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Girl Talk w/ Cindi Loftus

This story courtesy of XCitement Magazine, & Innocent Words

Cindi Loftus writes: Jennifer Worthington has been a friend of mine for quite a long time. She is a tiny little feature dancer with a heart of gold. She was one of Howard Stern’s infamous ” Lipstick Lesbians.” There is a part of Jen that many people, including myself, didn’t know much about. She has an extremely wild side! She has appeared in over seventy porn movies and likes to read stories by the sexually perverse Marquis De Sade. We had a revealing conversation the other day. I thought you might like to hear about. Read on….

Innocent Words: Whatcha been up to Jen?

Jennifer Worthington: I’m traveling a lot. A lot of my bookings are four days so I can come home in between.

IW: Are you driving or flying?

JW: Driving. I try to keep things close together. Luckily one agent books a lot of stuff in the Carolinas and Georgia. So sometimes I can spend a month or two just working around there. But it doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes I have to go up to New York in the middle.

IW: How do you have the patience to ride for so many hours? That just drives me crazy.

JW: I have a lot of practice and I don’t do much of the driving anymore. I just climb in the back and read. I used to go bananas, but I’m used to it now.

IW: What are you reading?

JW: I’m reading the Marquis De Sade right now.

IW: Oh, I love him!

JW: And he’s funny. People take it too seriously. It’s not supposed to be serious it’s supposed to be funny.

IW: Which one are you reading?

JW: “120 Days of Sodom.”

IW: That’s fabulous. That’s the best one.

JW:I have “Justine” too.

IW: I haven’t read that in a long time. Marquis was a really sick mutha fucka.

JW: Oh, he was. But he was fun. You just have to take him with a grain of salt. You know he didn’t do half the stuff he wrote about. Eating crap? He had Priapism too. He always had a hard-on. He talked about his constant erection all the time. And that wasn’t fake. He really did have one.

IW: What’s your favorite Marquis story?

JW: “Philosophy in the Bedroom,” it’s about a brother and sister and a gay guy. They abduct this girl and teach her all about sex and put her through the ropes and make her watch them all doing various acts.

IW: You have to wonder if he really wanted to do that stuff or if he just wanted to see how far he could push the limits in his writing.

JW: He got arrested one time because he paid a prostitute to let him cut her up.

IW: Ewwww

JW: Superficially. Little cuts. But she freaked out and called the cops. And that was the first time he was thrown in jail.

IW: Do you know Bisexual Britni? She loves the Marquis too.

JW: I’ve never met her. I love her writing though. I’ve never seen any of her movies. But I’ve read some of the reviews. Oh man!

IW: Britni is very complex. She is very, very smart, and she is also very very kinky.

JW: Yeah, she is, God Bless her. I couldn’t lay there and let somebody pee in my mouth. But maybe I could do some of the other wild stuff. (laughs)

IW: People are so turned off by that. I don’t get it. If he can cum in my mouth, why can’t he pee in my mouth?

JW: It just seems unsanitary.

IW: Is it that? Or is it that we are not going to be “degraded” like that?

JW: Oh, I don’t mind getting degraded. I just don’t want to do something unhealthy. Men’s pee smells pretty strong. Ewww.

IW: Okay, then what is the most depraved thing you’ve ever done?

JW: Oh, Cindi. Depraved. Hmmm. I’ve done some nasty things to chicks. I did this Shane movie and there was this beautiful girl in it. She looked like Linda Hamilton from the Terminator movies. She liked to be choked. So I choked her! That was pretty sick. I read a review of it and they said one scene was very disturbing. I said “Yay! That was me!” I’m glad I disturbed someone today.

IW: Which movie was that in?

JW: Shane’s Slumber Party #2.

IW: How’s your website going?

JW: It’s going really well. I am always taking pictures for it. It is a lot of work, but I can’t complain. I do a lot of stuff for there that I don’t do anywhere else. I do some blowjob stuff. I do a lot of masturbation. There are a lot of S & M type clothing photos that you won’t see me wearing on stage. I also do custom videos; where the guy says I want you to do this, this and this. A lot of guys want to see me with another girl unfortunately I don’t have one in my closet.

IW: What is wrong with you? Just keep her in there and take her batteries out until you need her.

JW: You know what? I had a couple but I took them back. They were too expensive to feed. (laughs)

IW: So your website is J-E-N-N-I-F-E-R-W-O-R-T-H-I-N-G-T-O-N dot com. Geez!

JW: I know. I could’ve picked a shorter name, huh? I tell everybody it is to compensate for me being so small.

IW: God, it must take you forever to sign autographs. You should just sign J.W.

JW: People call me J. Wo. And I hate it.

IW: That’s so cute!

JW: And every person that comes up with that thinks they are the first one and they laugh like crazy. I’m like, what are you trying to say about my butt?

IW: Your butt is perfect! Have you done movies?

JW: Thanks. Oh yeah!

IW: Like triple X hard core porn movies?

JW: Sure. I’ve worked with Jim Gunn on the Strap on Sally series. I’d fly out to LA and spend a month making movies. I have made over seventy.

IW: Jen, We’ve been friends a long time! I knew you were a feature, and booked other features, and ran a feature school, and made costumes and took pictures and was a Howard Stern Lipstick Lesbian, I thought you made a few movies, but I didn’t know you made SEVENTY PORN MOVIES!!

JW: I only do them once in awhile now because I am so busy on the road. If Jim has something I’ll drive down to Fort Lauderdale to do it. But I don’t often get out to LA.

IW: Do you have anything recently released?

