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Ginger Lea Interviewed

Porn Valley- Ginger Lea from LA Direct models [not to be confused with Ginger Lee] was a guest on KSEX’s The Wanker Show Monday night.

Wankus complimented her on her “smokin’ body.” Lea continually professed her love for Derek Hay noting that he was very professional.

“Until you fuck up and he’s taking you off the site!” Wankus laughed. Lea is Canadian- born and raised in the Toronto area. She goes back once a year to visit.

“I was doing regular modeling- artistic nudes,” said Lea, explaining how she got into the business. “And casual, fashion-type of stuff. I was on a website.”

Lea said she got contacted by Bang Bus and asked if she ever did porn before. She said, sure. In high school, Lea described herself as a nerd who took ballet. Her first sexual experience came “at the age of 17.”

“I thought you said in Egypt,” Wankus laughed.

“I had to get drunk,” said Lea, noting that it didn’t happen any way because she was too tight.

“My second sexual experience was maybe two months later with the same guy,” she added. “I didn’t get drunk and it happened.” Lea said the guy was maybe a year younger than she.

“I robbed the cradle,” she confessed. Asked if she became a slut in her “older” years. Lea didn’t seem to have an answer.

“It really works better when you answer,” Wankus told her when she drew a blank. But Lea said she started hitting the clubs and going on MySpace.

“MySpace is what does it!” she laughed. But Lea said she didn’t have a MySpace page any more because she didn’t have the time. Wankus noted that Ashley Steel’s page was taken down because she was in porn, then she fucked one of the guys and her page was back up.

“She told the whole story on KSEX.”

Wankus thought Lea was maybe 23. She said she was 33. Doing the math and judging by what she said about MySpace, Wankus assumed that Lea just found her inner slut recently.

Her other mainstream occupation included retail.

“I was selling people merchandise- it wasn’t my merchandise, unfortunately,” she said. Lea explained that she was working for a Costco-type company. Lea also said something about making a connection with the wrong porn agent in the beginning of her career.

“I will not say names- I would love to but I’m not going to because I’m a decent person,” she added. “His name is Ben Fischer- you’re hearing me?”

“Ben has issues with a lot of girls,” Wankus agreed, wanting to know what some of those problems were.

“Some people say he owes them money; some people say he lies.”

Lea said it had nothing to do with money.

“He said that I had to have sex with him to practice,” Lea continued. “No, that’s not a necessity.” Lea didn’t have sex with Fischer then went to Silver Star Modeling.

“People kept telling me you’re such a great actress, you should go to Derek, he’ll get you even better connections,” said Lea. “I wanted to act.”

Lea mentioned that she’s done anal but is not doing it at the moment.

“I may in the future- I felt a little bit pressured into it- this is before LA Direct,” she went on to say. Lea also does girl-girl scenes and Wankus was curious if she liked that for real.

“I do not fool around in my personal life with girl,” said Lea. “But since I have in my professional life, I love it. I think girls are, they’re skin is a lot softer and they’re more sensual and I just love that.”

Lea has never had a personal experience with a girl off camera. Only professionally. Then, again, she’s never pursued it recreationally but she sounded like she was open to offers.

Lea also does interracial and enjoys working with Shane Diesel.

“And you say you’re tight?” Wankus chuckled. “Are you fuckin’ kidding me? I’m surprised you’re still in the business.” Wankus referred to a Shane Diesel title, Blackzilla, and said some of the girls in it looked like they were crying because he was so big.

“Seven-inches thick,” said Wankus perhaps exaggerating. “He’s bigger than a one liter bottle. It’s fucking huge.” Lea didn’t think he was that huge.

“I’m a trouper,” answered Lee. “I was in the Canadian military.” Wankus sounded surprised but figured with a dick like that, that’s probably why Lea stopped doing anal.

Lea said she like Diesel’s personality and Wankus said Diesel is one of the few guys that size that gets rock-hard. But Wankus still found it hard to believe that Lea worked with Diesel.

“Please tell me you got more than your regular rate.” Wankus said he talked to the people who made the movie and they said the girl who did anal with Diesel was paid $1,000.

“She took that thing up her ass- he held her nose shut; he was destroying her for a $1,000.” Lea claimed she got more, however.

“I hope so,” said Wankus.

“He’s awesome,” insisted Lea who mentioned that it hurt at first when she worked with Diesel.

“The very first minute, maybe,” she said.

“Then a couple of good recreational drugs and we’re back in the game,” Wankus laughed.

“No drugs,” said Lea. “I’m completely sober when I do scenes; but I am a social drinker.” Lea also has a guy in her personal life and Wankus was curious how she dealt with him after working with Diesel.

“He’s got the perfect size,” said Lea. “Whatever that is.” Asked how her boyfriend handles her job, Lea said he handles it well.

“We have a wonderful relationship.” Lea said when they first met he told her he’d deal with her career.

“The first day we met he wanted to marry me and we’re getting married.” Lea hesitated on the question whether her boyfriend had his own career.

“That sounds very suitcase pimpish,” Wankus told her.

“He’s just away for awhile in the military,” she said. By that answer Wankus concluded that he was in jail. Lea said he was in Iraq.

According to Lea, she doesn’t keep secrets and her family knows what she does for a living.

“Did your family see the Blackzilla tape?” Wankus wanted to know.

Lea said she told her father about her porn career in a round about way.

“He said I don’t want to hear about it and my mom: ‘I raised you a good Catholic girl!’ And I am. My mom basically wants to know that I’m safe and I’m happy. Everything’s cool.” Wankus and Lea got on a discussion about how they celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada and Lea blurted out that she likes George Bush.

“My dad likes George Bush; my brother likes George Bush; I love George Bush for different reasons. I have a thing for George Bush watching him on the Fox News Channel.”

“You know he’s doing a lot of things to fuck up your lifestyle,” Wankus pointed out to her. Lea didn’t seem to react negatively to that.

“I love bad boys,” she said. “He’s a bad boy. He needs a young, fiery redhead. He needs a cherry pie.”


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