that they might need to loosen him up with some booze but he’s not legal. Tommy said that doesn’t stop him.

Howard asked Tommy if he has a girlfriend. He said he doesn’t have one now but he had one before. Howard told him that he gets to fondle her breasts with the first question. He wondered what he could do after the second one. Gina was fine with him fondling her ass. Howard said that he gets Sal and Richard’s wieners on his face if he gets any wrong.

Howard said on the third one maybe he could get some titty on the face. Gina was fine with that too. Howard wondered how far they were going to go with the prizes. Artie said that he might as well just fuck her by then. Gina said that won’t be happening. Howard said maybe he could spank her as she’s reading some sexy stories. Artie said he should just fuck her. Gina said she would massage him and maybe she’d ”accidentally” touch his penis.

Howard said he’s pulling for Tommy because he wants to see Gina naked and no Sal and Richard penis. Then Sal and Richard came into the studio naked. Howard said they were wearing cowboy hats and sombreros.

Sal said that his penis kind of dangles down low because he’s uncircumcised. Howard had him pull it out to show Gina. Richard pulled his out too. Richard said that he tried to chub it up a little bit. Gina said she liked Richard’s a little better than Sal’s.

Howard got to the game and asked what music video Gina starred in. She was in Superman by Eminem and Tommy got it right. Gina stripped down after that and took off her nipple tape. Tommy wasn’t looking at her according to Howard. Tommy got to feel her up a little bit and Gina said that he was tweaking her nipples a little too hard.

Howard asked what Gina’s birth name was. Tommy knew how to spell it but he didn’t know how to pronounce it. He spelled it ”Tanya Mercado” and got it right. Gina bent over and let Tommy spank her a little bit. Gina told him not to spank her too hard after he gave her a couple of hard whacks.

Howard asked Gina why she changed her name from Tanya Mercado, he kind of likes it. Gina said that she was only 19 when she changed it and didn’t know any better.

Tommy was rubbing Gina’s ass so the guys told him to grab it a bit. Tommy said that it was nice and firm. Howard said that’s a nice prize this guy just won.

Howard asked Tommy ”Where was Gina born?” Tommy said that he didn’t know the first part but it was in Puerto Rico. Howard said that was close enough. Gina thought he had to give the whole place. Howard said that Tommy got another one right so he was going to get the lap dance now. Gina danced for him and Tommy said it was fuckin’ awesome. Howard said the only thing missing was alcohol.

Howard was hoping that Tommy would get one wrong but Tommy said he doesn’t want to get any wrong. Richard asked if they could slap Jason in the face with their cocks since Tommy wasn’t missing any.

Howard said that Gina was very aggressive with that lap dance. He said maybe he soul ask Tommy what congressional district she’s in.

Howard asked what movie was the first one that Gina had anal sex in. Tommy didn’t know so Sal told him to get on his knees. Howard said that Gina has never had anal sex on film so it was a trick question. Gina said she’s never had anal with anyone, not even her husband. She said she wants to enjoy sex and not be scared of being in pain. She said she’s had a finger and a skinny glass dildo up there but she didn’t like it. Gina said that she will pound a girl anally with a dildo no problem. She just doesn’t like it on herself.

Sal and Richard went over to Tommy and slapped their penises on his face three times. Tommy said that he’s never had anything like that happen to him before. Richard said his beard scratched the head of his cock. Sal laughed and Howard joked that Sal just came from doing that. Sal was getting kind of excited by that from what Howard said.

Howard got back to the game and asked Tommy ”What state does Gina Lynn live in?” He knew it was Pennsylvania and even gave the town. Gina said he probably even knows her address. Tommy got on his back and Gina gave him a very aggressive massage.

Gina said that Tommy was pretty hairy. She rubbed him down and let out a ”Whoa!” at one point. Howard told Tommy he might need to go to the doctor because he seems to be in a coma. Tommy wasn’t saying much. Gina rubbed him down with some oil after that. Tommy was liking it. Richard said it looked like she was rubbing the wolf man. Gina said that if he were her boyfriend she’d whack that hair off of him. Tommy said he’s never had a complaint.

Howard had Gina bump Tommy on the head with her boob. She did that too. She ended up putting her naked vagina on his back. She said that she was putting ”her stuff” on his back. Howard asked Tommy how that felt. He liked that as well. Gina said that she put marks on his back from her nails. She said he’s really sensitive back there.

Sal asked if they could do a bonus question and give Tommy the chance at winning the opportunity to control the Sybian for Gina. Tommy wasn’t up for it because he didn’t like what they were going to do to him if he lost. They were going to stick their cocks in his nostrils.

Gina was up for a Sybian ride so Howard had her do that. Howard asked if Gina lost weight or something. She didn’t think she had, she figured Howard just forgets what she looks like. Gary controlled the Sybian for Gina. Howard told her to just let them know what she was thinking about. She said she was thinking about professional hockey players.

Gina said that she was trying to find the right spot on the machine. She said she was finding it so Gary upped the speed a little bit. Gina ended up getting off a minute or so later. Gary said she was riding it like no one before. The machine was just about bucking her off of it.

Howard said the Sybian loves her and they love her. Tommy said that this was a once in a lifetime day for him. He said that it was amazing. Howard gave Gina some more plugs for her web site, her new clothing line Skin and then wrapped up and went to break.


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