JW: The last one I did was called ” I want to be a Dream Girl” It’s from the Dream Girl series. It’s almost like a cult movie. A lot of people buy it and bring it in for me to sign when I am on the road. It’s me the entire movie. Three long masturbation scenes. It was pretty crazy. I was so sore. I did it all in one day. Jim (Gunn) is a slave driver. He’s like go, go, go! I’m like dude I have been doing it for two hours. No one does it for two hours!

IW: Is it with toys?

JW: Yeah, that’s what hurt after awhile. I had three different toys.

IW: So all you guys out there, can you imagine watching Jennifer masturbate for two hours?

JW: Well now they can! It’s a nice movie. They do an interview, then masturbation, then a shower, and then masturbation. It was quite the day. I learned things about myself I never knew.

IW: Who is the biggest porn star you ever screwed around with?

JW: Well I did Jill Kelly but that wasn’t on film!

IW: You could have made a lot of money with that scene!

JW: I did Shane’s Slumber Party. I did Dee.

IW: Did you ever do anal?

JW: I did one anal scene and I was like all right, no more of this. I found out they used that scene in another movie called “Gutter Mouths” because it hurt so much I just cussed and screamed the whole entire time. I was calling the girl a whore and saying her Mother was a whore. (laughs)

IW: JENNIFER! You are such a bad girl. I have known you for ten years and I am just finally finding out about the dark side! What is the worst scene you ever did?

JW: I almost always only do movies with people I know or have met or are friends of mine. But I showed up for this one film and I broke my own rule. I’m thinking, I am sure the girl will be fine. And the girl shows up and I thought she was a post-op transsexual. She was so freakin’ ugly. She looked like a man. I mean even if a woman is less then attractive you can always find something good. But oh my God, this girl looked totally like a guy. It was a very long day. I went home and said ” I made doggy porn today!” What a bowzer.

IW: But you like guys!

JW: I like guys with penises! I don’t like guys in a dress. I mean messing around with a transsexual might be interesting. But when you get a guy without a dick, that’s not for me!

IW: Did you see Century City last night? It’s this new series that takes place in 2030.

JW: No. I never heard of it.

IW: Well I bring it up because on the program the latest thing was for girls to get a penis attached.

JW: That would be fun for a day. I would be walking around all day saying “suck my dick” “I’m going to pee in the snow. I’ll be right back” It would be fun.

IW: I would like to be able to take it off though.

JW: I would just sit home and jerk off all day.

IW: You could do a four-hour masturbation scene!

JW: It doesn’t seem so bad when you are a guy.

IW: Does you family know what you do?

JW: They know about the magazines and the dancing. The family joke at Thanksgiving is when my Mom says “Jen, when are you going to get a less drafty job?”

IW: Drafty?

JW: Yes like, without your clothes on you get a draft?

IW: OH! (laughs) This interview will be coming out around April 15th. Did you get your taxes done?

JW: No. I filed an extension. I always file an extension. I’ll get to it.

IW: You have got to have a complicated return. With all your traveling and stuff.

JW: Well I don’t get all into my Revlon. I don’t deduct my make up and all that other stuff. That’s just too much.

IW: How do you know what to keep track of? If you look through a regular tax book it’s not going to say “if you are a feature dancer you can deduct your costumes, your make up, your jewelry, your 5 inch heels.”

JW: You can, because it is stuff you use for your job. But the question comes when it is something you can use in your regular life too, like makeup. So I don’t deduct that.

IW: Well if you get a boob job, you can use that in your regular life! (laughs)

JW: Right, right, but that is deductable. They do allow that, surprisingly. I have a great tax guy he taught me a lot.

IW: Do you think if a transsexual appears in x-rated movies they could deduct their surgery?

JW: I don’t know. That’s a good question.

IW: I’ll call H & R Block when I get off the phone and ask them.

JW: My strap-ons are tax deductable.

IW: Do you use them in your private life?

JW: No, not strap-ons.

IW: Now there is one of my unfulfilled fantasies. To do someone with a strap-on.

JW: I’ve done that to a guy once. It was interesting. It was years ago. I was like twenty. I was up for anything. I had him cum on my boobs and lick it off. That was fun.

IW: I think role reversal is interesting.

JW: Yeah you think to yourself, will he actually do it?

IW: Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?

JW: I have this priest thing. I’m not Catholic. But you know how in the movies the priest is always having a crisis of faith? I think that is hot. I mean I’ve never met a real priest. But on TV it seems pretty cool.

IW: You have to see the Wicked movie “Fallen From Grace.” It is all about a priest who is tortured by an ex-girlfriend. It is really hot. I know your dream man is Meatloaf. Have you met him yet?

JW: No. No. I could have met him once but I didn’t go to the concert.

IW: Meatloaf, or anyone who knows Meatloaf, if you read this interview please hook Jen up!

JW: He’s divorced now I heard. After being married for like thirty years. It could be just gossip, but I heard he was divorced.

IW: Now is your chance. Forget the girl in the closet. We’ll put Meatloaf in the closet!

JW: He’d fit. He’s lost some weight.

IW: How big is his dick?

JW: How would I know? I don’t’ know. It doesn’t really matter. I’m sure I wouldn’t be disappointed. There is a place to put everything, no matter what size it is.

IW: You are so funny. When are you going to be down here?

JW: I am going to be featuring in South Florida in April and May. Tell everyone to look for me appearing and come out and see my show! We’ll have to get together.

IW: We will for sure. Thanks Jen. I’ll see you soon, you wild girl!



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