God Hugh Hefner tweets pic of himself and wife Crystal settling down for movie night at the Playboy mansion after ‘death bed’ rumors

Earlier on Friday, his son took to Twitter to dispel the notion that his father was ‘super sick.’

And then on Friday evening Hugh Hefner himself chimed in.

The 90-year-old Playboy founder refuted the claims he was reportedly on his death bed by tweeting a pic of himself and his wife Crystal settling down to watch a movie.



First he shared a picture of himself and 30-year-old wife Crystal enjoying another one of the mansion’s famous movie nights.

The magazine mogul can be seen smiling next to his young significant other and Playmate, who wears a pink ball cap.

‘Tonight’s Mansion movie is the classic western Shane’ he tweeted, along with a movie reel and popcorn emoji.

He then addressed the concerns about his health head-on with a cuttingly sarcastic follow-up tweet.

‘I wish the tabloids had informed me a little earlier in the week that I’m sick. I might have cancelled my weekend plans,’ added the publishing icon.


Several news sources believed Hugh to have suffered a health scare and even that he might have passed away.

Later, it was confirmed that he was in fact still alive and well.

The scare came as Hugh Hefner’s son Cooper defended his father’s health after reports surfaced that his Playboy dad is unwell.



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