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Wide World of Brando- As the June 30 Christie’s auction of Marlon Brando’s treasures approaches, details of his bizarre last days are finally coming to light.

Brando biographer Peter Manso reports in the new issue of Playboy that friends of the movie legend claim that, as his health grew worse, he became more and more dependent on Angela Borlaza Magaling, the married Filipina housekeeper who is said to have been his lover.

Manso’s article goes on to reveal that longtime business manager Jo An Corrales worried that Brando felt trapped by Borlaza, who moved into his hilltop compound with her two children and her sister. (Brando also bought her a house, where her husband lived.)

Corrales told Manso she remembers Brando calling to say, “Please, Jo An, I want you to write this down: ‘Emotional involvement with Angela getting out of hand. Marlon wants out. Angela has too much power.'”

Corrales and other old Brando staffers claim Borlaza eased them out of his life. Former assistant Alice Marchak says that whenever she called, she “got the line, ‘Mr. Brando, he sleeping. Mr. Brando, he in bathroom,'” Manso writes.

The jettisoned employees questioned whether he was competent when, 13 days before his death last July, he changed the executors of his estate, according to the article.

Seven months before Brando’s death, Corrales told his lawyer the actor’s home “is a pigpen. … I went around the house picking up dead rats. [Marlon] stays in his room, oblivious to life in the outside world other than his television.”

On his bedside table, she found a large bottle of Norco, a habit-forming analgesic. She told Manso credit-card receipts suggested he was sometimes filling two prescriptions on the same day at different drugstores.

Corrales also recalls Brando leaving her “an insane message” in which he told her to make every effort to show he was not a California resident so he could avoid state tax, he instructed her to buy a generator and use only bottled water, so there would be no record of his using utilities, Manso writes.

Sounding like the demented Howard Hughes, he also left instructions about what to do after his death. The first: “Seal his bedroom with a padlock. No one is to enter. ‘They will steal the buttons off my shirt.'”

Manso says Borlaza and the Brando estate executors declined to talk. She didn’t return a message left with her lawyer, Richard Lewis.


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