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Godaddy SHIT garbage support! As always. Dont go near godaddy for domains or hosting

So I was getting this error ever time I logged into my account when I tried to click manage under either my windows or linux hosting accounts or domains on website. I called godaddy yesterday and the recording said they had a 25 minute hold time so I hung up.

I called again today and got someone right away [but was worthless that knew nothing] and they said they had no clue what or why the error was there and transferred me to a different department but had someone there waiting that knew my issue. THAT WAS A TOTAL LIE! I now sat on hold 39 minutes before someone came onto the phone asking for my info again and had no clue who I was or why I was calling.

After about ten minutes more with him he didn’t know what the “System error occurred, please try again” that godaddy’s wonderful programmers put on my screen meant either and had to call higher tech support where he said he was in a long line and made me wait another 25 minutes before he even got a tech on the phone. Now he asks for my IP address which should have nothing to do with my issue and I give it to him and placed back on hold for a countless long time a total of 1 hour and 32 minutes and 03 seconds. After all this he just tells me that there is no error and that it must be on my end. I tell him he is wrong and then email him a screenshot clearly showing the error on his website and his server and nothing to do with windows or firefox or anything else for that matter but GODADDY.COM!!!!! He refuses to admit there is a problem on there end so I ask for a supervisor. I then tell him I am going to start to record the call for the blog I am doing about all this and also shut my account and transfer off my hundreds of domains I have had with godaddy for over 20 years and also move my two hosting account. I demand a supervisor and “Tad” comes back and says there is no supervisor available and that they will have to cal me back. I tell him I do not have a call back number and that after being a paying custamer for over 20 years I demand a supervisor but he refuses. I then tell him I will be closing my account and moving all my domains and hosting as there is no point to pay for something I can not access and he doesnt care and says he has to take the next caller.  I will be posting the audio recording here and in another blog here shortly about how the transfer and closing of accounts go. GODADDY AND BOB PARSONS THE ELEPHANT SAFARI KILLER CAN GO FUCK THEMSELVES.


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